Today's Astrology Forecast | September 30, 2019 - nurtured by getting to the bottom of things, the power in our core, intense emotions, taking the time to appreciate the darkness

The Moon dives into Scorpio at 5:42AM EDT - we are nurtured through intense and sometimes uncomfortable emotions, mysteries, getting to the bottom of things, truth, therapy, puzzles, research, focus, intimacy.

Our focus turns to Scorpian/Plutonian themes - third party situations, other people's money, spouse's income, inheritance, taxes, finances, sex, reproduction, death/birth, power, control, manipulations, jealousy, compulsions.

AND with Mercury moving into Scorpio on Thursday as Pluto (ruler of Scorpio) stations direct - this is pretty much (toss in Libra themes of relationships, balance, justice, women and beauty) a to-do list of the week.

The Moon will oppose a retrograde Uranus at 2:55PM EDT. Shake ups in our Taurus house - money, our values, self-esteem and resources. The Scorpio/Taurus polarity of ours vs mine, maybe - or our ambitions vs what we really value. The Sun is in Libra - think cooperation, diplomacy, creating win-wins.

With Uranus retrograde any surprising situation/news, etc, isn't really totally new or totally unexpected, no matter what we tell ourselves (or other people) about how shocked we are. Good energy to try something new and break out of a rut or dark mood.

Pallas (in, you guessed it, Scorpio) is trining (brakes off) the North Node in Cancer. There are strategies for moving ahead available, into our most nurturing and comfortable future, if we are willing to go deep and be honest with ourselves.

New answers to very old problems. New, smart strategies.

It's dark outside.

Scorpio dark, which is pretty freaking dark.

This can be our stumbling block - we can't see clearly the emerging and amazing new life that is being born - or this can be the time we plant seeds that grow deep roots. Lots of amazing things happen in the dark - an entirely new world springs to life and if we aren't afraid to move through our days without light - we can be empowered in new and mysterious ways by being part of this transformation this week.

Scorpio rules our 8th house; our shadows. The things we don't speak of in polite (Libra) conversations. With Mercury in Libra it will be hard to make important decisions (so wait a couple days if you can, this will get easier every day) as we will tend to overthink both sides. And win-wins are complicated. Scorpio can help. Scorpio can put us, through our shadows, in touch with our authentic power - the stuff that is only strengthened when shared/merged.

We are moving through a world with too much information. It is overwhelming our nervous systems and we can't tell truth from bullshit or magic from babble. We are moving toward a world where no one else will have the answers for us. Maybe we have always lived in this world, but are just asking deeper questions now or maybe the world has evolved along with us.

This very Plutonian week is not a time to give our power away. We don't have to wait until we know what we're doing to know what we're doing when we are moving through life from our center. It doesn't give us permission to just power through and be a total asshole though.

Plutonian changes can bring up alot of fear/emotional attachment. Know this and take care of yourself. Hang on loosely. Don't be afraid to look under the covers/under the hood/into the dark spaces, but don't be an idiot by blindly, and maybe dangerously, crashing about either. Saturn is still barely moving - take your time.

It's Libra season - strive for balance. And if we achieve this 10% of the time we are probably doing something right.

xo all

photo by the amazing thefirebomb

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