today's astrology forecast | monday, November 7th, 2022 - the final testing week begins


The Moon moved into Taurus at 12:15 AM EST. The sign of her exaltation. The sign of tomorrow's Eclipse. Could you feel it?

Venus squared Saturn at 5:34AM EST. The first of this week's three squares to the Lord of Karma. This is an unusually long and powerful TEST. This wouldn't be the day to push too hard with Venusian themes - relationships, money, beauty, resources, values, self-esteem. Venus/Saturn aspects can be hard - we might be seeing/feeling what we don't have. We might feel alone or old. Or maybe we are feeling the tight squeeze of depleted resources. Squares create tension/frustration. Know this going in. Saturn is our reality check. Shows us where we stand. In Aquarius, he is the smart, but detached father. It isn't personal. But to us this probably is, so it might hurt. In a couple days Venus will trine Neptune and then next week Venus will sextile Pluto and trine Jupiter, so once we get past this challenge - things improve/feel better, maybe greatly. Doing the responsible and right thing now/hitting the road block now/feeling the cold winds now are what get us there. The square tells us action/change is required to move forward. Saturn is pushing us this week to define our personal future. What do you really value? What do you really want?


At the same time Mercury is moving off his meeting with the South Node, EXACT yesterday. What message was delivered/is being delivered? In Scorpio, it might have been what was not said out loud that we need to pay attention to. Maybe a secret was/is uncovered. Or just the 'same old/same old' complicated drama we were shown/felt that needs to end. Empty mergings - intimate and otherwise. Jealousies. Compulsions. Some focus on what is dead/dying. Or maybe it is a way of communicating that needs to end. The South Node is the past, but also where we are right now. In order to reach the North Node better future - the more fertile/simple grounds of Taurus (which yes, houses Uranus right now, so involves some rocking and rolling) - we have to turn away from the Scorpio COMPLICATION. Maybe it is some kind of third party situation that needs to end. Or something we have been obsessing over. Or a power-struggle/manipulation we are engaged in. Some deep research/problem solving that needs to be put away in a box, in a closet, at least for now.


In this lead up to the Eclipse/time-line shift, everything we do matters. 


Follow the small inner prompts. 


Know that the Eclipse will create increased energies around collective Taurean subjects like money, our values, being valued, our possessions, talents, resources, our products and purchases, the things we find comfortable/necessary. There will be endings here/culminations - this isn't a bad thing, but it can be surprising/create change which might be uncomfortable. The 2 billion Power Ball lottery is an example of how Taurus things will culminate in BIG ways now.


The Moon herself makes no aspects today, but tomorrow's aspects are APPLYING and some people will feel them strongly now. Tomorrow, the Moon will oppose Mercury and the Sun, meet Uranus, square Saturn, opposes Venus and sextile Neptune. On Wednesday, she will sextile Jupiter and go void off a trine to Pluto. Her last three aspects are all positive/smooth. Something here is ending well and it's all about our timing. 

xo all


note - there is a mini-weekly at the end of the Eclipse post

photo by he talented Laura Zelenga

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