today's astrology forecast | Monday, January 2, 2023 - the New calendar year kicks off!



Since I have already done a monthly which is HERE, let's do dailies this week, so I have some more time to get to the big-picture stuff for 2023. Keep in mind both Mercury and Mars are retrograde now, with Mars reporting to Mercury, so it isn't the time to be rushing into anything new just yet. We are still planning, re-vising, re-thinking, re-working, etc.


MONDAY is a big day with a mixed bag of energies determined to launch us into 2023. 

The Moon is in Taurus now; the sign of her exaltation. We are nourished/nurtured by more traditionally nurturing things - a warm bed, a soft touch, good food, security, time spent in nature, time spent with what/who we value/love, all the good stuff money can buy and all the good stuff it can't. The shadow of the Taurus Moon is what happens when we don't get what we want/don't have what we feel we need to be safe.


The Moon squares Saturn, trines Mercury (retro) and sextiles Neptune in the morning, then goes Void at 5:16PM EST off a productive trine to Pluto. The Moon is void until 9:44PM whens she moves into busy and communicative Gemini. A nice night for socializing.

The square to Saturn shakes our complacent Taurus Moon out of her comfort zone right out of the gate/bed. Moon/Saturn feels heavy/depressing. This could be a tangle with authority/responsibilities/limits/groups or maybe it is simply hard to get out of bed and back to work! Luckily the tense square is quickly followed by a smooth trine to a retrograde Mercury - conversations, errands, ideas, information, paperwork (for best results focus on old things, or things we have done before and not something brand new) - something here is going smoothly - SO GET MOVING - and the sextile to Neptune pulls in a creative opportunity when we lean into what is inspiring (or maybe we are still on vacation and just going back to bed here or having a lazy day after a breakfast out, that works, too). Either way, once we get past that AM hump we can have a VERY PRODUCTIVE DAY (as long as that Taurus Moon feels safe!) -  note that final smooth and INTENSE trine to Pluto who is answering to that challenging Saturn, which speaks of 'all's well that ends well' with any early challenges, so don't make a mountain out of a molehill.


This is also the day Mercury (retro) sextiles Neptune (the Taurus Moon is pulled into this one - our emotions, what we own, our money, food, resources, what we need to feel safe and that Taurus Moon needs/wants quite a bit!), Sun trine North Node, Sun square Chiron, Venus opposes Black Moon Lilith and then enters Aquarius

There is alot going on here!


Venus, from 29 degrees Cappy, opposes Black Moon Lilith at the end of Cancer. 


It has been Black Moon Lilith's LONG transit of Cancer in 2022, that allowed us to see and work with childhood wounds/lies (our inner wound womb/woman who chooses herself) and now as she comes to the end of her days in the sign of home and family and our maternal story - she is opposed by a sober Venus in Capricorn, the father's daughter energy (who can herself almost taste the freer airs of Aquarius). This can show up as an actual clash between two women or a struggle between our angry inner child and repressed adult self. 


Then Venus moves into the more detached energy of Aquarius. Her knot with BML starts to untangle. Differences are more inviting. 


Aqua Suns and risings get more 'attractive' as well as all our Aqua houses hosting a visit from benevolent Venus. Venus in Aquarius is more open to experimentation/comfortable with what is 'different' than she was in Cappy. Venus in Aqua is more detached/impersonal which can challenge intimate relationships that want more, but also provide some breathing room for situations/relationships that have become unhealthily entangled. Money comes in unusual ways/through groups/tech. With Venus in Aqua and Mars in Gemini, we know we have a smooth trine coming up there, but with the Nodes of Fate in Scorpio and Taurus, we know we will also be facing some relationship/financial turning points and decisions this month - looks like all this stuff hits next week. Venus is fast moving now, will only be in Aquarius until January 26th. 

This is also the day the Sun squares Chiron (ouch) and trines the North Node (breaks off to the future). The square is tension/frustration that creates an opportunity for us to be ourselves/stand up for ourselves. Not run away from the wound/vulnerability of what is being made visible. How we deal with the pain can help move us into a more stable/secure/simple future. Be practical. If this is a problem with authority or with our work is there something we need to take responsibility for here? What can we learn from what is happening? How can we respond and not react? The Sun/Chiron will be a TRIGGER/can dent our confidence. We need to be brave with whatever is showing up and deal with it like the grown-up the Cappy Sun is.


And remember the North Node is ruled by Venus who is still in Cappy and opposing Black Moon Lilith at this point, so this is probably all part of the same story. How much has our angry/abandoned/shamed inner child grown in 2022? What have we learned about what protects and nourishes us now? How have we become more self-sustaining/supporting?

There is alot going on. But I said that already. With Mercury retrograde in Capricorn answering to Saturn in Aquarius and my natal Mercury in Capricorn answering to Saturn in Aquarius, we may find me repeating myself now at an even greater and more alarming rate, also the 'talking like your grandmother' thing with my old-lady Cappy expressions :)

The rest of the week's major aspects are:

WEDNESDAY - Venus sextile Jupiter (at 1 degree Aquarius/Aries - good luck!)

THURSDAY - Sun trine Uranus (smooth change)


SATURDAY - Sun conjunct Mercury (our Mercury retrograde story illuminated)

SUNDAY - Mercury (retro) trine Uranus (old conversations, ideas, news and communications pulling us into the future)

We will unpack the week as we go along, and, of course, as always, I will do a BIG Full Moon post. Working on 2023 posts now, but find myself reminiscing a bit too much, so thought I would pop up this post. 


2023 is very different from 2022, but still a transitional year .... 


I hope everyone had a nice New Year's Eve!

xo all

photo by the talented corollary


libramoon said...

My New Year wish: Where we keep our consciousness, those thoughts that carry us along
is what we will manifest – not woo woo, but the basis of subjective realities
Enjoy a Glorious 2023
manifest your best year ever!


Catherine Ivins said...

You, too Libramoon, our best years ever sound good to me!

hugs- Cat :)