Today's Astrology Forecast | September 16, 2019 - power struggles, twists and turns, words that wound, thinking about what we are thinking about, a powerful focus, practical action, another brick goes into the wall - no, not that wall, the sun will come out tomorrow

The Moon in fiery and independent Aries trined big-picture Jupiter while we slept (jumping out of bed and GOING is a real possibility) and goes void off a square with transformative Pluto at 12:03PM EDT.  

Power struggles. No soft edges. Maybe our career/goals/responsibilities are at odds with what we personally need to do now. Something new is blocked. Try to avoid direct confrontations.

(if you need a pow-wow with the big cheese or the best energies to step into your own big-cheesiness Thursday morning would be a better time)

Another long void Moon means this is not the best day to start anything brand new (get things done early). Expect twists and turns and do-overs with new actions. Practiced routine is best. Time gets stretchy.

Mercury (in Libra now) opposes a retrograde Chiron in Aries. Words and information can be painful and trigger other/older woundings. Passive/aggressive communications. Keep in mind that thoughts are things and proceed through the day accordingly. Mercury in Libra wants balance and diplomacy, but Chiron in "go-it-alone" Aries, will be triggered by anything that impinges on "me". It might feel like no one is helping us. Probably because they aren't. Whah!

Not a good day for diplomacy, so solo work is probably favored. 

Mars is still traveling with the Sun giving us a powerful focus and the energy to get things done in a step-by-step, one thing after another, practical manner.

The Moon will move into her exalted position in comfortable Taurus tomorrow with MANY positive aspects!

So, get through today. Plan light if possible. Keep your focus. Keep moving forward.

xo all

more in the weekly HERE

photo by the amazing Natalia Drepina

Astrology Forecast for Creatives | Week of September 16th - daddy's home, the delays are over, courage and ambition, not a week to bet the farm, challenging conversations and news

Another BIG week - we have a major repeating aspect and Saturn stationing direct!

TUESDAY/WEDNESDAY - Mercury and then Venus (both in Libra now) oppose Chiron in Aries
THURSDAY - Saturn stations direct at 14 degrees Capricorn
SATURDAY - Jupiter squares Neptune (third of three times this year)
SUNDAY - Mercury squares Saturn (and the North and South Nodes)

On TUESDAY and WEDNESDAY - Mercury and then Venus will oppose Chiron in Aries. Relationship are challenging as old and deep wounds are triggered by words and information. Diplomacy/cooperation will be difficult. Conversations painful. No matter how hard we try we almost can't say the right thing. And keep in mind as other people's words trigger old wounds buried deep inside us, they can't say the right thing either!

On THURSDAY - Saturn stations direct at 14 degrees Capricorn.

Daddy's home. What have we done with the time (since April) he has been gone? We are held accountable now. Have we been responsible? Did we cut the grass and take out the trash? Rewards can come in for hard work. There can also be discipline for slacking off OR a bigger kick in the ass that points us (or our work) in a new direction.

Karmic endings could be triggered.

Old stories that have played themselves out and need to end, will.

Goals/career situations that have been in a kind of suspended animation will start to move FORWARD.

Unstable situations can stabilize. Saturn will be full steam ahead for the rest of his journey through his home sign. The delays are over.

For some, this will begin the most powerful career (or Cappy house theme) momentum in our LIFETIME. By mid-January ALL of our Saturn/Cappy story-lines will have experienced BIG changes.

At the same time we have Mars (in Virgo) trining a retrograde Pluto in Capricorn.

Courage. Confidence. Ambition. A strong will to succeed. Excellent energy to power our way through challenging tasks - one step at a time - still Mars in practical Virgo!

On SATURDAY - Jupiter (in Sagittarius) squares Neptune (in Pisces) for the third and final time.

We had this aspect in January and then again in June.

We talked about this in last week's Full Moon post HERE.

Neptune says let go, relax, have another drink, go back to sleep, to channel my inner Jersey girl "fugget about it". Jupiter says MORE, leap, "I'll have some of what's she's having".  

Squares are tension/stress - something is exaggerated. Too good to be true maybe or we take something too far. Overwhelming. Over-indulgent. Over-something.

Maybe our faith is tested now via a disappointment.

This is not a good time to be overly optimistic. Don't bet the farm. Don't lend money you want to ever see again. Avoid drugs/alcohol/gambling.

If one more thing (remember this is a repeating aspect so won't be something totally new) is going to hit us this week, this will be when it does.

After these guys begin to unwind more and more clarity and access to all the gold nuggets promised by Jupiter in Sagittarius will start to come in!

Since this is the third of three - clarity could come in now. Release.

On SUNDAY - Mercury (in Libra) moves into square with Saturn and the Nodes.

Serious conversations. Challenging information. Sobering news.

Possibly around work vs family (or our Cappy vs Cancer natal themes).

Mercury in Libra wants kind words and cooperation and for everybody to just get along and this won't be easy. There are rules, limits, boundaries. Responsibilities. Difficult conversations with authority. We've got air now, so let's think before we speak. Watch what we are agreeing/committing to now because we WILL be held accountable for it. Maybe we are not liking what we are hearing. Maybe the answer is no. Our thinking could be negative or depressive. With the Nodes of Fate triggered this normally fast and fleeting aspect gains greater importance, so pay attention.

We'll talk about all of this as we move through the week and factor in the very important lunar energies!

xo all

Heads up the Moon goes void around noon Monday EDT until Tuesday morning, so no sleeping in on Monday - get it done early!

photo by the talented quadratiges

Full Moon in Pisces | September 13th - 14th, 2019 - an ending, maybe a disappointment, living the serenity prayer, staying in our power, staying in our magic, letting go of what we can't control, cleaning up our mess, the big dissolve, letting go of the past, magic on steroids

The Pisces Moon at 21 degrees opposes the Virgo Sun at 12:33AM EDT (Friday night). At its moment of fullness the Moon goes void (seems appropriate for disappearing Pisces and with all these long voids we've been having) and doesn't get into Aries until 6:32PM EDT on Saturday night.

Let's unpack the chart!

The Moon is conjunct Pisces ruler Neptune. This alone is a pretty big deal. Uber sensitivity. On the one hand - mega-creativity, spirituality, compassion, intuition, imagination, solitude. On the other hand - mega-confusion, illusion, deception, grief, regret, exhaustion, illness - the end of the page/the chapter/the book.

The Pisces Moon is opposed by not only the Sun, but also Mars. She is squaring Jupiter and sextiling Pluto. Venus is conjunct Mercury. Mars is conjunct the Sun and opposing Black Moon Lilith. The Sun trines Pluto. Again, there is no air in the chart and very little fixed energy. It's all earth and water - mud pies, crumbling clay statues and dirty footprints on the new carpeting.

Pisces is the last and final sign - the place where the buck stops - Pisces energy knows this.

Pisces compassion shows patience, lends an ear or a shoulder without the need for recognition - without the need for thanks - knowing the service is its own reward. The work of Pisces is often invisible. It holds open doors and holds the spaces for others to be strong and courageous and confident. 

Pisces rules the 12th house of what is hidden and put away, the ways we self-sabotage because from our vantage point in our 1st house we can't see what's behind us/don't know what we don't know, illusions and delusions, escape, sacrifice, our addictions, our imagination, lack of boundaries, connection, compassion, charity, hospitals, prisons, the things we do last, the things we have forgotten, our distant pasts, our ancestors, water, sleep, illness, healing, spirituality ....

Every Full Moon brings energy to a "peak" - to a culmination point, to the space where we can no longer 'ignore' it - as if we have been holding our breath and now we have to noisily gasp for air or suffocate - to an ending or a release.  The Pisces Full Moon amplifies this and then her conjunction to Neptune - amplifies this even more. We see it. Then we see more. Then we see MORE.

The Sun/Mars can be angry/passionate/will want action and that square to Jupiter will push us to GO or to make something bigger. The big dog will attract a BIGGER dog.

Or maybe we are feeling totally overwhelmed with whatever is going on/whatever we have to do.

Now keep in mind Neptune/Moon is dissolving.



Leaps now, urged on by that Jupiter/Mars square, may not get us very far because Jupiter is on a crash course with his third and final Neptune Square

(on the other hand, and this is why we get two of them, believing in our dreams and taking action on them with optimism and courage may get us further than the chart would appear to indicate because although Jupiter is on his path toward dissolving Neptune, Neptune is on his own path to Saturn and STABILITY).

The Jupiter/Neptune square has been a repeating aspect we had in January and June - how does now connect back to then? What is coming to light now? What is coming to an end? Where is the truth here? This aspect (the final square) is exact on September 21st.

The Full Moon is building toward that final square. And keep in mind Jupiter is on his own journey toward Saturn and Pluto in 2020.

With both Mercury and Venus set to leave Virgo within hours of the Full Moon - here is yet another indication we are DONE with something. We have taken this thing as far as it can go. It is good enough. As fixed as it is going to get.

The shadow side of Jupiter (important player in this Full Moon and old ruler of Pisces) is when we don't appreciate our good luck. We start thinking the tide will always be in. That we have earned something we actually won.

If things are going very well now, take the time in this moment of FULLNESS to say a prayer of appreciation

(when Jupiter gets into Capricorn next year and that whole stellium shifts retrograde, some of our gains could turn into losses as the tide goes out, so savor what you have NOW and put something away for a rainy day).

The best thing about this Full Moon is her aspects to a retrograde Pluto - yes, I said PLUTO!

Death/transformation, truth yes, THAT Pluto. 

The Moon is sextile Pluto; the Sun is trine. The old stuff in the shadows is illuminated CLEARLY if we have the courage to look and feel.

These changes are happening RIGHT ON SCHEDULE. 

We are letting go of the past.

There is a certain flow to things. A truth. A bigger picture. An opportunity that comes later (we can't see it now with the Neptune square) - a need for change now/a need for us to see now (maybe be disappointed now) so later we can be more authentically powerful, more real, more planted/invested/merged somewhere else. 

Without this messy now, we get an even messier later or maybe the later is all screwed up. 

At this Full Moon we are charged with controlling what we can control - taking care of our responsibilities, cleaning up our mess, eliminating what we don't need. Then we let go of the rest - it's out of our hands. Maybe the biggest lesson of Virgo is when "it's not our job".

Of course, we can't just pray this work away or escape into lala-land, but there will be help from everything that has come before us. Our future is our past's future, too, and our past is helping us.

There are lots of shifts after this Full Moon as we start to move into balanced, social and just Libra.

The mental pressure will start to ease up almost IMMEDIATELY.

And we are going to need a REST.

Hopefully not the kind where we lay down in a big, old wooden box ;)

The last two weeks of the month look very different than the first two although they are obviously a continuation; a following based on our Virgo actions (or avoidances), but there will be air - we can decide/know/think on our feet.

With all the stress in this chart - there is also the very strong MAGIC and connection through the Pisces Moon cozied up to her ruler. Pray. Meditate. Get your body into some water. Cry. Sweat. That Jupiter square is challenging. Yes, things can go too far. But sometimes squares force things that need to happen to happen. We have to play the hand we're dealt. Or maybe in this case, the hand we've accumulated. Have faith. Optimism.

The Moon's story/energy continues during Saturday's void and we have both Mercury and Venus and finally the Moon cross the Aries point (world axis) giving spark to a fresh beginning. It's a brand new day although with that Pisces Full Moon one that might favor sleeping in!

xo all

take some extra Vitamin C or whatever you do when 'air' season (head colds) kicks off on Saturday and get out and walk in this Full Moon - the Harvest Moon - whether it's been a bumper crop or a wash-out we only get one Harvest Moon every year, so let's appreciate it and where we are RIGHT NOW

Today's Astrology Forecast | September 12, 2019 - building toward tomorrow's Full Moon, thoughts are things now, stay positive, keep the faith, one step at a time, prioritize keeping things healthy

The Moon slips into spiritual and imaginative Pisces at 5:52AM EDT and we begin the build-up to tomorrow's Full Moon.

Her only aspect today is a sextile (opportunity) with a retrograde change-maker (surprise!) Uranus at 6:26PM EDT. She has a gazillion aspects tomorrow - so expect lots of movement.

With the Moon's progress from Aquarius (fixed air) to Pisces (mutable water) - we move from our heads to our intuition. From what we know (or think we do, Aquarians think they know everything right?!) to what we feel/seek.

Adding a mutable Moon to all this Virgo, we can expect things to be 'in flux'. Stuff is changing. We think things are going one way and then we need to be flexible because they might go somewhere else!

Mars (in practical Virgo) squares Jupiter (in optimistic Sagittarius).

So maybe we want to do this BIG thing, but we are mired in all these little tasks and DETAILS. Or maybe we are losing sight of the BIG thing because we are lost in the minutia that isn't so important. We could be dealing with tension/frustration over a Virgo situation - work, health, day-to-day activities, our pets. Mars, even in earthy Virgo, is always ready for a good FIGHT and Jupiter makes everything BIGGER than it needs to be. We can't see the forest for the trees.

Mars in Virgo MUST take care of the nitty gritty stuff. Jupiter in Sag asks us to have FAITH in something bigger.

With the square, trying to go too big (Jupiter's temptation) is probably not such a good idea right now. And remember Jupiter is squaring Neptune, so we don't know what we don't know, the goodies are HIDDEN. AND we are building toward a Pisces Full Moon which sometimes brings disappointment. 

On the other hand Mars/Jupiter provides energy and motivation (sometimes viewed as 'unlucky', but it's only unlucky if we make sudden, big moves. I have seen this aspect sometimes in charts of people on the autism spectrum .. you have to look for work-arounds for this bottleneck of energy).

Our work-around today is Venus and Mercury (on their way out of Virgo in just a couple days and Venus will be in her home sign of LIBRA) are trining Vesta (in Taurus) at 27 degrees.

So, here is what we do with the Mars/Jupiter bottleneck that urges us to DO SOMETHING.

Vesta speaks of what we hold sacred/what we give our time and attention to.

In Taurus, this will be about our natal Taurus house theme or the collective Taurus themes of money, our resources, our income, our values and self-esteem.

Venus rules Taurus amping up the trine and Mercury rules Virgo (both are still in Virgo) making our practical and grounded WORDS/THOUGHTS powerful manifesting agents.

We are deciding what we want - we need to be willing to give this thing we want our TIME AND ATTENTION AND RESOURCES.

We are making a sensible plan. We are taking practical action.

We use the Venus trine to attract what we need - she is in Virgo, so we are attracting by prioritizing our health (our physical health, the health of our back account, the health of our relationships), prioritizing organization - keeping things neat and in order. Do what supports this now. Put down the donut. Balance your checkbook. Go for a walk.

We use the Mercury trine by being INTENTIONAL with our words. Say what you want. Say what you mean. Focus conversations on what you want/not what you don't want. Think about what you are thinking about. Pull your thoughts back to what you want/what you have prioritized. Write this sh*t down.

Keep in mind Virgo/Taurus (all earth) manifesting is grounded.

Stuff grows organically and over time like the stuff we would grow in the ground.

This doesn't mean we can set it and forget it.

Yes, life will provide the rain and the sun - we don't have to do EVERYTHING, but we still need to pull the weeds - eliminate the stuff coming between us and what we want - transplant if something grows too big for its container, etc. Stay focused on the stuff that matters to us - that's what Vesta does! Good advice for Virgo season when everything seems like something that needs fixing!

Hang in there if these days are stressful.

Decide/think/talk about what you want. Use tonight's Uranus sextile to shake things up a bit.

xo all

photo by the talented DarkGomo

Today's Astrology Forecast | September 11, 2019 - clearing our head, a monkey wrench, incorporating something else, smart moves we've made before, finishing up old responsibilities

The Aquarius Moon went void at 1:22 AM EDT off a sextile to Jupiter. She will be void (not talking to any other planets) until 5:52AM tomorrow when she moves into Pisces (we move from our head into our emotions, from detachment to connection).

In the meantime, we can use that closing Jupiter sextile to get alot done today - time gets stretchy - probably best to focus on what is finishing up, production, etc and NOT on starting anything brand new. Stay optimistic.

The unconnected Aquarius Moon - especially with the lack of air planets we have been experiencing - can be good energy to 'clear our head' or 'clear the air' - whatever this means to you.

The Moon will inconjunct (not an aspect considered with her Void status, but a powerful 'rock and a hard place' energy) the Virgo Sun at 18 degrees.

So, we have this practical AND powerful agenda going on (Virgo Sun), we are dotting our I's and crossing our T's, getting organized, fixing something up and NOW a monkey wrench (the Aquarius Moon) is thrown into the mix. Something new has to be taken into consideration. Maybe an Aquarius (or Uranian) person upsets the apple cart or a change needs to incorporated into our carefully orchestrated plans. Maybe we feel so detached from what we are doing we need to question why we are doing it.

At the same time Mars (following Mercury and Venus) now trines (brakes off) the South Node (past). Mars is in reasonable, one-step-at-a-time, quality over quantity Virgo - now he (as us) can be taking action in a Virgo manner maybe focused on finishing up old responsibilities and commitments (the South Node). 

Keep in mind we don't want to get too caught up in old stuff (stepping back into old commitments we have released, finished with) - hopefully the Aquarius Moon (although void, so not as powerful, but also uncorrupted) will give us just enough air (clear thinking) to be able to tell the difference.

We can also use Mars trine the South Node to take action based on what we have done before. Smart moves we have made in the past (not big leaps, but sensible behaviors/actions to get what we want) can benefit us now.

I hope something here is helpful - hopefully I can get the Full Moon (Friday) post up tonight. Keep in mind we want to be taking action now - we are beginning to move into Libra season at the end of this week - more challenging because we will start to move into squares with all the Capricorn energies over the next few weeks.

So, what we can get accomplished now - let's get on that.

xo all

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Today's Astrology Forecast | September 10, 2019 - something unexpected, a need for liberation, one step at a time, balancing work and rest, shifting cycles

The Aquarius Moon's only aspect today is a 5:57AM EDT square to co-ruler Uranus.

Hubs woke up from a nightmare.

I was cheating on him with a guy named John - which John? We know alot of Johns. 

"Jon Hamm?", I asked.
"You know. The guy from Mad Men?"
"What, NO!" (he says this a little too loudly, irritating me)

He thought his head would explode trying to remember.

(luckily, last I saw him, eyeing me suspiciously from the open front door on his way out of the house, his head was still attached to his neck)

Unpredictable emotions, feeling nurtured by something new. A yearning for freedom. With an all-day Void Moon yesterday and another one tomorrow (courtesy of so many planets bundled together now and if you feel all alone in whatever you have going on this is one of the reasons!) - if something needs to be launched or sent out into the world early this week and we need something to come of it - this would be the day.

Just keep in mind erratic Uranus's need to make even a straight line into something else. Maybe a smiley face, maybe a fire-breathing dragon, maybe even Jon Hamm.

The Sun opposes Neptune - we talked about this yesterday (and if you felt this yesterday, today should be more stable/decisive for you). Confusion. Something dissolves. Wet weather. A feeling of being all wet/washed up.

Know we are building toward next week's exact Jupiter/Neptune square AFTER which this long term, repeating transit will start to unwind. With elusive and foggy Neptune out of Jupiter's cross-hairs - the overwhelm dissolves, the treasure will be visible, justice can prevail, our good luck will stop disappearing! 

For now we have to contend with things being up in the air - we don't know what we don't know/can't see what we can't see. Things in the mirror are closer than they appear (so let's stop looking there!).

Focused action this week - that Mars/Saturn trine. We are doing the step by step thing focused on a long term strategy. Doing it right. Quality. Make it stable.

Don't sit around waiting for Neptune to move off Jupiter (for someone to get theirs, for you to get yours) - we have to take the action THIS WEEK to be in the right place when the fog lifts. This is Virgo season, so NOT about big, splashy moves just do the next practical, solid thing.

Mars is moving into square with Jupiter - more options, more to do, maybe more overwhelm. Mercury is FLYING through Virgo.

That Neptune opposition can be good energy for forgiveness work, healing, letting go of burdensome bullsh*t we collected through our own porous boundaries. Or at least a light is tossed on this stuff from outside influences.

Hold on very, very loosely.

Neptune/Sun is good energy to make art, dance, get some extra rest, meditate, pray. Just know if you take a break now those pesky details will still be there when you get back ... will probably be best to balance work and relaxation now.

After today (and some will feel this forward movement today) the Sun will be out of his opposition to Neptune and moving toward his smooth trine with powerful Pluto - HERE WE GO!!

When Saturn stations direct on the 18th the timelines diverge - that path in the woods we chose becomes irreversible - there is no turning back. We are probably past this point of no return already, but maybe not. We are either releasing an old cycle or stuck in the loop to repeat it. Multiple aspects indicate karmic turning points this month and next and into 2020.

Do we want to do this all over again?

Back with the Full Moon post - which will pull together this week's energies.

xo all

photo by the talented fly10

Today's Astrology Forecast | September 9, 2019 - the gentle melancholy of autumn, confusion, stay practical, get organized, follow the next step, play by the rules, modernize the old stuff, no big leaps today

The Cappy Moon is void throughout the entire workday today (EDT) and will move into humanitarian Aquarius at 5:25PM EDT focusing us on group goals, our causes, our Aquarius natal houses, the internet - for the next couple days.

After today, it might be easier to detach our emotions a bit from all the Virgo pressure to get things done. That void Moon makes today best for practiced processes, so we aren't doing something and then having to do it all over again when the Moon is direct. The void Moon is not a good time to start something brand new. Expect some twists and turns.

We talked about this week in the Monthly part II HERE.

There is alot of Mars this week - so a time of action, initiative, passion and also the potential for ANGER.

The next post will be the Full Moon in Pisces which will include alot of this week's energetics. There is the potential for this week to brings GOOD news, etc, but also for things to be 'too good to be true' or hopes to be too inflated. So we have to stay realistic this week. Keep moving forward. Expect to be busy. Take breaks when needed.

Mercury (communication, out thinking, information) makes some complicated aspects this morning that could indicate hurtful conversations/blocks that make us want to give up/turn around - again, we'll just keep moving forward. Measured steps. A void Moon in cold Capricorn could feel like there is no soft space to fall.

Please no looking backward (yes, there was some good stuff back there, but some not so good stuff we have been glossing over for TOO long) - just do the next thing. 

The Sun is opposite Neptune so things won't be clear right now. 

This can be confusing/disappointing. Someone could be lying to us. Something could look better/easier than it actually is. If we have been working too hard, we could get sick, so we can take a break. If we have been escaping too much - situations will smack us down and bring what needs to get done to our attention.

It's not the day for a big, crazy move with Sun/Neptune and a Void Moon, so chill a bit AND get things done/organized. Does this make sense? Is there anything useful here? It's not clear to me either. This day looks kind of draining, maybe sad, let's give ourselves and other people a break.

Offer compassion. Keep moving forward. Avoid that rear-view mirror. Mars is trining Saturn - so play by the rules. Work toward long term goals. Focus on the details. Do the new thing the way grandpa/grandma would have done it. Or the old thing in a new way.

xo all

I came back from a walk yesterday at our local reservoir, to find my car's right side rearview mirror smashed up - that, plus my cranky neck/shoulder/arm (also right side), is a strong indication to me I need to stop looking behind me (my favorite view lately- ugh!) ... and maybe I need to park in a less crowded lot. Which means a longer walk - something I know I should be prioritizing (that 'finding the time' thing) ..

photo by the talented Natalia Drepina

Today's Astrology Forecast | September 6, 2019 - empowerment, applying our efforts to something that will last, support from authority, sticking to the facts, avoiding overwhelm

There is alot going on today  Our Sag Moon goes into a LONG void starting at 12:03PM EDT (until Saturday morning) off a square to Venus (she also squared Neptune while slept). The Sun trines Saturn. Venus trines Pluto. Mercury squares Jupiter.

Venus trining Pluto is showing us the value of power. Money/women, merged resources/influence. A smooth transformation. What do you want? How much control? You might just get it, so be sure you really want it. Pluto doesn't play.

That square to our emotional and optimistic Moon makes for some tension/frustration though (even getting what we want might not feel so good) and reinforces Mercury's square to Jupiter -

we don't want to over-promise/exaggerate now.

With both planets strong and direct in their home signs we could feel overwhelmed.

It's Virgo season we are sticking to the facts/what we know. Let's not get all worked up because we can't see 100 steps ahead - with Mercury in Virgo, we are meant to be dealing with what we have on our plate RIGHT NOW. All this Virgo assures us this is more than enough!

The Virgo's Sun trine (brakes off) to a retrograde Saturn (authority, goals, karma) is a time when hard work/service to others can be rewarded. We get what we have earned. Here is support from authority (for that Virgo agenda). Structure. The ability to create something lasting. Mentorship.

Focus. Apply your efforts to something worth doing/having. Stay in the moment.

- xo all

photo by the amazing Natalia Drepina

The Astrology of September 2019 | part II - this is the way the patriarchy ends ...

Part 1 is HERE

A post about the first week of September is HERE.

Lots of Virgo energy these first couple weeks. Focus on the details. Make things smaller. Do a good job and then know when enough is enough. Take breaks as needed. Prioritize the stuff you care for everyday - your health, your work, your pets, your day-to-day schedule.

Do what is right in front of you. Then do the next, most practical thing.

OK, let's continue unpacking September.

Let's take a look at Mars during the second week - he is very active, covering the ground Venus and Mercury did before him (and do you think Mars likes following Venus and Mercury? No, I don't think so either!), so now we are taking action on what we LEARNED. We are BUSY.

Monday, SEPTEMBER 9th - Mars trines Saturn. Here is the young/new and the old working together. It's time to take action/use our energies toward (Mars) the stuff that is built over time/the stuff that lasts (Saturn). We take action - and remember Mars is in Virgo, so these actions are practical and focused, one thing follows the next thing - on our long term goals/ambitions. We apply ourselves to our work in the world/our career (the theme of your Capricorn natal house).

How are we spending our time?? Situations will conspire/transpire to show us what we are doing and not doing and how this is all working out for us.

On Wednesday, SEPTEMBER 11th, Mars will sextile the North Node - here's where the action focused on our future (maybe that home, family, mothering, home business, family business, real estate, foundational thingie) creates OPPORTUNITY.

But keep in mind the very next day, Thursday, SEPTEMBER 12th, Mars will square Jupiter - so we could take something too far/want to make something bigger than it needs to be with all this Virgo right now. We could feel OVERWHELMED. This square also tells us we need to have faith - we need to believe in ourselves and something bigger than ourselves and stay open to expanding possibilities.

Then on Saturday, SEPTEMBER 14th, Mars will oppose Neptune (remember, he is basically following Venus and Mercury's paths from this week) - this is kind of a low point. Maybe we are tired/discouraged. Here's where we need a break, so we don't get sick - not an escape into alcohol/you-tube, etc - but a BREATHER. Meditate. Pray. Make art or music. No sense pushing because it will be like pushing against the tide/trying to hold water in our hands. This is not a time to take a risk. Objects in the mirror are closer than they appear - we aren't seeing things clearly. You get the idea! We could work against our own self interests here. The highest use of this Neptune is a kind of surrender. This isn't exactly what we want, but this is where we are/what is happening. Acceptance. Grace.

So we are taking action in  support of our long term goals. The action is focused and practical. Opportunities to live more authentically/more caring/more rooted (that Cancer North Node) come from our stable, grounded actions/initiatives.

The flies in the soup (tired of talking about ointment - the word itself is kind of gross isn't it?) are the "taking things too far or too fast, not believing in ourselves, entrenched beliefs that aren't working, pessimism, regret, wanting too much, not believing things will be better/bigger when we are through this stuff - THEY WILL BE!!" or situations related to our natal Sag house theme, and the Neptunian haze - rose colored glasses, lies, delusions, detours to nowhere, escaping into addiction or discouragement. Maybe we want to take action/we feel driven to take action, but we aren't clear on what action to take! Best use of these Neptune oppositions is probably us surrendering to the reality of the situation. Raise the white flag.

Note - next week Mars will trine Pluto - focus, purpose, doing what needs to be done, stepping into our power. So, Mars (as us) is far from out!

Also on September 14th, Venus and Mercury move into Libra.

Finally we have some air! Take a breath (and some Vitamin C - it's head cold season).

Venus comes home to Libra on Saturday morning - a sign she rules. The planet Venus was named for the Roman Goddess of love and grace; named Aphrodite by the ancient Greeks.

This transit (until October 8th) makes Libra Suns and Risings, who are already naturally attractive, even more so - both physically attractive and more able to attract what they want/need.

Everyone's Libra house gets more attractive, too (what house was Libra in when you were born? what is the theme of that house? do you have any planets or points in Libra - Venus will be hitting them over the next few weeks).

We will be attracted to what we find 'beautiful'. We will be attracted to what we find 'just'. We will be attracted to what we find 'peaceful'. And these are the qualities people will find attractive in us and our work in the world.

These are the qualities we'll want to bring to the table (and yes, flowers that would be a good thing to bring to the table now, too) to attract whatever we are wanting to attract now, particularly in the area of life housing your natal Libra and within our relationships.

Get dressed. Comb your hair. Appearances matter. This might sound shallow, but Libra isn't shallow. This is more about caring for ourselves and for the people we come in contact with. Wanting things to be nice for everyone. This can be a bad thing when taken too far, so don't take it too far. Libra makes it look easy, but that's her talent. She is a cardinal sign charged with starting a new season - far from easy!

The potential for peace within our relationships increases as we move from critic (Virgo) to diplomat (Libra).

The potential for people pleasing increases, too. Balance is the key now. 

Making life too much about the other person is Libra's shadow side. It's easier, or I should say, lazier, to just give in to something to have "harmony" than to work out the win-wins. 

We need to honor ourselves as well as the other person. It's simple, but not easy. If we think balance is easy we should stand on one leg for a while! 

People with a more Aries nature - Libra's polarity sign - used to putting themselves first might need to do pretty much the opposite for awhile. 

Venus in Libra can offer our relationships a fresh start if we can let go of the petty grievances and nitpicking. Seeing the other person with new eyes really is possible here.

A couple hours before Venus - Mercury (communication, ideas, thinking, siblings, local neighborhood) moves into Libra (balance, fairness, diplomacy, passive-aggression, indecision, peace, art, beauty, women), too, where he/she will hang his hat until October 3rd.

Successful words are more tactful now - more focused on what the other person needs/wants. That splitting hairs and checking for typos Mercury did back in Virgo cedes way to saying it nicely. 

Our thinking could be more indecisive now. Not because Libra is wishy-washy so much as just able to see both sides of any situation. Libra's polarity sign Aries can make fast decisions because the energy can focus most easily on one point of view - their own. Ha! And because this is the way life seems to works we will often be faced with a decision at exactly the time all this energy makes decision-making hard - go figure.

Libra is the natural ruler of our 7th house of other people. Life gets more complicated after the 7th house. Do you have any planets in your 7th house or in Libra - these are the archetypes we usually set up our lives to have played out by other people - how's that working for ya'?

Libra wants everybody to be friends. Diplomacy, both in our personal lives and the larger collective, if actually attempted, can improve tense situations now. The gentle art of persuasion via a lighter touch can work, too. Mercury in Libra is a good listener because Libra actually cares about other people!

Words that make people feel loved and appreciated and beautiful will be the right words.

Our natal Libra house gets a visit from multi-tasking, inquisitive Mercury. So things in the area of our life naturally ruled by Libra get busy.

SATURDAY is also the time of our big Full Moon in Pisces - where we get to see what we have accomplished this year. And we get a REST, which we will have earned, so hang in there.

Mercury has a bunch of aspects the second week also and we will talk about that plus the Full Moon in Part III and more big-picture 2020.

Heads up - the third week of the month is kind of the big week with Saturn stationing direct and the Neptune/Jupiter square!

xo all

photo by the talented emptyredhead

Today's Astrology Forecast | September 5, 2019 - stick to the facts, think things through, making plans, making adjustments between the details and the big-picture, staying positive while keeping things real

Popping in to see where we are!

The Moon moved into Sagittarius this morning after that LONG, potentially uncomfortable, void in Scorpio yesterday/last night. In Sagittarius, the Moon wants to step out of her box; expand into foreign territory. She wants her (our) opinion heard. We are nurtured through optimism, big ideas, Sag themes - legal issues, politics, education, weddings, the media, publishing, our higher beliefs.

She will square Mars at 8:48PM EDT and square the Virgo Sun at 11:10PM EDT giving us this month's First Quarter Square - challenge/frustration/the need to adjust - around whatever we started at the New Moon last week.

At the same time Mercury (the ruler of Virgo and that Virgo Sun) is trining (brakes off) a serious and retrograde Saturn. There are limits. Rules. Our goals. Information. Conversations with authority go well - just don't overdo the Sag "know-it-all" energy, so ripe today. Talking about the details/whatever we are fixing moves us forward even as we are adjusting to any need to tone down Sag's big plans/over-optimism. Virgo/Capricorn will keep things REAL. Stick to the facts now. Talk/think GOALS. Give yourself time to think things through. Talk like a grown-up. Talk about what you know. Use the Sag Moon to expand that knowledge. Learn more. LISTEN.

Excellent day to take what we have been talking/think about and start to give it legs. The Moon is growing. So are your plans and actions. Just avoid Sag's preaching/taking something too far. The Sag Moon is going to meet enthusiastic Jupiter (Sag's ruler) at 3:19AM EDT. Mercury will be squaring Jupiter at the time. Our minds could be restless. Tension between the details and the big-picture. Write down your dreams.

With Black Moon Lilith (in Pisces) opposing that active and influential Mercury we could find ourselves embroiled in inflammatory perspectives - maybe 'outsider' information comes in. It could be our inner Lilith's voice seems to fall on deaf ears now - remember that trine to Saturn wants "just the facts jack". The angry feminine could be shut out.

Keep in mind all this Virgo is apt to be very stressful and taxing. Stay on top of things, but take a break when you can!

xo all

photo by the talented machihuahua

The Astrology of September 2019 | part 1 - this is the way the patriarchy ends

I need to take a blog break for a bit, so let's take a good, long look at September, with a 3-part post this week, before I go!

September is a HUGE month.

We have alot of Virgo energy for the first two weeks.

SMALL PICTURE - Virgo! We are, and have been, focused on the details of something (maybe on a health or work issue, maybe that Cancer real estate/home, home business/family business, mothering issue from Eclipse season, maybe on the Virgo house theme from our natal chart) - working hard, fixing, editing, being practical, grinding away at something. 

BIG PICTURE - Saturn! Saturn has been retrograde in Capricorn since April 29th where he has been traveling near the South Node (what we are releasing, what's time has past, old commitments and responsibilities, old work, our ancestral inheritance) - slowing everything down. We talked about Saturn's retrograde this year HERE. He stationed at 20 degrees Capricorn and will have moved back to 13 degrees when he stations direct on September 18th (this is the space Pluto was traveling back in 2014, so there could be connections now to what was happening then, and in particular, what is culminating, showing a result or ENDING now).

We are being asked to RELEASE a commitment, a karmic obligation, a story from an ancestor's life or one of our own past lives.

AND we have to do this in a responsible way.

We are asked to take BACK the responsibility for our own energy.

A load is coming off our back, but some of us are so used to carrying a load that we are hanging onto it for dear life or we run right out and pile another load on to weigh ourselves down. Let's try not to commit to anything too quickly right now. Commitments made with Saturn on the South Node - because remember he is OPPOSING the North Node of our future - will be written in cement. There is right timing with this culmination point. Nothing could have happened any faster, any differently than it is happening/ending. This is HOW it was going to happen. No regrets. OK? Endings bring new beginnings, always.

Saturn on the South Node brings up this karma (you can't stay here any longer, you must come unstuck, you can't keep avoiding this) - focuses us HERE - says 'DIG!". The opposition to the North Node has meant we could not move forward until this hole was dug - this job done, this commitment lived up to, this responsibility seen through to the end, this sh*t ended.

This is the patriarchal crap we are all here to play a role in SHIFTING.

This is about us being in charge of our own lives! Old roles/responsibilities are ending.

Saturn is in his home sign of Capricorn. Once he stations direct in mid September (the 18th, but we will feel him slowing to station sooner than that), he will be full-steam-ahead on his journey to meet Pluto in January 2020. There won't be any stopping him.

So, any unfinished business in our life needs to be taken care of NOW.

The first two weeks of September.

When Saturn stations direct mid-month the chickens come home to roost. Responsibilities can get heavier. Limits are felt. Deals sealed. People put a ring on it. Karma. Cause and effect. This can as easily be reward as punishment. Respect for a job well done. The Capricorn situation shifts gears.

Until then there is alot of energy to move through.

By the time Saturn meets the South Node (for his third and FINAL time) on September 28th - this thing FINALLY WRAPS UP.

This is what we are working toward in September.

(Also a heads up we can look ahead to November 8th when we get Saturn's third and final trine to Neptune - this year's BEST repeating aspect. Making the dream real. The sacrifice to build something more solid and lasting. There is a final move to be made here. A hand still to be played ....)

This is all a step on the road through the ending of the Age of Pisces and the beginning of the Age of Aquarius - this is the way the patriarchy ends, folks ...

BIGGER PICTURE - We are living through the transition from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius - this is unlike any time in our history. We cannot sleep through these important times. We are awake and if it takes a smack in the face or a rock to our head to wake us up that is what we will get. As painful as it is, it is a privilege to be alive now.

We are the people who are living through the ending of the Abrahamic religions - the story of a male God - a messiah, a son of God/holy prophet that forms the idea that God is a man. This shifted the balance of power so that the female had no God. The religions separated us. The religions taught us to get to God we had to go through man, they told us who we were, they told us who we were "better than".

This story of separation is crumbling.

Slowly and rapidly. And it is reshaping our world. Everything is changing. The nature of the masculine and the feminine. Our relationships. Our nationalities. The planet. Everyone is participating in this transition from one form of life to another. We are entering a Galactic Community where the idea of an earth-centered God doesn't exist - where God is an organic force.

We are going to get there, but how we get there depends on what we do now. Some things that look/feel like they are stabilizing us are actually keeping us stuck/holding us back, so they are falling apart. We've built our house on sand simply by doing what generations of other people have done. By doing what we've done before (past lives/ancestral story). By buying into a hierarchical world that is dying. This is all shifting and it can be some scary sh*t because it is nothing we have experienced before and our bodies are made to crave what is familiar. Also because many of us have lived through cataclysm and those memories, stored deep in our cells and soul, are awakened now. This isn't easy. Life on planet Earth is not for sissies.

Here are the transits for September (and I have surely missed some!).

Look at the patterns.

The story of September is told through the patterns (and archetypes).

We'll unpack the rest of the month in Part II later in the week when we look at some of these:

SEPTEMBER 1st - Mercury trines Uranus, Venus trines Saturn
SEPTEMBER 2nd - Mars conjuncts the Sun, Venus squares Jupiter
SEPTEMBER 3rd - Mercury conjuncts the Sun and Mars, Venus sextiles North Node
SEPTEMBER 4th - Venus opposes Neptune
SEPTEMBER 5th - Mercury trines Saturn
 SEPTEMBER 6th - 1st Quarter Moon Sagittarius, Sun trines Saturn, Mercury squares Jupiter and sextiles the North Node, Venus trines Pluto
SEPTEMBER 7th - Mercury opposes Neptune
SEPTEMBER 8th - Sun squares Jupiter and sextiles the North Node, Mercury trines Pluto
SEPTEMBER 9th - Mars trines Saturn
SEPTEMBER 10th - Jupiter inconjunct the North Node, Sun opposes Neptune
SEPTEMBER 11th - Mars sextiles the North Node
SEPTEMBER 12th - Mars squares Jupiter
SEPTEMBER 13th - Mercury conjunct Venus, Sun trines Pluto
SEPTEMBER 14th - Full Moon in Pisces, Mercury and Venus enter Libra, Mars opposes Neptune
SEPTEMBER 16th - Mercury opposes Chiron
SEPTEMBER 17th - Venus opposes Chiron, Mercury inconjunct Uranus
SEPTEMBER 18th - Saturn stations direct
SEPTEMBER 19th - Mars trines Pluto, Venus inconjunct Uranus
SEPTEMBER 21st - Jupiter squares Neptune
SEPTEMBER 22nd - Last Quarter Moon in Gemini, Mercury squares Saturn and the North Node & South Node
SEPTEMBER 23rd - Sun enters Libra
SEPTEMBER 24th  - Mercury inconjunct Neptune, Mercury sextiles Jupiter
SEPTEMBER 25th - Venus squares Saturn and the North Node & South Node
SEPTEMBER 26th - Mercury squares Pluto, Sun opposes Chiron
SEPTEMBER 27th - Venus inconjunct Neptune
SEPTEMBER 28th - New Moon in Libra, Saturn conjuncts the South Node, Venus sextiles Jupiter
SEPTEMBER 29th - Sun inconjunct Uranus

We looked at the first week in the weekly HERE. We'll look at some of the rest next post, later in the week. No dailies this week - need to rest my neck/shoulder/arm/hand AND somehow pack up thousands of pounds of metal which sounds like two things very much in disagreement with each other, but are actually both the untangling of some very old and very rusty knots. Yikes!

My job, as the world shifts this month - what is your job?

xo all

photo by the amazing Sea-of-Ice

Astrology Forecast for Creatives | week of September 2, 2019 - purpose, motivation, taking action, being sober, being practical, big girl/boy pants on, avoid over-doing it, some confusion and need to escape, get the sh*t done, get enough sleep, believe in yourself and your future because it's reaching back right now and pulling us forward

Let's unpack this week (looks like three suitcases at least) - 

SUNDAY - Mercury trines Uranus. Venus trines Saturn
MONDAY - Venus squares Jupiter, Sun conjuncts Mars
TUESDAY - Mercury conjuncts Mars, Sun conjuncts Mercury, Venus trines the South Node
WEDNESDAY - Venus opposes Neptune
THURSDAY - Mercury trines Saturn
FRIDAY - Sun trines Saturn, Venus trines Pluto, Mercury trines the South Node, Mercury squares Jupiter
SATURDAY - Mercury opposes Neptune
SUNDAY - Sun trines the South Node, Mercury trines Pluto, Sun squares Jupiter

This can't be right, can it? WWHHHAATTT?!

Remember in the New Moon post HERE we talked about how the Virgo planets (Mercury, the Sun, Venus and Mars) are going to do - this week and next - what the Moon did last Friday PLUS interact with each other!

So this is busy. This could feel overwhelming.

But we will be motivated and can get a heck of alot done.

The Virgo planets are trining Saturn (stability, sobriety, being responsible), squaring Jupiter (tension/frustration around expansion, overwhelm), trining the South Node (endings, wrap ups, results, what we have to do) opposing Neptune (confusion, rose-colored glasses, needing a rest) and trining Pluto (truth, power, our own authority or interactions with authority, intensity, intimacy, acting on our ambitions).

The reality of 2020 is setting in now folks, if it hadn't already. Can you feel it?

There is no point in writing a day-to-day here in the weekly because I would be saying the same things over and over just in slightly different ways (plus my body hurts, so I need to be concise and quick on the keyboard!). 

We are going to be in and out of a T-Square between the Virgo planets, Neptune in Pisces and Jupiter in Sagittarius for the next couple weeks.

With Jupiter at the apex, we are going to have to watch out for taking on too much, over-spending, over-counting on something, expanding too much, allowing ourselves to be pushed further than we want to go, over-promising, betting the farm, saying too much, basically being over-the top.

BUT with Jupiter at the apex (who better to have at the apex!), strong in his home sign and DIRECT - there are NEW opportunities here. We have to have faith, in ourselves and in something bigger than ourselves. We have to expand our reach and get out of our own way. We have to embrace what is foreign to us. We gotta believe!

All this Virgo will focus us in on a specific problem/situation. We will have the energy/motivation to take practical action to move things forward or fix what needs fixing. Don't ignore health matters now. No cutting corners. No more waiting.

Opportunities come in now. Some things fall into place. Yes, there will be times we are overwhelmed and have to take a deep breath and even a break now and then. The trines to Saturn keep things serious - our money, our relationships, our words - we need to be sober and wearing our big girl/boy pants.

The oppositions to Neptune create some confusion, things are hidden, we don't know what we don't know. Avoid jumping to conclusions or into things that seem too good to be true.

The trines to the South Node speak of karmic endings/releases. The things that are no longer working. Results can come in. The stuff we have been procrastinating will be biting us in the ass. Good thing we have been drinking these double chocolate chip frappuccinos and have some extra padding. We are strong, We were born to do this. We keep going. 

Every time things start moving too smoothly there will be a wrench tossed in the works. Every time things start looking too 'blue skies' a storm cloud will roll in. BUT every time we want to give up we will get a second wind or some encouragement or whatever it is we need to keep going.

The inner planets are going to roll through this pattern and it will be hard to separate one from the other. We won't need to. In general (you have to look at your natal chart for themes) with collective themes - we zero in a health or work problem. We will want to fix it/talk about it/take action on it/ clear things up. There could also be connections to the Cancer stuff we have been dealing with - home, family, mother, home business, family business, real estate. Stuff can feel bigger than it actually is (and yes, it can be pretty big for some people) or solutions/pending results can look easier/better than they actually are or will be. Don't over-do anything. Watch your Benjamins. Watch your language, especially around what you are committing to. Have faith. Know things are improving. Look for the opportunities. Stay positive. Some things will be hidden - we don't know what we don't know. Old work issues or results or issues with authority come up. Our stability/security comes through what we know/what we've already done or accomplished. We could be wrapping something up/ending something. There will be chances to take breathers and pit stops - take them. Our future is over there and over there looks pretty freakin' awesome and you might not be able to see this yet, but trust me it is.

If we are doing the shadow side of Virgo/Pisces we will be screwing this up by - criticism of ourselves and other people, nothing is good enough, trying to fix what can't be fixed, service to the point of exhaustion, too restrictive a diet, health obsession, enabling, playing a victim/martyr, escaping into drugs/alcohol/Netflix marathons. Check yourself on this stuff. Just stop. Do a little better.

If we are feeling too much Virgo - need to get something perfect, too much doing/helping/service, critical, exhausted  - we need to move toward Virgo's polarity sign of Pisces - take a breath, make some art, dance, listen to music, meditate, pray. If all this Virgo has us zoning out and moving too much toward Pisces, we will need to pull ourselves back to the Virgo - make something smaller, focus on the details, make a list, grow a backbone, do what is right in front of us, wash the dishes, skip the cake and eat the f'ng salad.

Do your job. Play your part. This can be a really productive week. We've got this thing. Things that we haven't been able to rush, because this is all a process with billions and billions of moving parts, will start to unfold.

xo all

Heads up all these planets bundled together means another week of long void moons, so stay flexible when things get wonky and have to be re-done (!) - MONDAY Moon is void from 4:30AM EDT to 7:35PM EDT, WEDNESDAY Moon is void 6:58AM to 11:08PM and Friday from around noon EDT through SATURDAY morning.

photo by the amazing ankazhuravleva