weekly astrology forecast | January 9th - January 15th, 2023 - gathering our momentum, painful words, difficult choices, opportunities to heal and lean into the new

Mars stationing direct is the BIG news this week! 


Our focus and motivation will begin to return, the do-overs and 'seeing double' start to ease up and things that got stuck around the end of October will start moving again or change direction.

We are going to need to have some patience with this though because Mars isn't actually going to leave 8 degrees Gemini - the degree of his station direct this week - until almost the end of the month.


Plus we still have Mercury retrograde and Mars is answering to her/him. Take a breath. This is still not the time for pushing on through. Pushing can backfire. A little more patience will pay off. Keep moving forward, laying the groundwork, making your plans. Don't stop, but don't leap and expect the net to appear. The net's still sleeping off the holidays. 


So, we have Mars direct on the 12th then Mercury will station direct on the 18th, followed by Uranus on the 22nd right after this year's New Moon in Aquarius which is our GREEN LIGHT and the light just gets GREENER FROM THERE and lasts for months. Rushing/pushing now just means more do-overs and tension. 

Let 2023 gather its momentum and be ready to jump into the flow of that.


MONDAY - Venus trines Mars

WEDNESDAY - Venus squares North Node, Mercury squares Chiron


FRIDAY - Mercury trines North Node, Sun sextile Neptune, Juno enters Aries

SATURDAY - Venus squares Uranus


MONDAY - we start the week with Venus and Mars in a nice flow. This is what we want and what we have to do to get what we want working together. Keep in mind Mars is retrograde at this point, so we may be doing something we have done before or doing something again. Whatever we have going on, there is the potential for smooth, harmonious flow between our Aquarius and Gemini houses. This is an air trine - excellent energy for communication, the girls and boys working together, feminine/masculine mergers, loving expressions between partners, meeting new people, creative writing, thinking new thoughts and just generally having an easier time of things. 

WEDNESDAY - the energy flips mid-week (maybe sooner because this stuff is in play as the week starts), we have a painful square between Mercury and Chiron, so the potential for some bad news here or hurtful words. Think before you speak, but don't avoid the difficult conversation out of fear. There might be a need to stand up for ourselves/be ourselves - avoid over-reacting or firing off a quick response - remember Mercury and Mars are retrograde, we can take something the wrong way and regret our reactions. If you find yourself over-reacting to someone's words or some news or information, stop, think about why these words are so triggering to you. Chiron's wounds are very old stuff/ancestral. Something here is hitting way deeper than it looks like it is.


This is also a repeating aspect from the middle of December, so this is the hurt when we are wounded and we get to re-vise, re-view or re-think whatever hurts. There will be one more Mercury/Chiron square near the end of January when we get to see what we have learned since the middle of December and DO BETTER WITH THIS. That time we will re-spond and not re-act. Or, if we are the one doing the hurting maybe we will just shut up. Lesson learned. Or say something in a better/more mature way (Mercury will still be in Cappy). Keep in mind Chiron's wounds are not really healed - they are too old/too deep - BUT, they can be MANAGED, if we know our triggers, understand our vulnerabilities and why we have them and so respond and not react when those little bullets other people (sometimes innocently) fire at our sore spots hit their target. 


Also keep in mind, sometimes Mercury/Chiron squares are challenging news - health news, for example, that we will need to take action on. 


Venus's square to the North and South Nodes speaks of relationship or financial crossroads, changes with our groups and goals. There could be the need to make a relationship or financial decision or take some action to move away from something complicated (but comfortable because it is familiar) toward something more simple and sustaining (but maybe a wee bit scary since it's new). Expect some possible tension/frustration and need to take action with these squares. 

THURSDAY - now Venus is dealing with Chiron, but she gets the opportunistic sextile. Here is the way through the Mercury/Chiron verbal wounding - step back, don't take things too personally, see the bigger picture. Venus in Aquarius is smart, liberated. We need to be ourselves now, take care of ourselves. Healing comes from detaching from the outcome right now. Lean into something else. 

This is also the day MARS FINALLY STATIONS DIRECT! I would be more excited if Mars didn't continue to sit on 8 degrees Gemini for another couple weeks (!), but we should feel some forward movement now - greater after he actually gets moving and back up to speed. Our focus will start to improve and motivation to increase. These continual do-overs begin to wane - and end completely once Mercury stations direct next week. Mars direct station will help Jupiter in Aries, too.

NOTE - things get wonky as planets station and Mars is our planet of war/anger/action. Drive safely. Avoid unnecessary arguments (8 degrees Gemini is the degree of the United States Uranus - chaos, change - conjunct the descendent - partners/open enemies -  and closely conjunct Biden's natal Saturn, so something could happen in the collective this week as Mars changes direction). 

FRIDAY is looking good as Mercury trines the North Node and the Cappy Sun sextiles Neptune. News, ideas and conversations that move things forward. Being responsible pays off. A sober message points us in the right direction. The Sun/Neptune is good for using intuition with your career. Building the dream, by putting one practical foot in front of the other. The boundaries/rules ease a bit and it is easier to connect, offer compassion, empathy. Sun/Neptune sometimes sees us putting aside our ambitions for something more peaceful/spiritual. Fantasy blends with reality.


SATURDAY - Venus makes her final aspect with a square to Uranus. She, as we, has been very active this week so expect alot to be going on with relationships, finances, self-esteem, your values, resources and beauty. This square won't be comfortable, but the good news here is Venus and Uranus are in mutual reception with each other. Venus gets to Taurus through Uranus and Uranus gets to Aquarius through Venus, so it's not a typical Taurus/Aquarius fixed square where nobody wants to budge. There will be budging. Choose something new. Lean into something different. This can be exciting, yes, but I wouldn't jump into any crazy new relationships or financial ventures with this aspect. Avoid impulsive purchases. Watch your wallet. Keep in mind Venus is going to meet Saturn on the 22nd and that will be report card time for our relationships and checkbooks. Reality checks are coming, have fun with this, but don't say you weren't warned :) I should add that I often find problems that arrive during mutual reception squares often work out to our benefit in the end, keep that in mind with relationship and financial surprises now.

We also have Juno moving into Aries this week (I believe Ukraine is Juno in the Goddess War chart and this is right after Mars stations direct - some new action from them is likely). So, now we have the planet (planetary body) of marriage and contracts and partnership and commitment, and yes, also jealousy and maybe revenge and "look the other way" so this whole house of cards doesn't implode - she was the wife of the philandering Jupiter after all - in the sign of independence, fresh starts, initiative, and 'the self' just as Mars stations direct and with Jupiter in fiery Aries to boot. Juno can raise issues of abandonment, infidelity, inequality and lack of commitment.  She can also show the way for a new kind of relationship that is based on mutual respect and honor. Juno in Aries can help us learn to hold our individual shape within our relationships. Juno will be in Aries until March 11th. Should be interesting :)

xo all

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