new moon in sagittarius | november 23, 2022 - renewal of faith, hope and optimism, a fiery fresh start, after a demanding month, that takes us to the winter solstice

On Wednesday, November 23, 2022, the Sagittarius Moon meets the Sagittarius Sun at 5:57PM EST.


New Moons are the ideal time to set new intentions/start new things and working with Sagittarius themes (and the themes of your Sagittarius natal house) NOW allow the natural energies to work with us. As the Moon waxes (grows) over the next two weeks, and really over the next 6 months, so does whatever our intentions set into motion.

Sagittarius is a fun-loving sign (ruled by Jupiter and ruler of our collective 9th house). Sag rules travel, freedom, adventure, legal issues, higher education, politics, the media, good luck, faith, religion, weddings, optimism, truth seekers, boldly going where no man has gone before, THE QUEST  - it also might be said to rule carelessness, taking shortcuts, being sure we are right, making assumptions, throwing pink paint on problems and then looking at something else, overconfidence, impatience and superficial fluff.

Besides the monthly lunar energy of "new beginnings" this particular Moon has its own relationship with the other players in the heavens based on its position. That is where the real juice of any particular New Moon can be found.

So, let's unpack the chart!


The Moon meets the Sun at 1 degree Sagittarius. The only other aspect the Moon is making that isn't separating and out of sign is a square to Vesta. This is interesting/unusual. At first glance we see that trine to Sag ruler Jupiter, trine to Neptune, sextile to Pluto, but the Moon has to go back to Scorpio for these. I am a Scorpio rising and even I don't want to go back to Scorpio right now! These aspects precede the fresh start, but are very recent. 

We are still kind of getting our bearings when the Moon meets the Sun.

The square to Vesta, freshly minted in Pisces might speak of some challenges between our fiery fresh start and a Piscean-style enthusiasm - art, music, spirituality, the past, our ancestors, illness, addiction, our victimhood, sacrifice, charity, escape tendencies, exhaustion. Vesta in Pisces speaks of our sacred devotion to something that isn't solid/real. This can be a good thing, Vesta's focus MAKES IT REAL or a big-time waste of our time as we fixate on a false dream/illusion. Maybe there is something not "real" or some kind of confusion that we need to get past/around for our fiery fresh start OR, maybe, this is something sacrificial/compassionate at odds with our Sagittarius need for freedom - those bluer skies and greener pastures over THERE. Whatever this is, squares require ACTION.

Just minutes after the Moon meets the Sun, Jupiter, ruler of this lunation as ruler of Sagittarius, stations direct at 28 degrees Pisces - here is the LUCK, the OPTIMISM, the EXPANSION, the OLD GOLD that was postponed.

The Moon's last aspect in Scorpio - her final aspect before the New Moon - was a supportive trine to a retrograde Jupiter in Pisces, then she goes void. This is an unobstructed (the brakes are off) connection between our Scorpio and Pisces houses - the past, letting go, forgiveness, compassion, death, old debts, old gold. Jupiter is still moving backward here, being 're-strained'. Then the Moon moves into Sagittarius and meets the Sun giving us the New Moon - START OF A NEW STORY, THE VERY BEGINNING, THE SEED GOES INTO THE GROUND - then the Moon moves through her Sag aspects finally going void on Friday afternoon - again with an aspect to Jupiter, but this time a square. A square to Jupiter with the Moon in Sag is mostly a good thing and will exaggerate whatever we are feeling. Now, we should be feeling GOOD. This shouldn't be a challenging square, but just keep in mind the whole "over-doing", "over-promising", "over-estimating", "over-spending" thing. We could be counting chickens not only before they've hatched, but before the chickens that will lay them have been. Still, this is what Sag asks us to do. Sag gets lucky by taking risks/having confidence. 

On Wednesday, when the Moon in Scorpio trined Jupiter - Jupiter was retrograde. On Friday, when the Moon in Sagittarius - the same Moon who has just started a fresh monthly story with the Sun - squares Jupiter, Jupiter is direct. This is a different animal even though Jupiter will still be at 28 degrees Pisces, but it's not a WHOLE other animal, if you see what I mean. It's like we've turned our car from reverse to forward, but we are still parked. This change from 'reverse to forward' DOES make a difference though because when we do hit the gas or if someone hits us - we are going to move in a different direction! 


With such an early New Moon, our Wednesday - Friday is kind of a preview of our month ahead (not exactly because the Sun won't do everything the Moon will do since Venus and Mercury are moving too quickly). Still, it's kind of like our month ahead. A beginning that is somehow optimistic/hopeful or a stretch/something foreign/higher. Then the Moon meets Venus and Mercury - fresh/hopeful starts with social situations, love, money, self-esteem and new conversations, information, ideas. 

THEN the Moon trines Chiron. There is a vulnerability/old wound here, but also the courage/optimism/hope for a better future that makes it manageable. We have confidence. We can do this. Remember the Moon does in two and a half days what it takes the Sun about a month to do - the Sun trines Chiron on December 4th. 

(note - on December 4th, and this will matter because nothing happens in a vacuum, everything is impacting everything else, in addition to the Sun trining Chiron, Venus will be squaring Neptune, so there will be something here that is tiring/confusing/not what it seems, maybe ending. Confusing situations in regard to our money, relationships, values)

THEN the Moon sextiles Saturn (Thursday) - the Sun does this on December 20th - this is good for opportunities to make things more stable, to commit, to step into our authority, good for achieving goals, receiving earned rewards. 

THEN the Moon opposes Mars (Friday) - the Sun does this on December 8th. This is a conflict between our beliefs and the facts or going big/foreign vs going small/local. On Friday, this will be fleeting, but on December 8th when the Sun opposes Mars it will be a bigger deal. This will be the mid-point of the Mars retrograde cycle and the Sun will be ILLUMINATING what the cycle has been about for us. Maybe clarifying some of this fall's Mars/Neptune delusion if we have been chasing a false dream. So, we get some kind of HINT/preview about that over the next two days through the Moon/our emotions/our home/our family/our maternal inheritance. 

THEN the Moon squares Neptune - echoing Mars journey with his multiple squares to Neptune. Something is confusing, drifting, maybe we want to escape/fall asleep. Maybe we catch a cold. The Sun squares Neptune on December 14th - this is draining, maybe our confidence/purpose/ego feels undermined. Maybe something is unclear/confusing. Maybe we need a break/rest. 

THEN the Moon squares Jupiter. This happens for the Moon on Friday afternoon and for the Sun on December 21st. But by the time the Sun squares Jupiter in December - the Sun won't be in Sag anymore and Jupiter won't be in Pisces. The Sun will be in Capricorn (0 degrees) and Jupiter will be in Aries. This is CARDINAL starting energy, not mutable. And, at a powerful Aries point - BOTH PLANETS ON AN ARIES POINT - where our collective attention will be together. AND this is happening ON THE WINTER SOLSTICE - start of a whole new season. This is a BIG DEAL (Venus will also be trining the North Node and Uranus right about then). The Sun square Jupiter is pride, purpose, authority. Aries will pull in something new, give us courage and initiative. Tells me whatever the Moon is doing now, whatever we are doing/starting/believing, is priming the pumps and moving us toward the end of December's BIG show.  

So, enjoy the New Moon. 

Take a chance/stay positive - just don't go too overboard or be too idealistic or take on too much. We talked the other day about Jupiter wanting to believe what it wants to believe. We can have our head in the clouds a bit, but we need to keep our feet, at least one of them, on the ground. 

And set your New Moon intentions. You truly don't want to miss this one! 


As always, write your New Moon intentions down by hand in script. Use strong ink and a clean sheet of paper. Do this in a quiet, respectful manner in a clean space. Light a candle.


Trust the process. We have used our words to cast our S-P-E-L-L. People always say that affirmations "only work if we take action". And this is true, but not in the way some people think because the affirmation is action. It sets the energy in motion.

Words are not just words. If used properly, in the right frame of mind, they line us up energetically with the thing we are seeking. The New Moon is a time of darkness  Think seeds in the ground. Our words/our thoughts/our beliefs are our seeds.

We won't have a Sagittarius New Moon with ruler Jupiter in Pisces, the sign of his ancient rulership for another 12 years - let's not waste this one.

Set those intentions. 

Know that life has heard you. Know these things are already yours. 


xo all

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