today's astrology forecast | saturday, january 7th, 2023 - mercury meets the sun, so now we know

The Moon is coming off her BIG Full Moon yesterday, Now she trines Neptune and opposes powerful Pluto - going void at 5:22PM EST. She will be void until 9:40PM EST when she moves into Leo.


The trine to Neptune encourages healing/compassion/connection, but takes us right into our monthly stand-off with Pluto, our Moon's little monthly mini-death. What starts with a smooth flow - and this could all be quite emotional with the Moon in Cancer - turns into an intense, and likely uncomfortable, culmination. Emotional power struggles. Situations sometimes have a life-and-death kind of intensity. Not fun, but probably something that has been stuffed needs to come up and be dealt with.


This is also the day, Mercury, who has been doing his backtracking thing through Capricorn since December 29th - we talked about this HERE - meets up with Sun at 16 degrees Cappy and sextiles Vesta at 16 degrees Pisces.

This is the midpoint of Mercury's retrograde cycle - a point of CLARITY. Now, we know what this retrograde cycle has been about for us - the reasons we needed to backpedal before Mercury meets up with Pluto and 'seals the deal' on February 10th. We talked about this in more detail in yesterday's Full Moon post. Today is their exact conjunction. 


So, what have we learned since the end of December? What do we know? Keep in mind Mercury is still backing up, but now we have our illumination from the Sun - a conversation, words, idea, information, etc - SOMETHING COMES TO LIGHT. 

With that retrograde Mercury - information/conversation/idea, sometimes a sibling, community, tech or transportation issues - in a creative collaboration with Vesta at the same time, there is a connection to something bigger than that Cappy 'answer'. Maybe something more connecting, compassionate, spiritual. Vesta's focus in Pisces is less structured/can't be so easily measured. Maybe the dream that our practical plans and back-and-forth machinations in Capricorn is REALLY all about. 

Mercury's next aspect, tomorrow, is a smooth trine to Uranus (change, the future, liberation). Mercury trined Uranus back on December 17th, so maybe some news, information, a conversation from that date is getting another look. We are saying it again in a different way, looking at something from another angle. Maybe someone is changing their mind.


And, one other thing, this is Black Moon Lilith's last day in Cancer, do I hear a Hallelujah?!


xo all

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