Today's astrology forecast | Tuesday, January 3, 2023 - lucky breaks, creative opportunities, time to get busy

The Moon is in busy-bee Gemini now. 


We are nourished/nurtured through conversation, information, having lots of irons in the fire/balls in the air. We might be focused on writing/reading/learning, commerce, children's school issues, sibling/local community/transportation or tech situations. Note - the Moon in Gemini is answering to a retrograde Mercury, and is the sign of the 'twins' anyway, so there might be a feeling of 'doing something again' now, or the need to actually do/feel/say or hear something AGAIN.


The Moon sextiled Jupiter at 12:36AM EST and meets up with a retrograde Mars at 2:47PM EST. The Moon's sextile to Jupiter (which might have been more strongly felt last night as it applied) can bring hope/optimism. Our words/feelings are BIG/expansive. The meeting with Mars can bring lots of activity and communication, offers courage and a call to action. We will feel better when we are moving/out and about.

Venus, at 1 degree Aquarius is sextiling Jupiter at 1 degree Aries. 

This is actually perfecting early tomorrow morning (4:08AM EST), but could be most strongly felt today. Sextiles are smooth aspects/creative OPPORTUNITIES, air and fire mean things can TAKE OFF/expand in productive ways. This is GOOD TIMING. And this is happening conjunct a powerful Aries point (where our collective attention is focused on the same thing), which is even better and more powerful. We want to be open to new adventures, alliances, good luck, good fortune. Something new can be waking up/show up now! Keep your eyes and ears open. Be out and about. 

Anytime our two most benevolent planets are in contact with each other - it is good news, so if there is something you need to be taking action on/getting moving, this is good energy. If you are in a rut/feeling stressed/anxious/depressed, today would be a good day to do something that is a bit of a stretch - have confidence/be bold - try something outside your normal comfort zone. Stretch yourself.

This is also the day Uranus, retrograde at 15 degrees Taurus, sextiles Vesta in Pisces. 

This is a kind of 'making our dreams real' energy - Taurus/Pisces. Earth and water. We could make headway, via practical changes with whatever is keeping us up at night. Vesta in Pisces is reminding us of our connection to spirit/to the unseen/the past. There is more to life than the things we can see/hold in our hand and Uranus who is shaking up the things we can see/hold in our hand, is reminding us we are also 3D human beings who need solid things to be rooted/secure. This is another sextile - creative opportunity. Sextiles are smooth, so can be easy to miss. One thing Taurus rules is food and it can be a good time to change our diet. Meditation can also bring tangible/physical results. 

The Moon is waxing (growing), so what we do now will, too. Start now. 

xo all

Keep in mind the Venus/Jupiter will perfect early on Wednesday, so is in play Wednesday, too!

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