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This has been an intense couple weeks. It's all been building toward today as the emotional baggage of the last six months peaks and then will start to wane. Certainly when our nervous systems get hit with one thing after another, when we don't have time to process one thing before another stressful thing is happening - the pressure can feel immense. 


It's been awhile since we have had an Eclipse cycle this INTENSE.

We have the Earth, Moon and Uranus in Taurus opposing the Sun and Mercury and Venus in Scorpio. 


Taurus is ruled by Venus and rules our collective second house of everything money can buy and everything money can't. She rules finances, love, stability, security and comfort. She rules our values and also represents Mother Earth. Taurus energy is nurturing - it brings us back to ourselves. It also represents fear based thinking when our security is threatened (real or imagined) focusing us on all the reasons something we want to do won't work or all the reasons we can't have what we want. Taurus energy is stubborn (like the bull) or passive (like the cow). 


With Taurus/Scorpio - we either own it (whatever "it" is) or it doesn't belong to us.

Like all Full Moons, this a Sun/Moon opposition. The Sun is in deep, dark, transformative Scorpio and the Moon is in earthy, grounded Taurus. Full Moons represent fullness, peak power, endings - that moment of our breath when our lungs are full just a second before we begin to exhale. Oppositions are just what they sound like and often at a Full Moon we might find ourselves working with the polarity of the two energies involved. With Scorpio, some transformation comes to light (Full Moons bring things to light, but with Eclipses something is obscured, too, or something from the past comes to light) maybe we have to surrender, there could be a loss of something - money/control - with Taurus, we turn toward the present moment - what already exists. We take solace in what brings us comfort - nature, food, our physical senses.


With the Sun on Mercury during a Full Moon -  A MESSAGE IS BEING DELIVERED. With Mercury in Scorpio - it is INTENSE. Can feel like 'life and death' although it most often isn't. And with Mercury getting back to his Gemini-self through that retrograde Mars - the message not only has its feet in the past, but it gets delivered MORE THAN ONCE. It won't be ignored.

Then add in Uranus with the Moon as the Moon transits her North Node. So Uranus - the planet of change and liberation and individuality and chaos and trauma - is as close to the Earth as he can get. This creates physical RESTLESSNESS, extreme SENSITIVITY. We are being triggered all over the place and so is everyone else. We have to adapt quickly to rapidly changing and uncomfortable conditions (sometimes uncomfortable because they are challenging and sometimes uncomfortable because they are new) and these are our FIXED signs and placements that are being required to change/adjust/adapt - the signs that hold everything TOGETHER. 

AND the Moon, Sun, Uranus, Mercury and Venus (ruler of this Full Moon and in her detriment in Scorpio and blown out by the Sun) are ALL squaring daddy Saturn. Yes, of the 'eats his children' fame. The FIXED T-SQUARE adds more pressure. Speaks of our responsibilities. Limits. Authority. The reality of the situation. In Aquarius - our responsibilities to groups/causes. To our individuality. To our freedom. To the future.

So, on one hand what is happening now - what we do now, what we think, how we act, what we absorb, matters, but on the other hand, this is a CULMINATION Moon - it's too late to change our mind. We are married to this moment. If we like what is happening that is good news. If we don't, the good news is - with all these connecting portals open (planetary energies in conversations with each other) and with this dramatic timeline shift (the computer-like "reset" of the Eclipse powered up by future-focused, erratic Uranus) MANY DOORS are opening. Although this Lunar Eclipse might have us FOCUSED ON WHAT WE ARE LOSING - we will want to turn our focus on the small fertile patch of land OVER THERE. 

The Moon's maneuvers in Taurus are a prequel of our month ahead and, in this case, being a Lunar Eclipse, really this is our next 6 months. She has opposed Mercury and the Sun. She meets Uranus and squares Saturn. She opposes, Taurus ruler, Venus. Then she sextiles Neptune - reminds us of the dream(!), brings assistance from God/our goodness/our ancestors. We let go and let God. She trines Pluto, the modern ruler of Scorpio - EMPOWERMENT. 


Her final aspect is a smooth sextile to Jupiter, who has just backed into Pisces to offer us the gift of a HAPPY ENDING. 

From last week's post- "Jupiter is Zeus, king of the Gods. He is strong in Pisces, but covering old ground. There is something we missed back here in Pisces, something we dropped and need to find. Jupiter in Pisces (among other things) is our impulse to DO GOOD. To be benevolent/charitable. We will feel these kind of impulses now and over the next few weeks. For some people, they will just follow that impulse and do the thing. Other people will overthink the impulse (because Mars is retrograde in Gemini) and think of the reasons why they shouldn't do whatever the impulse is telling them to do (that is good, benevolent, charitable) and then not do it. And still other people will weigh the pros and cons - which is still possible now, with Mars' ruler Mercury in Scorpio (that mutual reception thing we talked about before), so Mercury (our thinking) can get back to himself through Mars - choices, multiple things, doing things twice, etc. There are always reasons not to follow our good instincts, so are we in the habit of following the good reasons or the good instincts? Following our Jupertarian good instincts is really our shortest path to prosperity. Jupiter is also about our joy - so are we in the habit of being joyful/seeking joy or in the habit of thinking "I will be joyful when ...". Or maybe instead of being in the habit of following our joy we are in the habit of waiting for it. And, of course this isn't always, or maybe even usually, a conscious thing. We are in Eclipse season, this is a time of deep noticing, so think about it. We don't want to miss these gold nuggets we missed the first time through here, AGAIN. Mars is retrograde in Gemini - change is possible, we are getting this long period of "re" energy to work with. Jupiter is about THE EXTRA and in Pisces, this EXTRA is unlimited. Something to think about."


So, after the disruptive news, the changes, the reality checks, the losses - we have the connections to our past, the old dreams/more simple dreams, connections with our faith/hope/God, we feel empowered, and then what happens? 


Well, then we get lucky, folks. Somehow. In some way. We get LUCKY.

xo all

photography by the amazing quadratiges

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