the astrology of the idaho college student murders | Part II - the police arrest their suspect as the U.S. Pluto return goes three for three and Mercury stations retrograde

Part I is HERE.  

Now that we know the police released an incorrect murder time and some incorrect information to the press (announcing the surviving roommates were asleep for example to protect the roommate who was a witness, announcing incorrect times to possibly throw off the perpetrator), we can see the time in the original murder chart is off by about an hour.


The most important information we got from the chart - the Venus victims, the Mars perpetrator, etc remains unchanged. There are some changes - the Moon moves into a conjunction with Black Moon Lilith - pulling family secrets and mother issues into the story (mother issues isn't mother blame), Mars (the perpetrator) moves into the 8th house of death - Scorpio's natural house - and Eris replaces Chiron on the descendant (the perpetrator). Eris is a disruptor energy/bringer of chaos, she would be another significator for the perpetrator in the chart, instead of Chiron. 

Everything else in that first post and first chart that might be incorrect is operator error (my interpretation gone off course) because the chart, with an accurate time, will always be correct! It seems pretty accurate though.


The police have arrested a suspect. We will call him BK for now. It looks like our interesting twin Jacks were in fact, 'something I knew Jack about', but we suspected that anyway since the police had ruled them out. More Mercury mayhem and trickster energy it seems!


BK's birthdate was on the arrest affidavit, so let's take a look at his birth chart. 

We don't know the time he was born, which creates some limits for us, but we can bring his Sun to the ascendant and look at his solar chart. This is sort of what you do when you read your sun sign horoscope, but because we are looking at the totality of the chart, much of which is unaffected by a lack of exact birth time, this will be much more accurate.

This is quite a gnarly chart. It kind of hurts to look at it.

BK has a HUGE stellium in Scorpio with an EXACT Sun/Pluto tightly conjunct with Juno and Jupiter. This person will do something big, likely something deadly serious. If only he had used this power for good!


He has the early 1990's generational conjunction of Neptune and Uranus in Capricorn (right on 2020's big "time runs out" signature transit we have talked about many times) and they are answering to Saturn in Pisces putting Neptune and Saturn in mutual reception. So, Neptune gets to Pisces through Saturn and Saturn gets to Capricorn through Pisces. Black Moon Lilith in Taurus opposes his Scorpio stellium from a tight conjunction with fixed star Algol (arguably the most malevolent star in the Milky Way Galaxy). His Moon is home in Cancer (we can't tell much about her aspects without his actual birth time, because remember this is a solar chart). Mars is in Leo. Chiron is in Virgo. His natal asteroid Narcissus is on the Galactic Center.


The Sun, Pluto, Juno, Jupiter, Mercury, North Node, Venus - all in Scorpio. That's ALOT of Scorpio. An insanely lot of Scorpio.


All answering to both Pluto (modern ruler of Scorpio, so strong in his home sign) and Mars (ancient ruler of Scorpio) in Leo. Leo is ruled by the Sun, so we are back to the Sun in Scorpio answering to Pluto. This is a very tightly controlled group in fixed water with some fixed fire tossed in.  


What I will say about Scorpio is geared to this guy's heavy-duty Scorpio chart, so please don't use this analysis against the Scorps/Pluto people in your life or yourself!


Pluto/Scorpio people who are negatively inclined are often very rigid and guarded. Again, this is fixed water and has learned early in life there is safety in frozen emotions. They won't reveal much of themselves, but they will draw out alot about you sometimes in the guise of helping. Heavy Pluto people tend to look intense and might even have a mournful expression that is off-putting to other people/can drive people away. There is a lot about the 'past' being carried here, so in the negative there could be alot of bitterness, resentfulness about what others have 'done to them'. Scorpios are famous for their 'revenge'. Or they might seethe in anger and say "nothing is wrong". They let things build and build until one day they explode and cut you off/out. Then they typically repeat this pattern with someone else until they figure out it doesn't work. The crimes BK is accused of are the VERY extreme version of this. This much Pluto would almost certainly make a person obviously out of place and dangerous to themselves and other people (not necessarily in a life and death way, of course) if this stuff wasn't well-managed. BK is part of the Pluto in Scorpio generation that is literally here to put an end to the kind of secrets that have created generations of wounded Scorpios ....


Pulling his Sun to the ascendant - the solar chart and you will find if you do this with your own chart how interesting and accurate this is - pulls Pluto to his ascendant, too. 


Pluto on the ascendant is a very difficult placement. 


The person can kind of become 'the grim reaper' (this doesn't mean people with Pluto/ascendant aspects become murderers obviously). Power struggles can be expressed through appearance, something our first house rules and which they will not want controlled. He could manage to look dramatically different in a way that alienates other people. Some examples of this which won't all apply here are - dressing all in black, wearing sexually provocative clothing, having a dark brooding expression, chips on shoulders or even a weight problem. Pluto/ascendant can result in serious physical problems over the years as guilt/resentment coalesces here in the physical body (note- this doesn't have to happen and there is alot that can be done about this before it does). 


Someone with this placement might do too much for others, as a way (maybe unconsciously) of binding the other person to them, then get angry or resentful when that doesn't work out. With Mercury in Scorpio he might have done alot of this in his head. When things don't work out Pluto often feels most comfortable withdrawing, but can also be explosive (maybe especially in a chart like this with Mars in fiery Leo answering to the Sun in Scorpio answering to Pluto strong in his home sign). The expression 'seeing black' comes to mind. There is a lack of trust here. The world is not a safe place for this person. And, yes, he can become an unsafe person for the world, but the world was unsafe for him first. 

(this isn't an excuse for anything he has done, we are just looking at his chart)


The first house shows defenses we adopt because of our early family environment and other early events, so maybe in his very early life there is alot of death - death of a parent's parent for example that leaves the Pluto person's parent unable to effectively nurture them. Maybe there were big financial or sexual issues in the family when the person was very young - all Pluto's realm. The household is somehow 'in mourning' (and bereaved people are angry) when the Pluto person is born and the Pluto person absorbs the grief and anger as part of their character structure. There can be secrets in the family with this placement that the person's self-worth gets wrapped up in. And, keep in mind in this chart there aren't alot of places for this energy to go and the Sun, Pluto, Juno, Jupiter, Venus, Mercury and the North Node of Fate are all wrapped up in this. The only supportive way out is that sextile to Uranus/Neptune, but those planets are uber complicated, too, and have their own problems. There is also a sextile to Chiron in Virgo and I am sure he probably used this in an analytical way. If he had been able to work with these energies productively that Chiron could have allowed him to help other people and feel quite a bit better himself.

His 28 degree Pluto/Sun is at the very end of Scorpio. The deep end of the deep end. So close to those greener grasses and bluer skies of fiery Sagittarius he can almost taste them. Maybe this area of Scorpio is where we start wanting something lighter/more expansive - all the victims had Pluto in Sagittarius. Kaylee and Madison both had Pluto/Mars/Chiron conjunctions in Sagittarius. They might have seemed like heaven to him. Also made him very resentful/angry. 

Mars is about the way we take action - go about getting what we want, handle our masculine energy, deal with anger. If we look at BK's Mars, which we know will be very important because he is accused of  horrendously violent acts, we see his Mars is at 23 degrees Leo (this is in a tight sextile to the 24 Mars Gemini of the murder chart, the Bundy connection, etc, we talked about in the first post). 


Mars likes being in Leo, a fellow fire sign, but a problem I would think for a very Plutonion person with a Mars in Leo is that Leo rules our ego, our fiery heart, our need for attention and appreciation and with Mars in Leo answering to the Sun in Scorpio and squaring the Sun, this energy that should be working together is at odds/squaring off. Mars in Leo wants love/is willing to fight for it and that Scorpio stellium is afraid to let others close. This creates a volatile mix - pulls in the Pluto/Leo energy of things like - talent that brings power struggles, romance and transformation all mixed together (let me love you so I can remake you or if you love me I will be remade). There can be a kind of smother-love here. Parents who see their children as their way to power or to never being alone. Children can be pulled into adult situations - with the ruler of the 5th in the 2nd here (we are using a solar chart, so the houses, although not geared to birth time, should 'fit' here) the situations could be financial problems (even food problems since the second house/Taurus natural house, rules food and resources). And, even with what little we know of his background, we know these things are likely true.


Mars in Leo is also kind of repeating/echoing the Sun/Pluto. When used negatively this placement combines Leo's egotism and desire for attention with Scorpio's will to power. His self concept is tied into 'being somebody'. When he loses a power struggle or when he isn't having the impact on the world he is expecting/wanting it is easy to fall into self-loathing which can easily be taken out on other people. He could use ruthless or questionable tactics to feel important. This is an extreme energy/all or nothing, either he is somebody or he is nobody. This can lead to resenting people in the spotlight. People who have what he wants or appear to. His Mars is also exactly inconjunct his chaotic/traumatic Uranus which is conjunct his Neptune. His actions in this life influenced by ancestral/past life trauma.

Paradoxically, if the person with this chart is able to release the need to be the center of attention/feel important they can attract, and wield, a great deal of power. They have an endless resourcefulness, a Sun that never burns out. Sun/Pluto has the power to transform itself and after healing the self, the capacity to heal others with similar problems will start to manifest automatically. It is unlikely he will get the chance to do anything like this, if he is guilty. He might be able to reform himself in prison/help other prisoners, but should he be given that chance? As the father of one of the victims said who wants the death penalty, "he played God, so we will let God deal with him".

Venus in Scorpio is the only retrograde planet in his chart. This is problematic past life relationship/love/money situations that were unresolved and pulled into this life. So, his Venusian energy in this life is unsettled. He can't be attractive. He can't attract what he wants. 


Venus is in her detriment in Scorpio (since she is the ruler of Scorpio's polarity sign of Taurus). She is intense here. This could translate into something like "til death do us part" thinking. An inability to form growing/changing relationships and something that turns relationships into something like taking hostages until he cuts ties with them or they with him. I wouldn't be surprised if he has never had an intimate relationship, because his chart is screaming for intimacy, but if he had, love would feel like a life-and-death matter. 


If you have ever had a Pluto transit to your natal Venus (and I have) you have had a little taste of this. So, let's say BK has a one night stand, and he may have never had a one night stand with this chart, but let's say he has one, he would immediately either be cutting the person off the next morning or planning their forever life together. Now, for a healthy Venus/Pluto person with a deep/keen insight this type of quick decision might be to their benefit, but here, any kind of 'relationship' maybe even a casual conversation, would be such a relief after the painful loneliness of this chart, he might become obsessive and possessive. Remember in the murder chart he showed up as a partner! And, now we can see how this partnership could be all, or mostly, in his head. 

I don't feel totally comfortable using the solar chart - since we are gearing it to the Sun, to look at his lunar house, but we know when he was born the Moon was in Cancer (so was the Moon on the night of the murders), so answering to itself. In the solar chart the Moon is conjunct both Maddie and Kaylee's North Node of Fate. His Moon, depending on his time of birth, might be forming a Grand Water Trine with Saturn and Venus. I think it is very likely. His Moon could be conjunct Vesta and either way Vesta is in Cancer, making home and family and mother very important to him. The Moon in the murder chart, now that we have a more accurate time, is conjunct Black Moon Lilith and Pallas and is also in Cancer. The Moon in the murder chart might be conjunct his natal Moon and it wouldn't be surprising if Black Moon Lilith was.

BK's Saturn is in Pisces (Saturn will be back in Pisces this spring, sometime after which BK will be having his first Saturn return, Pisces rules things that are put away and spaces like prisons and surely that is where he will be spending his). When BK was born, and this is the last time Saturn was in Pisces, Pisces ruler Neptune was in some form of a conjunction to Uranus in Capricorn and answering to Saturn. This is a Starseed generation of people born in the early 90's for whom a path of 'service' is needed. We will talk about this in the year ahead when we look at Saturn in Pisces (which has its own type of gold to be mined). Saturn, the ruler of everything that is real, is pretty ineffective in Pisces, the sign of everything that isn't. 


In this chart it creates a lack of a strong father/authority. Whose rules is this person answering to? And remember we had that out-of-bounds Mars at the time of the murders - it would feel more comfortable to this person. Saturn in Pisces can also generate a vague fear that 'they are out to get you' with the 'they' being something more generalized like fate or destiny, not so much the authority of society. Saturn in Pisces can bring a sacrifice of someone's material ambitions, like someone who dedicates himself to an ailing parent at their own detriment. Guilt looms large with this placement, but it is more generalized than specific. Drugs and alcohol and mental issues are all possibilities because Neptune is very strong and blending with chaotic Uranus. And Pisces disorganizes what Virgo puts in order (Virgo in the solar chart being his 10th house of the public). Saturn in water also brings more isolation and loneliness. A stronger more solid Saturn would have greatly helped this guy.

His Neptune/Uranus conjunction (remember this is a generational signature, most people with this conjunction are not operating like BK) in sober Capricorn can give an unorthodox approach to morals/to the rules. It would be easy for him to apply rules to other people and not to himself. Like being a killer studying killers. His Neptune/Uranus is pretty exactly conjunct where 'time ran out, Saturn met Pluto and Mercury and Ceres' back in January 2020. He certainly would have been personally impacted, likely through some kind of humbling. And, of course he is getting that now, at a great cost to other people. 


Whatever houses we find Saturn and the Uranus/Neptune in his natal chart would be very important, but it's really all that Scorpio/Plutonian personal energy that has its way here. 


He has a 24 degree Chiron in Virgo (natural ruler of the 6th house, Chiron's placement in the murder chart), tightly inconjunct his natal Mars, trining his Cappy planets and sextiling his Pluto planets. Again an emphasis on 24 degrees (like that out-of-bound Mars on the night of the murders). His wounds are visible, brought into his daily life.

BK has his natal Black Moon Lilith on fixed star Algol. Remember transiting Black Moon Lilith was conjunct the Cancer Moon on the night of the murders, and her journey through Cancer has been a big part of 2022's collective journey. Algol is the star at the "eye" of Medusa - and considered the most malevolent star in the Milky Way Galaxy. Algol is said to speak of violence, misfortune, decapitation. It also has connections to alcohol (another way we lose our head) and algorithms (yet another way). In Taurus, she is answering to his debilitated and retrograde Venus in Scorpio and she is opposing his Scorpio stellium. In Taurus, the garden she was tossed from, Black Moon Lilith might speak of nurturing issues around food, security, self-esteem, values, money. She is our 'womb wound'. Speaks of the ways we are shamed for wanting what we are perfectly entitled to be wanting, speaks of the woman who chooses herself. And connected to Algol would likely amplify her energies and not in a good way.

I wonder what was happening with his mother when she was pregnant with BK? There could be some line that might be drawn from then to all this Scorpio in his chart and to the events of this night. And of course the collective karma of all his past lives/ancestral inheritance lined him up with his chart, too.

On the night of the murders, we had the Sun, Mercury and Venus in Scorpio, all over BK's natal Scorpio placements. Transiting Venus (women, relationships, self-esteem) was EXACT on his natal Jupiter in Scorpio. He has something like this every year, but it would certainly be amping up his obsession with the woman(s) he was obsessed with. What he did have that he hadn't had since he was a child was a nodal reversal with the transiting South Node on his North Node (in Scorpio, very tight) and the transiting North Node on his South Node. Nodal reversals are challenging, sometimes extremely, especially here with this mega-stellium, but even in deadly Scorpio, they don't portend murder. But they don't exclude it either.

He was arrested as Pluto once again reached an exact aspect with the U.S. Constitution Pluto and as Mercury stationed retrograde, going back over what was missed. Mercury is the ruler of Gemini, so the ruler of Mars (the perpetrator) in the murder chart. Then transiting Venus met Pluto - hidden information about the murder of women comes out (Venus the ruler of the victims in the murder chart). Then Mercury met the Sun and we had the Cancer Full Moon (all of this happened under a Cancer Moon, the murders, BK's birth) and more information was illuminated. We had the facts. And just the facts Jack, this time.

I am sure I could have cherry-picked a bunch of asteroids for his chart knowing what we now know about him, but the only one I really wanted to look at, since I was thinking about his connection to the U.S. Pluto return, is his natal Narcissus 


(the U.S. Pluto return that was exact three times in 2022, kind of kicked off at the end of 2008 as Pluto moved into Cappy and President Obama, whose 28 degree Cappy Narcissus, conjuncted the U.S. natal second house Pluto was elected). 


We all have asteroid Narcissus and a narcissistic wound (where the light gets in) somewhere in our chart. BK's is at 28 degrees Sagittarius. Conjunct the Galactic Center. Both Kaylee and Madison had Chiron (wounded healer) conjunct this same degree. This would also be opposing Mars that night and exactly semi-sextile (a kind of inconjunct) BK's Sun/Pluto and tightly semi-sextile the U.S. natal Pluto and transiting Pluto. So, we had transiting Pluto - the major, major player in this chart/BK's blueprint - semi-sextile, a minor inconjunct aspect that isn't so terribly minor - his natal Narcissus on the night of the murders. Pluto/Narcissus with all this natal Scorpio, with a retrograde Mars in Gemini answering to Mercury in Scorpio, with multiple transiting planets in Scorpio, with BK's Uranus/Neptune still dealing with transiting Pluto, with an ineffective Saturn, with all the dangerous and multiplying Gemini that night (we talked about all this in the last post and now we also know he left the house after the murders and came back a few hours later, even more doubles!) - with all of this we can see we get acts of devastating selfishness.

This horrible crime is part of the threepeating United States Pluto return. 

In Part I during the first hit, we talked about Putin playing Pluto, the first Russian bombs falling on Ukraine just as transiting Pluto returned to its natal position in the U.S. constitution chart for the first time. Part II is about Black Moon Lilith in Cancer and abortion/wounded mothers who wound their children, childhood secrets, women choosing themselves, the spaces we are all shamed for wanting what we are perfectly entitled to want and Part III includes this crime in Moscow, Idaho (another Moscow! words are powerful people, use yours well), this background static of toxic masculinity and conversely the dangers in thinking that all masculinity is toxic. Is there anything more dangerous right now than a lonely, angry, young man? Probably not much. So how has this happened and how do we fix this? Does the masculine energy need to fall for the feminine to rise? I don't think so, but this is going to be a big conversation as the North Node moves into Aries (among other things the sign of young men) later in the year and Mars starts ruling our way forward. And, of course, behind these particular situations that have grabbed the nation's attention there are many others including - the ongoing Washington January 6th drama, the divided government, the continuing financial problems/recession/inflation, pandemic, war. 


And, keep in mind, the U.S. Constitution chart came before the Revolutionary War. We still have to fight, and hopefully this is more literally than figuratively, for our FREEDOM/new world.


I wouldn't be surprised if this murder case results in the country riveted to a long, gruesome trial. I won't be. I will tear myself away and watch rescued dog videos on youtube like I always do.


Let's hope he pleads guilty. 


xo all

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