weekly astrology forecast | January 30th - February 5th, 2023 - breakthroughs, breakdowns and break-ups, BIG full moon in fiery leo, what needs to change, what is no longer stable

We begin the week with Sunday's, Sun trine Mars and Mercury trine Uranus, still in play. Forward movement. The potential for unexpected information/good news. Progressive action. Our thinking changes. The Moon is in multi-tasking, multi-everything Gemini - we are busy, running errands, communicating, doing business, out and about. The Moon's final aspect in Gemini, on Wednesday morning EST will be a smooth trine to Saturn, making the first couple days of the week very productive and forward focused. The Moon is void (this is still Wednesday) until 3:11PM EST when she comes home to Cancer, making all of us more emotional. Our focus likely turns to home and family. The Moon in Cancer will be a bit up and down (and so will we) until she goes void on Friday afternoon off her monthly opposition to Pluto. We will get a brief break from these emotional power struggles each month from Cancer while Pluto is in Aquarius (March - June). Once the Moon arrives in Leo on Saturday, we start building toward Sunday's BIG Leo Full Moon. Things get more fiery! Usually we will feel a Full Moon more as it applies - before it peaks. A New Moon is just the opposite and we feel the New Moon energy after the Moon. 

As we move toward Sunday, we will all be desiring more attention, appreciation, LOVE.

Let's unpack the week!

WEDNESDAY - Sun sextile Chiron

THURSDAY - Venus sextile North Node/trine South Node

FRIDAY - Sun square Uranus

SATURDAY - Venus square Mars, Ceres station retrograde (6 Libra)

SUNDAY - Full Moon Leo (16 degrees)

We kick off a new month on WEDNESDAY (February, preceding March's HUGE shifts, feels like a month of wrap-ups to me and time to recharge our batteries), with the Sun, at 12 degrees Aquarius sextiling Chiron in Aries. This is an opportunity for healing through Aquarius detachment or logic. We can give the situation/other people enough space/air to see a broader/clearer picture. Step back. With the Sun in Aquarius we might see that other people are in the same boat we are or maybe their boat has even more holes than ours. We are not alone (Aries), we are part of a larger collective (Aquarius). This can also show a friend is helping us or there is a group situation that provides an opportunity for healing. The Aquarius/Aries sextile now can stimulate situations that creates opportunities through and for us to be ourselves/know we can take care of ourselves/work on healing very old wounds. 

The crack is where the light gets in, with this one.

On THURSDAY, Venus, at 8 degrees Pisces is sextiling the North Node in Taurus (and the North Node is answering to her) and trining the South Node in Scorpio. Usually the trine is the easiest aspect (brakes off), so it will be easy to fall back into old and current compulsions, manipulations, obsessions, complications, drama. But here, Venus in Pisces is boundary-less, can provide fertile energy for compassion, forgiveness and connection and Venus is the ruler of the North Node, so the sextile (creative opportunity) although it will take a little effort on our part, is just as strong as the trine here. Lean into something more simple, stable, self-loving. On SATURDAY, Venus, at 11 degrees Pisces is going to square Mars in Gemini. This can be the SAME OLD ARGUMENTS around love/money/not getting what we want or we can use the Venus sextile North Node to see the opportunity here to lean into something new - to be more compassionate, loving, connecting. Gemini can add humor, the ability to stay flexible. 

Do you have to be right or do you want to be happy? This isn't about sweeping anything under the rug, but with Venus in Pisces there is higher ground available here. Find it.

On FRIDAY, the Sun at 15 degrees Aquarius (exact on my natal Sun, of my) squares Uranus in Taurus. This is part of SUNDAY'S Full Moon story-line and might feature something like a FAST ending/liberation/change - Uranus is direct, but walking old degrees, so this is something we could have seen coming, but maybe didn't want to. There can also be some kind of unexpected consequence. Breakdowns, Breakthroughs. Break-ups. This would not be the time to be tossing babies out with dirty bathwater or giving someone an ultimatum that we do not want to see them actually take us up on. Uranus squares can be de-stabilizing. People with planets/points near the middle of the fixed signs - which have been getting hammered for the last year or so - will feel this energy strongest. The Sun/Uranus and Full Moon in Leo squaring Uranus (tight T-square and Uranus is the modern ruler of Aquarius) is triggering the ongoing Eclipse points in Scorpio and Taurus activating our discomfort/fear, need to change/liberate/leave behind what is dead, AND, here, now, with the Moon in brave and heart-centered Leo, we will feel how our ability to have courage/to be our own king/to focus on what our heart wants is pulled into the mix. 

Because a Full Moon is an opposition which is a projection, and even though this is playing out within us, it often, also, shows up as someone or some situation outside ourselves opposing us

So, if we are playing the Moon here (the fiery, confident, ego-centric Leo Moon), we could be challenged by someone who is not letting us shine. If we are playing the Sun here (the airy Aqua detached/logical Sun), we could be challenged by someone we think wants too much attention/appreciation/is acting like a child or acting like a king or we believe is only thinking about themselves. Then Uranus - think the 'awakener' here - slides into this 'opposition' through a square - tension/frustration SOMETHING (for example an unexpected expense, but there are many possibilities depending on your chart) that is waking up this situation. KABOOM. 

The square to Uranus makes this Full Moon not just a regular opposition, (and I have a very tight T-Square involving my Sun, Saturn, Mars, Neptune and my Ascendent, Descendent and know what I am talking about here) - we CAN'T win if we are just playing the Sun and fighting the Moon and we CAN'T win if we are just playing the Moon and fighting the Sun. The Moon will need to THINK about the Sun's logical/detached position and the Sun is going to have to FEEL the Moon's fiery emotions. We can't not deal with this/avoid this because this is a Full Moon and what comes to light/culminates must be SEEN and we can't win if we dig in - because, well, FIXED T-SQUARE. The good news is that Venus - in play at the Full Moon and exact two days later - is sextiling this same volatile Uranus to give us a way through. And she is exalted. At her most attractive. Benevolent Venus comes in to help us deal with this situation/give us a way through - there is an opportunity here - when we pull in the PISCES energy of forgiveness, compassion, prayer, non-judgement, our imagination. 

We will talk about the many possibilities for this in the Full Moon post in a couple days when we unpack it more fully. 

In the meantime, I hope something here is helpful. I am anticipating getting the Mars/Venus 2023 and Full Moon posts up this week!

xo all