On December 29th, 2022 at 4:31AM EST, Mercury stationed retrograde at 24 degrees Capricorn. 


Mercury is going to get all the way back to 8 degrees Cappy on January 18th, when he/she will station direct and re-walk these degrees one more time. By February 7th, 2023, Mercury will have returned to 24 degrees Capricorn and start walking new degrees. So, between now and February 7th, we are all going back and forth over an important chapter. 


There will be stops and delays and the need to make changes. We will have certain ideas and conversations and go over certain information again. With Mars retrograde in Gemini, and answering to Mercury, this Mercury retrograde will have an even bigger impact. 


Last year, at almost this same time we had Venus retrograding over almost the same degrees AND this Mercury retrograde is also conjunct the degrees, where back at the beginning of 2020, Saturn met Pluto (and Mercury and the Sun and Ceres) and "time ran out", so this Mercury retro is a pretty big deal. Especially for people with planets/points from 8-24 degrees Cappy or the other cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer and Libra) which will be impacted by squares and oppositions. 


As Mercury stations retrograde on Thursday - because the way something starts is in many ways, the way something goes - we also have the Aries Moon squaring the Cappy Sun at 8 degrees - notice the Sun is where Mercury will station direct on January 18th. 


Squares bring tension/frustration and REQUIRE action. Something needs to change/shift/move. The Cappy Sun is about responsibility and tradition and rules. The Aries Moon wants freedom, independence, to start, to do something new, to NOT BE CONTROLLED. So, we have conflict here, maybe between new ways and the way things have always been done. Maybe between an older and younger person. Maybe between limits/patience and freedom/impulsivity. Aries is fiery/ready to fight, so whatever is pushing our buttons now is something we are going to be working with over the course of this retrograde. For many people, the collective influence of Capricorn - goals, career, reputation, father, patriarchal history, safety, security - will be where this tradition/security vs new/independence will be playing out. 


What is still working and what needs to change? Pluto is finishing up in Capricorn and Mercury (communication, conversations, information, our siblings, local community, for some people transportation or tech issues) is going to do all this back and forth and figure this stuff out BEFORE he meets up with Pluto - which is going to happen on February 10th. Commitments made then/decisions made then, contracts signed, dead things that we release, whatever this is - the cement will be poured. Pluto don't play. Pluto is permanent transformation.


So, we get this PUSH from that First Quarter Moon to do something new, BUT with Mercury stationing retrograde and Mars, already retrograde and answering to Mercury, we are going to need to make re-visions. This isn't a straight line from A to B. Information/communications/ideas will be subject to REVIEW. Ideas and conversations from the past will be REPEATED. People from the past will RETURN (usually just to wrap something up). We may need time to RELAX. REMINISCE. This is Cappy energy, ruled by Saturn - carries very old soul memories. Karma. Our minds can change, so can other people's. Capricorn rules really important things, so really important stuff - the foundations/footings of our life are subject to REVISION. 


Now, just as Mercury turns around he runs into Venus - ruler of the North Node (our way forward), women, money, our resources, love, relationships, our values, beauty and self-esteem - who, remember, made the same moves Mercury is making this year, last year. This can bring us face-to-face with WHAT WE USED TO WANT. This is important and Mercury/Venus won't be this close again until late July when Mercury catches up to Venus in Leo. And, Mercury has just been in a sextile with Neptune/Juno, so we have been seeing the cracks in our relationship foundations. The ways our relationships are not as stable as they once were or the ways they don't contribute to our stability/what has dissolved. Now, we have Mercury stationing at this First Quarter Moon as he/she catches up with Venus and asks us 'what is worth fighting for here?' And, probably also how are we asking a partner to do what we need to do for ourselves.


After meeting Mercury, Venus will meet Pluto, so there is something here about power imbalances, too. Partnerships are not what they once were. They truly can't be. Because everything that is part of our foundation/what we once depended on (the patriarchy isn't just about old white men in suits!) HAS CRACKS. It must have cracks, at the very least, because we are pushing against it like plants that break through cement sidewalks, in order to grow/change/SURVIVE.


As Mercury stations retrograde, the Pisces Moon reaches 29 degrees - the final degree of the zodiac. 29 degrees is technically 30 degrees. The end of the line. There's nowhere else to go. When a planet reaches 29 degrees we often feel a need to take action/feel like this is our 'last chance' and even if in some ways it is, it is still important to take a deep breath now, because it is not a time for big action with all this retrograde energy. So, the 29 degrees is echoing the retrograde warning. Because when planets reach 29 degrees, and especially if we have been going back and forth over something, we tend to jump into a decision that isn't such a great idea. 29 degrees Pisces is the home of fixed star Scheat. Scheat is the yellow star on the leg of the horse in the Pegasus constellation and is said to have the nature of Mars and Mercury and give much ambition and poor judgement, so again, it is a gift to us to take our time with decisions now.


With Mercury and Mars both retrograde until the 12th (Mars) and 18th (Mercury) of January, now is the time to do the internal work. We RETRACT. We REFLECT. We RECONSIDER. We REDEFINE. We REVISE. We RENOVATE. If we try to just plow ahead now we will almost certainly meet additional obstacles/find ourselves having to REPEAT our steps. 

And, yes, I know we are already repeating our steps!


Use this time/the delays to figure out what is and isn't working. Make plans. Keep moving forward. But, don't commit to something too strongly right now, because so much is subject to change, maybe most especially our thinking. Notice what comes to your attention/notice what you give your attention to. Choose your words carefully. We are charting our course, but our plans are incomplete and need more time/more information.


By the time we get to the New Moon in Aquarius on January 21st (and maybe even more strongly with the Full Moon in Leo on February 5th) it will be all systems GO and we will be ready for the moves we will be making. We won't need to be pushed or prodded into action. We will be ready.


xo all


(if you MUST make decisions now, go ahead and make them, Mercury is in sober and logical Capricorn, just know some things will be subject to revisions and re-dos and give yourself some wiggle room with time-frames, etc, if possible)


photo by the amazing Natalie Ciobanu

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