the astrology of january 2023 | a quick look ahead!

I am going to do an overview of 2023 post, but thought we could benefit first by looking at some of January's important transits and aspects. We have a couple more weeks to catch our breath/start getting our ducks in a row before the middle/third week of January's strong push FORWARD.

Here are some of January's big dates!

JANUARY 1 - Venus meets Pluto in Capricorn. We talked about this in the weekly HERE for Saturday/Sunday. Venus/Pluto brings passion, a desire for intimacy, issues around shared monies. New Year's Resolutions set now will likely be more intense, rise from an older/deeper place. Relationship power dynamics, financial power dynamics come up to be seen/felt. Situations, especially involving relationships and resources can feel like "life and death". Because Pluto rules the depths we are not always consciously in touch with, alot of what comes up can stem from our insecurities/fears, so unless you are feeling particularly powered up by this energy, and some people will be, I would give this transit a little space before setting your New Year intentions. Very powerful emotions can come up with this and take you far, but you want to make sure what you are wanting now makes sense/cents (that Taurus North Node answering to Venus) and isn't coming from what you are afraid of losing/not having. And Venus will be in Aquarius in just a few hours and on a direct path to sober Saturn. Venus/Pluto is powerful energy, can be dangerous and see us dealing with obsessions, jealousy, manipulations - be careful how you are using your magic. Commitments made now will be STICKY.

JANUARY 2 - Venus enters Aquarius allowing us a little distance/detachment from those Plutonian desires and Saturnian rules. Aqua Suns and risings become more attractive, both easier on the eye and easier to attract what they are wanting. All of us are doing our attracting by being authentic now, not hiding our differences. We are more desirous of freedom, become more interdependent/tolerant of other people's quirks and differences. Our relationship with our natal Venus and our Aqua house will influence this, but subconsciously at least, most will feel a kind of 'relief' (this will likely be a bit more uncomfortable for Venus in Cappy people, maybe Venus in the other earth signs, too) as Venus disentangles us a bit from what is required of us to be acceptable. Maybe we start to notice things we would have otherwise missed. The strange and unusual will catch our eye now, will seem more authentic - whether this is true or not. We will be attracted to things/situations and people that are different. Ruled by unpredictable Uranus, Aquarius is a space that is hard to forecast. We step outside the rules (Uranus is outside the bounds of Saturn and the 'taming' he has had the last couple years through squares to Saturn are quickly fading). Our outcomes become less predictable, too. A fly in the ointment here is getting a bit too detached as we apply a wider perspective. Aqua can love 'people' more than that person lying on the next pillow - something to keep in mind. The polarity sign of Leo, we don't want to lose touch with our heart - this "losing our heart" thing, will be a HUGE issue as we move through the Age of Aquarius.

JANUARY 6 - Full Moon in Cancer (17 degrees). This is Luna's home sign so always mega-important. I will, of course, write a BIG post. Cancer naturally rules home, family, mother, mothering, our roots, home business, family business, safety, security. The Moon will be conjunct Pallas - our strategic warrior energy. She will square Chiron (working with very old wounds), sextile Uranus (opportunities for change) and be making an exact trine with Vesta (our focus naturally turning to what matters most). This is a very powerful time for breakthroughs and new doors to open as the Sun trines Uranus and the Moon sextiles. NOTE - we will still have alot of retrograde energy at this point, so we are FEELING the changes and allowed to sit with them a bit. Uranus retrograde here (as well as Mercury and Mars) could also indicate we are going backward to feel more safe/secure/rooted, maybe revolutionizing something from the past. 

JANUARY 7 - Sun conjuncts Mercury retrograde - so here is the mid-point of the Mercury retrograde cycle and coming with the Full Moon will really allow us to feel, as well as see/communicate - what this Mercury retrograde cycle has been about for us. Something is illuminated. What have we learned? Mercury is in Capricorn, also energy that deals with safety/security - but now instead of home/family this is about how we show up in the world - our careers, reputations, goals, ambitions. The Cancer/Capricorn polarity is very strong now. Whatever we have been going back and forth over, well now, here is our answer. NOTE - the retrograde energies continue, so this is more about NOTICING what we are seeing/hearing/feeling/talking and thinking about and the insights that arise now - than it is about taking any direct action.

JANUARY 9 - Venus in Aquarius trines retrograde Mars in Gemini - excellent energy for communication, the girls and the boys working together, feminine/masculine mental mergers, creative writing, thinking new thoughts, things falling into place.

JANUARY 12 - Mars stations direct in Gemini!!! He will take some time to get up to speed, but things that got stuck/delayed around the end of October will start to move forward now. Whatever came to light/culminated/peaked around early December's Gemini Full Moon will be relevant now, too. Mars will move through Gemini one more time, his third time over these same degrees, until March, so now we start taking the action his retrograde has allowed us to be 'older and wiser' before taking. Keep in mind, he is still answering to a retrograde Mercury. Mars station direct will be particularly beneficial to stalled and tired Aries and Scorpios (especially the risings who have had their ruling planet retrograde since the end of October) as well as the mutable signs who have been having the challenging conjunctions, squares and oppositions - Gemini, Virgo and Sagittarius (you are in the final pass of this now guys). Our Libra and Aquarian planets will benefit from the smooth trines if we have done our "re's" while Mars was retrograde. Once Mars gets up to speed it will be easier to get projects moving and motivate ourselves. 

JANUARY 18 - Mercury stations direct in Capricorn. This is also the day the Sun meets Pluto - so important things will be happening. Deep insights are possible. Secrets will come out. Over the next few days as Mercury gets up to speed we will be catching up on all the delayed communications, specifics we missed, whatever has gotten bogged down, etc. Minds, conversations, siblings and local community issues, work situations, etc, can change direction now.

JANUARY 20 - Sun enters Aquarius. Now we are all burning Aquarius fuel - will feel better/get more accomplished when we can detach ourselves a bit from the outcomes, work on goals that bring us into connection with other people. This is about interdependence - being who we authentically ARE and offering that to the world in some way. Lean into the future and what is NEW. Seek out wins-wins and opportunities to pull someone else up/level the playing field. During Aquarius season it is time to 'save the drama for your mama' and, actually, she won't want to hear it either. Again, the Aqua shadow is losing our heart, falling into group think, getting de-sensitized. Also, keep in mind the Sun in Aquarius will be on his way to his annual meeting with Saturn - report card time (February 16th). 

JANUARY 21 - New Moon in Aquarius at 1 degree. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT - the space of where Jupiter met Saturn at the end of 2021 and started the world up again. As this Moon waxes - and after Uranus stations direct tomorrow - here is our GO, green light. We can't sit on our ass until this point, of course, but now we will have all the planets direct, are in a waxing New Moon phase and the Moon's final aspect will be a conjunction with benevolent Venus. This feels like another important milestone in the Age of Aquarius and precedes Pluto's (temporary sneak peek) move into Aqua in March. 

JANUARY 22 - Uranus stations direct, Venus meets Saturn, Mercury trines the North Node, Chinese Year of Water Rabbit begins - another powerful day in this powerful time of the month! This is lightning strike/earthquake energy. Uranus pulls the future into the present, offers us a flash of insight, breakdowns to breakthroughs, freedom/liberation. Venus meets Saturn tightening our belts, growing us up. Cosmic bills come due. This might not feel good, but happening as Uranus stations, something here is needed for our future. Note, Uranus in Taurus is answering to Venus sitting with Saturn, so something here is SOBER, serious, speaks of the need for big girl/boy pants on. Mercury in Cappy trining that North Node in Taurus speaks of words, conversations, ideas, that pull us into the future. An important time of the month/year as the energy of billions of people celebrate the beginning of the Year of the Water Rabbit (first time since 1963). I would expect crypto to be in the news/under the microscope. Financial shake-ups and reality checks  are likely. 

JANUARY 26 - Venus enters Pisces, the sign of her exaltation, making Pisces Suns and rising more attractive - both easier on the eye and easier to attract what they are wanting - and all of us more attractive to our DREAMS. We are most attractive working WITH Pisces energy - our ability to show compassion, create beauty, honor feelings, stay emotionally open, use our imaginations. In Aquarius it was our differences that attracted people and situations to us, in Pisces it is our ability to believe and honor our commonality. 


JANUARY 29 - Sun trines Mars, Mercury trines Uranus - after the Sun's square to the North Node yesterday - tension/frustration that requires a change of direction - now, after making the change, dealing with the obstacle, etc, something is falling into place. These trines are Aquarius/Gemini (air) and Cappy/Taurus (earth) - our ideas, communications, conversations taking physical form. Forward-leaning/liberating/light words producing tangible results OVER TIME. 

There are about a gazillion more aspects in January, but this is some of this biggies. I hope having a little longer range view at this time is helpful.

Back with the Mercury retrograde post!

xo all

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