weekly astrology forecast | January 23 to January 29, 2023 - another big week as the momentum picks up, here is the change that was postponed!

This is going to be another BIG week!


We are coming off a BIG weekend - hopefully you had an epiphany! The New Moon in Aquarius is beginning to play out/work its magic. 

Uranus is direct now, so all the major planets are direct for the next THREE MONTHS. 


We have had a retrograde personal planet since the end of October, so we will all start feeling this forward momentum. We will have more energy/more initiative. Mars is still in Gemini, so we are continuing to do two things at once/do things twice, BUT we should be better at this by now, whatever "this" is for us. 

Mars will FINALLY move off 8 degrees Gemini on Wednesday and Mercury will be at 10 degrees Cappy by then, so their inconjunct, the "rock and a hard place" we have all been dealing with, will start to ease up. There will be MOVEMENT. Note - Mars is still out-of-bounds (playing outside the Sun/authority's rules) until March and both Mercury and Mars are walking degrees they have already walked twice before, so this MOVEMENT may be more about things that are stuck coming unstuck or things we have been thinking about doing for awhile and now we do, etc, than some totally brand new thing, but there will be brand new things that, most likely, somehow have their feet in the past. 


We are also coming off our annual Venus/Saturn. Reality checks, endings, commitment, financial and relationship report cards. When they meet next year it will be in Pisces, where Venus will be exalted and have a better hand to play at their meeting. We have had the last few years, including this one, with Venus meeting a strong Saturn in one of his signs. She (as we) hasn't stood a chance. We have needed to be sober, serious, working with limits. That continues this week.

Jupiter and Juno are together now in early Aries - good for partnership re-boots and new power connections and ILLUMINATED this week through an opportunistic sextile with the future-focused and logical Aquarius Sun.


MONDAY - Vesta conjunct Neptune

TUESDAY - Sun sextile Jupiter

THURSDAY - Venus into Pisces

FRIDAY - Mercury square Chiron

SATURDAY - Sun square North Node, Sun trine Mars, Mercury trine Uranus


On MONDAY, Vesta, at 23 degrees Pisces, conjuncts Neptune


The Moon is in Pisces, too, now, so we are nourished/nurtured through prayer/meditation, art, music, nostalgia, our imagination, healing, connection, escape, rest, water. We are collectively more sensitive/psychic.

Vesta is about our sacred devotion, the fire that must remain lit, what keeps us up at night. She has been in Pisces for a while now, applying limits and allowing us to FOCUS on a Piscean matter. This could be a matter pertaining to our natal Pisces house theme, a health matter, a creative project/art/music, spirituality, something from the past, something behind us or put away, an addiction/escape. Now, she meets up with Pisces ruler Neptune, bringing a greater intensity to whatever this is. Conjunctions can bring endings, so maybe something is culminating here. Neptunian endings are more drifting than dramatic. It may be awhile before we notice something has softened. Neptune can also indicate times when a sacrifice is required. We might need to lose some sleep to finish a project for example or to work on our DREAM. Vesta is going to leave Pisces in the middle of March when we have ALOT OF CHANGES happening, so her meeting with Neptune now looks like the peak of this Piscean situation. Our nighttime dreams can be particularly vivid. Our daytime dreams that might usually be scattered/not so clearly defined, can find a solid shape/vessel now with Vesta here. What is keeping you up at night?

On TUESDAY - the Sun, at 4 degrees Aquarius, sextiles Jupiter at 4 degrees Aries


The Moon in Pisces meets Pisces ruler Neptune amping up our imagination, sensitivity, compassion, intuition. 

Sun/Jupiter brings optimism and luck. Expansion. This is air and fire so a fast opportunity might come up. Jupiter is conjunct wife Juno (dwarf planet, they meet up about every four years, so this is important) - we are empowered through our connections, relationships, contracts, partnerships. Jupiter is also repeating degrees - he (as we) was at 4 degrees Aries last May, so there could be a connection from then with the opportunity that comes up now - and this is why we needed to be taking action/starting things late last spring, remember I was writing about things paying off later. This is part of the "later". There is momentum here. An open door. Potential. Take action. 

(keep in mind with Jupiter things are not always as good as they first appear - he is about HOPE and faith after all -  and in Aries he will be itching to JUMP, so take a breath, think things through, don't do something crazy just for the sake of doing something. Do keep in mind though, with Aries, victory goes to the brave, so be sure there is really something here or a good potential for something- you can work with the Aqua Sun's logic and the Moon in Pisces intuition for this - then be brave)

On WEDNESDAY - the Moon moves into Aries - we are nourished/nurtured by action, physical movement, taking the initiative, time spent alone, time spent with men, passion, anger. She will meet up with 'bigger-is-better' Jupiter tonight which should bring a sense of optimism, adventure, hope. There could be an opportunity/good news. This is echoing and extending the potential of yesterday's Sun/Jupiter sextile! Don't be too crazy impulsive with this, but BE BRAVE.

On THURSDAY - Venus enters Pisces tonight EST.


Venus (art, beauty, women, values, money) moves into Pisces (imagination, dreams, compassion, connection) today, settles into a comfy spot at the Pisces party, most certainly in the center of everything or I should say wherever she settles becomes the center of everything. She is the most beautiful woman in the room and the space in each of us that carries the energy of attraction. Mars goes after what he wants, Venus draws it to her. Her fierce beauty (I wouldn't dare call her pretty and she quite often isn't) has toppled empires and created dynasties. 


Pisces Sun people and Pisces rising people become more attractive now, (how have we never noticed how blue your eyes are or how deep your voice?). All of our Pisces houses become more attractive, too. And all of us attract what we want by working through Pisces - our Pisces natal house theme and through our ability to show compassion, create beauty, honor feelings, stay emotionally open, use our imaginations. In Aquarius it was our differences that attracted people and situations to us, in Pisces it is our ability to believe and honor our commonality. 

Venus is exalted in Pisces. Her love/charm is endless. She can work her magic here. She expands relationships, money and self-esteem. Opportunities increase. Resistance dissolves. 

The tricky part of Venus in Pisces is we need to know what we want now. We need to know our values. Our lines in the sand. Because the lines between us and other people, between acceptance and avoidance, between our money and their money, between love and 'what was I thinking' - will blur.

In Pisces, things that look too good to be true usually almost always are. And what flows in can flow right back out again. But if we set boundaries - what is ok, what is not ok - and release our expectations that outcomes must go a specific way - this is wonderful energy for more beauty, love and money to move into our lives. The irony with Venus in Pisces is that although we can attract more love and money those things often will feel less important now. Within the otherworldly realms of Pisces BIG magic is possible. 


Venus will be in Pisces until February 20th. Enjoy this one.

On FRIDAY, Mercury, at 12 degrees Capricorn squares Chiron in Aries. This is a repeating aspect that started back in December. Here is our final painful conversation/information. We could be misunderstood or say something we regret. THINK BEFORE YOU SPEAK. We've talked about this before. This might be related to career/authority and a need for us to stand up for ourselves or know we can take care of ourselves. Mercury's next aspect - on SATURDAY, but in play now - is a smooth trine to change-maker Uranus encouraging us to try something new. Here is a conversation/information/idea connected to our future. This is a repeating aspect, too - where is the open door/window? How are our old wounds/vulnerabilities pushing us in a new direction? We have been here before, so what have we learned about ways to deal with this? With the Moon in Aries, too, now, adding even more impulsivity and fire, we most especially want to THINK BEFORE WE SPEAK.

This is also the day the Sun squares the Nodes and then trines Mars - we talked about this in the New Moon post HERE. This is a crossroads/decision point regarding the past/present and the future. The Sun's follow-up trine to Mars, repeating the first decan of Gemini, tells us there is a smooth path/smooth conversation or idea here somewhere once we decide where we are headed. Decide and then move forward. Remember that North Node is in practical Taurus. Lean into what makes the most sense/cents. Lean into what is the most stable/simple. 

We can see Friday's Mercury and Sun aspects are echoing each other - painful words/hard decisions/dealing with obstacles and then SMOOTH flow when we direct our arrow toward something new and take action in that direction - something can fall into place. Keep in mind both Mercury and Mars are re-walking degrees, so this could be about something we have been thinking about for awhile/we have been here before. We have two trines AT THE SAME TIME - arguably the best aspect in astrology since it removes friction/the brakes are off - to get to them we have to deal with the tension/frustration by MAKING A DECISION and then taking some action to move in a new direction.


These trines are Aquarius/Gemini (air) and Cappy/Taurus (earth) - our ideas, communications, conversations taking physical form. Forward-leaning/liberating/light words producing tangible results OVER TIME. 


We talked about this in the New Moon post on Saturday. 


This is all part of the New Moon in Aquarius story, which isn't a one day thing, but a process that is ALIVE. This isn't about jumping and the net will appear, you don't have to make some huge move with this, although this week's Sun/Jupiter sextile will require a STRETCH/some risk/initiative. 


Mars is in Gemini since August. We are learning to bite off what we can chew. What do you already know needs to change? What kind of changes is your life RIGHT NOW pushing you to lean into because something isn't working? We have a whole new world that starts to come in, in March 2023 folks, what holes need to be plugged? There are so many divergent portals open right now, life can use almost any action we take to get us where we are most needed. 

The South Node is in Scorpio for only a few more months - what third party situations, debts, obsessions (and, yes, I am looking at us murder mystery people here), manipulations, secrets, complications, do we need to release/give less attention to? The North Node is in Taurus for only a few more months - how are we saving, gathering our resources, balancing our books, noticing the connections between our income and self-esteem, valuing the most important things, creating fertile ground, leaning into something more simple/stable? 

I hope something here is helpful.

xo all

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