today's astrology forecast | Thursday, November 10th, 2022 - blocks and rocks and loving your flock



The Moon is in Gemini now - we are nurtured through ideas/learning, conversations, variety, versatility, humor/logic, pairs of things, interactions within our local community, with our siblings, our tech/transportation, commerce (sounds random, but think about Mercury/Hermes, ruler of Gemini, our fleet footed and trickster messenger and about how ideas and other things spread). Her only aspects today are a supportive trine to Saturn and her Waxing Inconjunct to the Sun tonight (EST). 

This is also the day Mercury squares Saturn - which will be followed by the Sun's square to Saturn tomorrow - and Venus trines Neptune (and makes a beautiful Grand Water trine with BML) is exact today - OUR BEST ASPECT OF THE WEEK - so there is quite a bit going on for the next couple days.


The Waxing Inconjunct is Gemini/Scorpio and speaks of difficult communications (Mercury/Saturn is echoing this). The Sun in Scorpio is focused/deep/not wanting to push things under the sofa. The Moon in Gemini comes in like a breath of fresh air, wanting to keep things light, but surface, adds humor. The Moon wants us to lighten things up a bit. The Sun to go deeper - have that uncomfortable conversation, look at that information we don't want to see, make that call we are wanting to avoid. So, there is some give and take here. No easy answers. Rocks and hard places.

With Mercury/Saturn happening at the same time, there will be limits on what can be said. The Scorpio/Aquarius square is the tension/challenge between deep emotions that have become 'stuck' and intellectual thinking that has also become 'stuck'. There is some kind of stubborn resistance here. 

Rather than obsessing about what we can't say, the "no" we are getting or what might go wrong, 


access to this beautiful Grand Water Trine today speaks of accepting that these are the limits we are dealing with. The trine speaks of holding a gentle, quiet space for ourselves and for other people (our wound wombs, childhood triggers, need to choose ourselves more emotionally felt/visible now), so it's not really about the words or information anyway. Compassionate attitudes, healing and forgiving thoughts are helpful, even as we are working through the heaviness of the squares and inconjuncts. The Grand Water Trine speaks of universal love and connection.


The trine is very creative - maybe there are solutions (or releases) we hadn't thought about. Mercury can still get back to himself (Gemini) through Mars, so what action is needed? What would make us feel better? What would make us stronger? The Sun squares Saturn tomorrow which is challenging, yes, but also excellent energy to exert discipline and get things done.


If our way is blocked, can we go around? Focus (Scorpio), then step back (Aquarius) and allow your vision to expand/almost blur for a minute - what else do you see?


Sometimes during Scorpio season we get so enmeshed/so focused we need these 'annoyances and challenges' or we just create more problems for ourselves. Like digging a very deep hole in the dirt and then not being able to climb out. So, stuff, ie people/situations, etc - comes along to stay our shovel. 


And keep in mind the Moon's trine to the very same Saturn that is giving the Sun and Mercury so much trouble. That Gemini/Aquarius trine. Keeping things light. Doing more than one thing or something twice. Applying humor. Being smart. With Saturn - doing the work.

I hope something here is helpful.

xo all

photo by the talented nairafee

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