the New Moon in Aquarius | January 21, 2022 - here is the change that was postponed, opportunities to feel better, moving toward what's next, sudden insights, reinventing ourselves, our relationships and our situations

On Saturday, January 21, 2022, at 3:53PM EST, the Aquarius Moon meets the Aquarius Sun giving us this month's New Moon - our annual New Moon in Aquarius. The New Moon is part of Luna's natural rhythm of waxing and waning. It's the time each month the skies are dark. The seed goes into the ground/the egg. The idea starts to germinate. 


With the Moon and Sun together in the sky an energetic portal is created - a space to build a relationship between consciousness and form.


Since we get what we energetically line up with - it's a powerful time to release lower frequencies that are holding us down/keeping us stuck (every beginning is also an ending). These 'lower frequencies', probably especially right now with the South Node in Scorpio, include things like grudges, time-sucking obsessive thoughts, power struggles, fears around losing control/death/intimacies and finances as well as conditioned patterns and habits that are comfortable because they are familiar, but have outlived their usefulness/aren't working for us anymore. 


Moon/Sun portals are also particularly powerful times to set our intentions, ie cast our S-P-E-L-L for what we want to attract/the way we want things to GO. In Aquarius, the sign of our higher mind/collective thinking, we can use this portal - to access LOGIC (from the ancient Greek word logos, meaning idea, reason or word). The cosmos/life has set up the perfect chart - blueprint - for how we go about doing this. 

So, let's unpack it!


Aquarius moons are always kind of uncomfortable. This is fixed air. The ground is cold. It is harder for even the hardiest seeds to take root 

(some advantages of this 'hard ground' include the survival of the sturdiest plants/less weeds to complete for the soil nutrients - think about this in terms of your ideas now. Mars is still in Gemini, so we are still kind of tossing ideas at the wall to see what sticks, but he, as we, are covering Gemini for the third time, we should have a good idea of what has the best chance of survival by now). 

The Moon isn't comfy, cozy in Aquarius because the Moon rules our roots/our past and Aquarius rules uprooting/our future. And this year we have Aquarius's modern ruler Uranus changing direction within hours of the New Moon amping up the New Moon's need to break established patterns (breaking patterns, not something the Moon really wants to do). The Moon's ancient ruler, Saturn, is conjunct Venus - this makes sure we are feeling the seriousness of what we are doing now/the gravity of our actions, decisions, what is going on. Saturn is all about stability/structure, loves established patterns, not so much because they are working, but because they are ESTABLISHED. This New Moon pulls in 2021/2022's Saturn/Uranus square (the old vs the new) simply by being an Aquarius Moon!

The Moon is conjunct the Sun at 1 degree Aquarius. They oppose Black Moon Lilith in Leo EXACT. They are conjunct Pluto - although out of sign. The New Moon sextiles Jupiter and Juno (exactly conjunct each other) and trines Mars. Both aspects are applying (strong, haven't happened yet, so on one level they will actually happen and on another level we have this energy of an opportunistic applying force throughout the entire New Moon cycle, which is two weeks and also six months). Saturn, the ancient ruler of Aquarius is conjunct Venus - this conjunction will be exact within hours. Uranus, the modern ruler of Aquarius is strong and still and preparing to station direct - this station will also happen within hours. Mars and Mercury are both direct now, but still hunkered on 8 degrees Gemini and Capricorn, so exactly inconjunct each other. Asteroids Pholus and Quaoar are exactly conjunct in Capricorn. The Moon is conjunct asteroids Ostara, Magdalena and Klotho, all within 1 degree.


Let's look at the aspects. The Moon meets the Sun at 1 degree Aquarius. Since the New Moon in Libra at the end of September, and until the New Moon in Aries at the end of March, we are having New Moons at the very beginning of the signs. These early degree Moons are uber potent and give us alot to work with - we get the entire lunar cycle as part of the New Moon Cycle. 


This one is especially important because 1 degree Aquarius is conjunct 0 degrees Aquarius where Jupiter met Saturn on the winter solstice of 2021 and "the world started up again". 0 Aquarius is also the degree Pluto is going to pass over three times - beginning in March 2023 and ending in December 2024 - as he exits Capricorn after 15ish years and heads into Aquarius for a 20 year stint. There might be connections now, and over the next two weeks, to December 2021, to March 2023 and to Pluto's complete entry into Aquarius at the end of 2024. This preview of the preview we are getting means we need to be paying attention AND we want to be setting our intentions and taking LOGICAL action.

The New Moon is EXACTLY opposing Black Moon Lilith in Leo. 


We just had a long transit of Black Moon Lilith in Cancer, much of it spent with her interacting with expansive Jupiter - that transit is BEHIND us. Since the Moon rules Cancer and Black Moon Lilith is kind of an anti-Moon, that was especially challenging.


Now in Leo, BML can bring up the ways we are UNCOMFORTABLE WHEN WE ARE TOO SHINY (she is always speaking of very old wounds from our mother/her pregnancy/maternal line). The ways we are afraid to stand out in case we will be tossed from the garden again. The ways we have been shamed for wanting attention. For wanting LOVE. In Leo, she will be showing us (and this is only getting starting, but gets a pretty big launch opposing the New Moon) the ways we play small to make other people more comfortable with us, deflect praise, have lost our ability to CREATE, have been shamed for our 'egos', for wanting to play when there was work to do. Black Moon Lilith is always about being shamed for needing things we were perfectly entitled to be needing. 


So, we carry this soul memory/wound that plays gracelessly on repeat. This space where we were tossed from the garden. This space where we were shamed for wanting something we were perfectly entitled to want. The space where shame turns to awkward action. The space where shame turns to anger.  

(think about the astronomy/astrology - the Moon gets as far away from the Earth as possible - that is the point that is Black Moon Lilith, then the Moon is pulled back into orbit by gravity - no escape!).


I don't see BML, other than in Scorpio or the 8th house or maybe in aspect with Pluto - which she is here, actually, as innately related to sexuality. Some astrologers do. You can make up your own mind about this. For both men and women she carries the weight of ages of female grief, rage, repression and hopelessness.


So, we have this New Moon in the sign of Aquarius/groups/the collective/hive-mind conjunct the Sun (who rules Leo, the sign BML is in), saying, "let's set group goals, figure out how things work best for everyone, not be so damn emotional" and Black Moon Lilith on the other side of the tracks staring them down with, "it has to work for me, too, or I'm outta here - and I will get as emotional as I want to, thank you" - but 'thank' wouldn't be the word she puts before 'you'. 


The Moon/BML is echoing (repeating energetics are what we really want to be paying attention to in charts) alot of the rest of this chart, including the Moon's conjunction with Pluto - the stuff we have pushed away, stuffed underneath, DISOWNED because of fear or shame - is going to be part of this New Moon fresh start OR we are going to meet this energy outside ourselves through other people/situations who will oppose us. This is also kind of echoing the New Moon conjunct asteroid Quaoar which is all about embracing our fear of chaos/disorder in order to enable new creation. Birth is messy. Change is chaotic. 

The New Moon sextiles Jupiter and Juno (conjunct in Aries) and trines Mars (in Gemini). Whatever we are taking action with now, whatever we are starting is going to move/change/need to adjust and will GROW.


Jupiter and Juno are answering to Mars. I can't remember having them this tightly conjunct - the King and Queen of the Gods - at the time of a New Moon before. Jupiter was the king through birth and Juno was the queen because she was married to the king, so in our charts she represents marriage, yes, but also, sometimes the spaces where we are depending on someone else for our POWER. And, sometimes, also, what we will do to GET IT AND HOLD ONTO IT - it's not always pretty. With this New Moon - very much symbolic of the New Age we are ushering in - they are EQUAL/together, at the very beginning of the very first sign. 

Good for fresh starts within relationships if we can bring things into a greater balance by being more INDEPENDENT as well as more UNIQUELY OURSELVES. Almost certainly something here about gender, too, and the conversations/changes ahead of us both personally and collectively in this area.  

Saturn, the ancient ruler of Aquarius is conjunct Venus. This pulls reality checks, limits and karma into this New Moon - which remember is more than just a New Moon, but kind of a preview of the Aquarius times ahead of us. SERIOUSNESS/SOBRIETY is brought to relationship and financial situations. Commitments made now will be very sticky. Keep in mind that as Saturn is sobering Venus - and she is already pretty sober in Aquarius - Venus is softening Saturn, bringing the BENEFITS.


Patience. Hard work. Staying focused on our goals. Being mature. Not expecting immediate results. In Aquarius - working with common goals/like-minded people, focusing on the future. Not taking everything so damn personally.

Uranus, the modern ruler of Aquarius is strong and still and preparing to station direct. After the New Moon he moves forward, now here is the change/chaos that was postponed.  


Note, his station comes AFTER the New Moon, so best to 'expect the unexpected' and some changes of direction as whatever starts now plays out over the next few months. Note also, this 'unexpected' won't be something we can't/couldn't see coming. This isn't new territory Uranus is walking, we have covered this ground before. 


With Uranus in Taurus answering to Venus who is in logical/detached Aquarius and conjunct/answering to Saturn - collective changes will include money, resources, our values, self-esteem. Also note - are you taking notes? I don't think so. After Uranus stations direct ALL planets are direct, meaning we are OFF TO THE RACES. Also this indicates our New Moon fresh start will be OFF TO THE RACES, too. This is VERY helpful to an Aquarius New Moon - ie that sometimes inhospitable, ice cold ground and all.


Uranus stationing direct brings us THE CHANGE THAT WAS POSTPONED. With Uranus in Taurus answering to Venus and Venus in Aquarius answering to Uranus, they are in mutual reception with each other. Venus can get to Taurus through Uranus and Uranus can get to Aquarius through Venus. The mutual reception with Venus pulls in our relationships, money, resources, our values and self-esteem and speaks of the changes now being BENEFICIAL (note her conjunction to Saturn speaks of hard work, commitment and sobriety, building things that last).

Mars and Mercury have just stationed direct (Gemini and Capricorn) and are inconjunct each other, so there is a kind of 'rock and a hard place' here with whatever is starting. We won't be totally comfortable. This is kind of echoing the Moon in Aquarius itself. With serious Mercury in Capricorn and flirtatious Mars in Gemini, maybe we want to 'put a ring on it' and we want to 'not put a ring on it/see what else is out there' at the same time - you get the idea and I am not just talking romance here. An inconjunct is a tricky aspect, we will have to be flexible. This is tricky for fixed air Aquarius, because flexible she ain't, but our work is to build a life that allows us to be available to the subtle shifts, and to weave them, day by day, into our lived experience. I would suspect some of these seemingly smaller aspects will become more and more important over time. 

Asteroid Magdalena (something here I think about divine equality) is EXACTLY conjunct the New Moon - which makes her exactly opposite Black Moon Lilith. Both are rather maligned feminine archetypes, and both are interacting strongly with the Moon, our most traditional female archetype, but in Aquarius, so not a typical Moon, not so traditional. There is something here about unusual women who don't play by the rules/unusual mothers. 


The asteroids, who are discovered and synchronistically named, when we are finally ready to re-discover their stories, show us how invisible "feminine" energy has become. These are parts of us that we have grown unaccustomed to seeing at all, let alone have had any practice placing them within the patterns of our life. We can see it clearly in the way archeologists have for decades interpreted cave drawings with their focus on masculine hunting rituals, for example, ignoring anything relating to the feminine as unimportant. In this way they completely missed the sacred nature of the Great Mother (we all have to grow new eyes now to see this stuff). All those pregnant women, all those drawings and sculptures of female body parts, were ‘junk’ just like dark matter and most of our DNA and the dwarf planets like Ceres and Eris that caused astronomers to demote Pluto. 

Demote Pluto?!


The asteroid energies are chaotic. Feminine energy is chaotic. CHAOS simply represents a range of possible, although previously invisible, CHOICES. This New Moon and this time period is part of these new chaotic choices. 

We also have asteroid Klotho - the sister of fate charged with bringing someone back from the dead - she feels needed by alot of us these days. THAT energy/potency is conjunct this New Moon, so what needs to be re-invigorated/what needs another chance? We also have centaur asteroid Pholus (the wise centaur who, perhaps foolishly, uncorked a bottle of wine which roused the wild centaurs and started the battle that wounded Chiron and killed Pholus) - exactly conjunct asteroid Quaoar. The Tvongan people of Los Angeles, for whom Quaoar was the creator God, danced and sang in their creation rituals, but they didn’t re-enact old rituals. Each time they did the ritual they reinvented it. They sang and danced and celebrated to the energy of that new moment. Add that "energy of reinvention" to Pholus "small action that creates a big event" and Klotho (bringing the dead back to life) and we see more flavor added to this New Moon's story. A fuller picture is painted/presented to us. Klotho, Magdalena and Quaoar are all within 1 degree of Mercury in Capricorn who has just stationed direct. This could be some news/information that creates big changes/re-invention. Try to stay in the energy of the moment with this, not thinking too far ahead.

So, we have a POTENT new beginning - that will resonate multiple times over the next couple years and was energetically seeded in December 2021. What we take action on over the next couple weeks as this New Moon waxes - will move us forward and expand us, create opportunities for greater optimism, faith and hope. With all planets direct our obstacles will be lessened, but keep in mind these planets are still covering old ground - there is something here about RE-INVENTION. There is a needed sobriety now around finances, resources and relationships. What we commit to do we are going to actually have to do. There could be reality checks and clear limits. New responsibilities can show up. Whatever starts here will entail hard WORK that can't be shirked and will be built to last. New relationships and relationship fresh starts are possible now, and will give people more independence. Partnerships started now can be very powerful and passionate. Changes that were previously put on hold will start to move us forward, maybe with a chaotic push. We don't want to be fighting change during an Aquarius New Moon! Aquarius energy taps into the unknown future/the chaos - so the new now can feel exciting and also scary, but all planets are fully direct for the next three months, so by next week, we are moving forward READY OR NOT.


As we work with the Aquarius positives - innovation, genius, advancement, the new/modern, the power of groups, the power of the individual (yes Aquarius has both!) and eliminate the Aquarius negatives -  too much detachment, too many distractions, our feelings of alienation and our need to get lost in the crowd and hide out in the audience - if we do our work - and we are not required to do our work perfectly - we are left with a cool head, an open mind and enough emotional distance from whatever we are creating to allow the magical forces in play to work for and through us RIGHT NOW!

AFFIRMATION TIPS for your monthly New Moon:  always make affirmations from a  positive place (positive meaning both happy and certain) - write your affirmations down by hand in script, speak them out loud.

Then release your attention from these things knowing that your intention is known.  

Know these things are already yours.

(I am going to set mine on Saturday night because I want the sextile to Jupiter, trine to Mars applying, plus the impending Chinese New Year, normally I wait to see a little Moon in the sky and then look for the best aspect, that is fine, too)


xo all


Some dates to keep in mind as we move through this New Moon cycle (the Moon will run through everything in the next couple days and the Sun will take about a month). The Moon meets the Sun (New Moon). sextiles Jupiter, squares the North Node, trines Mars, sextiles Chiron, squares Uranus, meets Saturn and then Venus. We are both feeling all these aspects and SEEDING THEM as the Moon moves through them. 


Then the Sun will do everything (almost) the Moon just did. The trajectory is something like - we start, we are optimistic/we stretch, we face crossroads/challenges, we hit some smooth pavement, we feel better, more change hits us, report card time, benefits with a connection to the past, the Full Moon in Aquarius on August 16th closes out the cycle. The Moon's final aspect being that conjunction with Venus is a good sign of good results - just keep in mind Venus is in logical Aquarius when she meets the Moon, so the benefits will be what a logical Venus wants. By the time the Sun meets up with Venus we will be in the more heart-filled territory/also more egoic grounds of Leo in the summer.


The Sun will sextile Jupiter on January 24th - here is the expansion, optimism, good luck, creative opportunity. The Sun will square the North Node on January 28th - here is a crossroads, choice/decision - are we moving forward or backward/staying stuck. The Sun will trine Mars on January 29th - here is smooth flow forward with our ideas, conversations, action. The Sun will sextile Chiron on February 1st - opportunity for the healing of very old wounds as we detach, see the big picture, be more independent, be more of ourselves. The Sun will square Uranus on February 3rd - tension/frustration, uncomfortable change, expect the unexpected (not totally unexpected). The Sun will meet Saturn on February 16th - reality checks, report cards, defining moments, recognition for work done.

The Sun won't meet up with Venus until August 13th in Leo (20 degrees) - their inferior conjunction, beginning/ending, here are the rewards/benefits for this New Moon. Note - Venus will be RETROGRADE here, making Venusian rewards (love and money) a bit harder to predict, BUT on the day Venus meets the Sun, Jupiter will meet Uranus EXACT - same degree he stations now, so both our benevolent planets are creating portals/interacting with other planets, I take that as a good sign of the benefits to come from this New Moon and remember the Moon's final aspect is her conjunction to benevolent Venus and this is HER story after all. 

Change is good. 

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