Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in taurus | Tuesday, November 8, 2022 - a change of fate, major timeline shift

On Tuesday morning at 6:02AM EST, the Taurus Moon opposes the Scorpio Sun at 16 degrees, giving us this month's Full Moon, our annual Full Moon in Taurus. Happening so near the Moon's nodes (at 13 degrees) makes this one a Total Lunar Eclipse.

Eclipses can act as a kind of cosmic reboot - like when we download new software and have to turn our computer off and back on for the newly downloaded material to function properly. Except in this case, we are the computer, and our connection to a changing cosmos gets "reset". Eclipses are some of the most dramatic means life has to draw our attention to spaces that need to change. They allow us to move from one level to another in some area of our lives very quickly. 

We will just jump right into this one.

The Moon is exalted in Taurus and conjunct Uranus EXACT. The Sun is sandwiched between Mercury and Venus (she is the ruler of Taurus and so the ruler of this Eclipse). Pallas is conjunct Black Moon Lilith EXACT. The Moon trines Ceres (I see Ceres as another possible ruler for Taurus) who is conjunct asteroids Dionysus and Thereus EXACT. The North Node is conjunct asteroid Niobe EXACT. The Moon and Sun square Saturn - applying. Venus, ruler of the lunation is trining Neptune.

The Moon's conjunction with Uranus speaks of a culmination/ending/peak - abrupt and likely chaotic - involving some aspect of our comfort, our wants, our money, our resources, our stability. 

The Moon with Uranus now can make us feel anxious, antsy, rebellious, overwhelmed. There is electricity in the air, which I suppose might feel energizing, like standing on your porch in a thunderstorm. But not so energizing if the lightning strikes too close. If you have planets or points near 16 degrees of the fixed signs, please take this seriously. Turn off the news. Eat food grown from the Earth. Get extra rest. Sleep. Breathe.


Eclipses are times outside of time and Eclipse energies work both forward and backward. Eclipse events also play out over longer timetables than regular Full Moons - here, at least until the next set of Eclipses in about 6 months. In the end, because remember the North Node (the future) is conjunct Uranus in fixed earth Taurus - the changes NOW and over the next few months will lead us to something more fertile/sustaining/simple, but will come through surprising and maybe chaotic situations.


With the Sun's conjunction to Mercury, their superior conjunction (concluding a story that started in late September) being exact on the Eclipse - news, a conversation, communication, information is a part of this lunation's DISRUPTION, culmination, liberation. 

During a total Lunar Eclipse, the Sun, is temporarily and COMPLETELY blocked. 

So, either all information is NOT known/something is hidden - we don't get the full story/can't see the whole picture right now or something that was hidden is now revealed - maybe in an instant with that fast Uranus. 

With Uranus opposing the Sun/Mercury conjunction we are shocked/surprised. What we see/hear is not what we expect to see/hear. With Uranus retrograde the surprise/shock will be something we COULD have seen coming, so #unexpected, but #not-totally-unexpected. Brilliant ideas will find their way to minds who will make use of them. Pay attention.

The Eclipse squares Saturn invigorating the waning Saturn/Uranus square and increasing the PRESSURE. 

There is some kind of reality check here. A limit. An ending. Venus is squaring Saturn, so we might be seeing what we can't have or feeling alone or old. Or maybe it is us who are setting a boundary or saying "no". The Eclipse powers this up. If we are the one releasing powerful information/words - the genie is out of the bottle once we do. There is no stopping whatever we put into play here. Babies tossed with dirty bathwater stay tossed. There are no Lifetime movie revivals. Think about what you are saying/doing. Words are powerful/decisive and final. 

Uranus is a trauma signature. With Pallas in Cancer now conjunct Black Moon Lilith (our wound womb/woman who chooses herself) and trining both Venus and Neptune, there is something here about letting go of the past-life/ancestral trauma we carried into this life with us that was then triggered by our parents/early childhood experiences. Often what keeps us holding onto trauma is pride (the polarity of pride/shame). Niobe, an asteroid who represents how we can be damaged by our pride, is sitting EXACT on the North Node during this Full Moon. Maybe it is a kind of 'humbling' that gets us on our North Node path and teaches an important, and liberating, lesson.

(there is something about old trauma that whispers silently "remember what happened last time!" and then, in a panic to protect ourselves, we miss the chance to open our hearts and minds and make new choices, most of this being an unconscious thing, like the muscle memory that helps us tie our shoes in the morning - Mars, retrograde in Gemini will help us with this 'making new choices' thing, so will an eclipse that forces our hand - take a moment to breathe, to respond and not react)

Ceres is trining the Full Moon and is exactly conjunct asteroids Dionysus and Thereus. She is in Virgo, possibly speaking of Earth events such as weather or climate changes. Her EXACT trine pulls 16 degrees Virgo into Full Moon events for anyone with planets/points there, and, pulls in the theme of our natal Virgo houses and also collective themes of health, daily routines, pets, work. Her conjunction with Dionysus (a complicated character, but mostly known for a kind of hedonistic lifestyle, wine, inebriation, gender-bender alliances) and Thereus. There isn't much information out there about Centaur Asteroid Thereus. Like Pholus, he bridges Saturn and Neptune - the known and the unknown. In Ovid's Metamorphoses, Thereus was spoken of as a centaur said to hunt bears and then drag them around alive and wounded. Since the story noted Thereus's cruelty as a hunter (also his boldness and strength dragging the large wounded animal around for all to see) he was deemed monstrous. Dionysus also had a "bear" connection which makes me think, during a Taurus Eclipse of bear markets and bare shelves and polar bears. Sitting with Ceres (Mother Nature) and trining this lunation might speak of themes that bring about the 'perfect storm'.

Another thing Ceres often represents is NEGOTIATION. It could be the news/sudden information or disruptive conversation requires an old school bare/bear-knuckled negotiation. I'd say a 'take no prisoners' kind of thing, but since Thereus did (take prisoners I mean, which is where the bears comes in), maybe not. As a fixed sign, Mercury in Scorpio isn't much of a negotiator - although people born with Mercury in Scorpio will usually have some Libra in them that pulls those skills in, but remember with Mars in Gemini (and the mutual reception thing) Mercury can get back to himself through Mars and Mercury in Gemini is a good negotiator. Maybe the best.

The connection with Uranus is connecting us with the FUTURE so we are sending energy - whether consciously or unconsciously - to the future we will inhabit. We will surely be more Aquarian, for better and worse, because we can't solve Age of Aquarius problems with Age of Pisces thinking. Uranus is the modern ruler of Aquarius, and Saturn, the ancient ruler, is squaring Uranus during the lunation pulling the 2021/2022 Saturn/Uranus square into play here - after this Eclipse this will be solidly in our REARVIEW MIRROR. The old vs the new. Stability and stagnation vs change and chaos. 

As with any Full Moon, it is good to physically wrap something up. Hmm, maybe a Christmas present, that sounds nice, although I haven't bought any. Maybe you have. 


I always bring a bag of clothes/items to Goodwill. Pay bills. Conclude things that are easy to conclude. I always walk in Full Moons, but am too superstitious to walk in Eclipses, especially this one which is hitting my chart. If you are paying attention, you are surely seeing all kinds of connecting things in your life over the past couple weeks as the Scorpio/Taurus Eclipses play out - this will continue this week as well.


Eclipses are all about the North/South Nodes of the Moon that we talked about HERE, so maybe something here is helpful now.

The saving grace of this lunation is Venus's trine to Neptune (and widely to Jupiter). These aspects will perfect NEXT WEEK when things will FEEL BETTER. Our joy/happiness/peace/balance increase when we release whatever we have been fixated on in Scorpio/hanging onto in Taurus. The release - this week - opens us up for the love and compassion we will feel next week. The most important things in life are infinite. This makes me think of when something terrible happens (and I am certainly not saying it will!) and we are shocked or upset, but once we accept it cannot be changed and resolve ourselves to making it work or going with the flow of what is happening a certain peace comes into the situation.

What we value by the time the North Node leaves Taurus next summer will be TRULY VALUABLE. 


The week ahead in a quickie:

Squares to Saturn really dominate the week ahead with Venus (Monday), Mercury (Thursday) and the Sun (Friday) all squaring Saturn in Aquarius. Squares from planets in Scorpio will feel intense/all or nothing, obsessive, maybe like something is 'life and death'. There will be reality checks. Financial issues. Communication issues. Limits. Responsibilities. We might be doubting ourselves. If we have over-estimated anything - from our abilities to our bank account to how much we can depend on someone else - here is where we get brought back down to Earth. The squares to Saturn will require us to be responsible, work within certain rules and structures. 

The best aspect of the week (and the Eclipse) is likely Venus's trine to Neptune which gives us a smooth/easy opportunity to release old entanglements/blocks and access ancestral inheritances through compassion, forgiveness, sacrifice, music, art and surrender. Prayer works. Meditation works. Your past goodness is helping. Your ancestors are helping. There is more in your bank account than dollars. 

Hidden information can come out, truths or intimate communications can create disorder, liberation or even a total change of direction. Weather/resource issues are possible. Financial  changes for better or worse. So, schedule light this week because unexpected situations will come up. Take breaks and practice self care as needed. Give other people a break, too because we are all dealing with these challenging energies.

I hope something here is helpful. Am under the weather again here, had covid during the last Eclipse cycle and had a totally draining day, so this isn't as detailed as I planned, but I will be back as we move through the week and this all plays out!

As for the U.S. elections - I would guess the polling will not be so accurate and we can 'expect the unexpected'.

xo all

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