being the observer and not the absorber, then from water to fire, tomorrow's necessary changes and action, saturday is not a day to be too comfortable ..


The Moon is finishing up in Pisces today. Hopefully you took yesterday's respite/healing. Maybe allowed that connection to universal love to heal some tension that Aquarius Moon broke open. As I said in the weekly HERE, Thursday (even this morning) was the calm in the storm (keep in mind this is the EYE of the storm). That Pisces energy continues for most of today, although unlike yesterday, today it is not unchallenged. It's still a good time to make amends/apologies. To make art/music. To pray/meditate. Pisces Moons can bring a magical healing of the tensions between people. Words are connecting/well-received. Yesterday, Venus moved over the South Node - old money, old relationships, things might need to be purchased/paid for that should have already been purchased/paid for. Things/people/situations we used to love are being looked at intensely with an eye toward tossing what is dead/life-less. Or those things are being shaken abruptly loose (Venus's opposition to Uranus).

Today, the Pisces energy is more agitated/overwhelming. There are meetings with Neptune and Jupiter. A square to that retrograde Mars. We are still very sensitive (so is everyone else) and likely nostalgic. There is an opportunistic sextile to Pluto in Capricorn - we want to use that to stay on course/get things done. The Moon's closing meeting with Jupiter this evening (EDT) makes everything BIGGER, but also brings faith/hope, the luck that comes when we - take a chance, follow our good instincts, are confident. 

Let's talk about Jupiter for a  minute before we look at tomorrow because I never did do a post about his return to Pisces. Jupiter back in Pisces brings another connection to what we had going on back in May 2022. Neptune, the ruler of Pisces has been in Pisces for over a decade and has a couple years to go. Jupiter, the ancient ruler of Pisces, has recently returned to Pisces for just a few weeks, before he heads back into Aries for the BIG START. 


Jupiter is Zeus, king of the Gods. He is strong in Pisces, but covering old ground. This isn't a bad thing, but exactly where we need to be. There is something we missed back here in Pisces, something we dropped and need to find. Jupiter in Pisces (among other things) is our impulse to DO GOOD. To be benevolent/charitable. We will feel these kind of impulses now and over the next few weeks. For some people, they will just follow that impulse and do the thing. Other people will overthink the impulse (because Mars is retrograde in Gemini) and think of the reasons why they shouldn't do whatever the impulse is telling them to do (that is good, benevolent, charitable) and then not do it. And still other people will weigh the pros and cons - which is still possible now, with Mars' ruler Mercury in Scorpio (that mutual reception thing we talked about before), so Mercury (our thinking) can get back to himself through Mars - choices, multiple things, doing things twice, etc. There are always reasons not to follow our good instincts, so are we in the habit of following the good reasons or the good instincts? Following our Jupertarian good instincts is really our shortest path to prosperity. Jupiter is also about our joy - so are we in the habit of being joyful/seeking joy or in the habit of thinking "I will be joyful when ...". Or maybe instead of being in the habit of following our joy we are in the habit of waiting for it. And, of course this isn't always, or maybe even usually, a conscious thing. We are in Eclipse season, this is a time of deep noticing, so think about it. We don't want to miss these gold nuggets we missed the first time through here, AGAIN. Mars is retrograde in Gemini - change is possible, we are getting this long period of "re" energy to work with. Jupiter is about THE EXTRA and in Pisces, this EXTRA is unlimited. Something to think about. Also remember, today, with multiple Pisces aspects, through our sensitive Moon (and a sensitive Moon itself may not feel good to you depending on your own Moon), notice what you are ABSORBING. If it is something you don't want/doesn't serve you - push back into observer mode and shake it off.


OK, on to tomorrow, which in most ways is already in play. 


On SATURDAY, we have the Sun conjunct the South Node, Venus opposing Uranus and the Aries Moon inconjunct the Scorpio Sun. We talked about most of this in the weekly - surprises with love, money. Old intensities/mergers/power struggles/obsessions/big money/Scorpio stuff brought into the spotlight, so it can be released or transformed. If we are TOO comfortable on Saturday, this will probably NOT be a good thing.

Saturday's Moon is this month's Waxing Inconjunct. Our LAST adjustment - remember we just talked about the Aquarius square as an adjustment needed before the Eclipse. Well, here is really the LAST one. This one hits us from Aries - our action, ambition, anger, initiative, courage.

The Aries Moon (13 degrees - which is the degree of the Nodes and Sun now in fixed signs) moves into a square with the Scorpio Sun. The Scorpio Sun is intensely focused on what's under the covers/the hood. The deep. The complicated. The Aries Moon comes along and wants/needs something RIGHT NOW. Some kind of adjustment is needed. Aries action - so brave, assertive, quick, likely short-term. We are working with what is right in front of us. And we have to take this action/maybe deal with this (it could be an Aries person, too - maybe even angry or aggressive), so the Lunar Eclipse energy - a few days from now - when the Moon is in Taurus and OPPOSING the Sun - will be PAST THIS. Does that make sense? What is frustrating now needs to be dealt with now. This probably won't be a long-term fix and it may be uncomfortable if you aren't comfortable with Aries energy of quick action. Think of that Fool card in Tarot - off he/we go! Note - the Moon will be merged with Chiron when she inconjuncts the Sun, connecting with our vulnerabilities/wounds, making this more challenging, BUT also MORE EMPOWERING. There is a give and take here, rock and hard place. Things won't be tied up with a big red bow easily, or maybe at all, so don't expect that, but we have work to do here. The Moon will be applying to Sunday's sextile to Mars, ruler of Aries, which will help, especially with old situations that require new action. 

(for some people, the Aries Moon might speak of the need for physical exercise or even sex, or one person's need for sex and another person's need for intimacy)


I am not sure if my next post will be the Eclipse post or more build-up to the Eclipse. I think we have to get back to Venus because so much relationship/money/resource stuff is being activated. 


In the meantime, you should feel the Aries energy come into play tonight as the Moon leaves Pisces - water for fire. 


Allow yourself access to this energy/allow yourself to get fired up. Just remember all the background challenging energies and keep yourself safe. Some people will be itching for a reason to be an angry/irritated assh*le.


xo all 


photography by the amazing ankazhuravleva

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