Astrology Forecast for Creatives | week of September 2, 2019 - purpose, motivation, taking action, being sober, being practical, big girl/boy pants on, avoid over-doing it, some confusion and need to escape, get the sh*t done, get enough sleep, believe in yourself and your future because it's reaching back right now and pulling us forward

Let's unpack this week (looks like three suitcases at least) - 

SUNDAY - Mercury trines Uranus. Venus trines Saturn
MONDAY - Venus squares Jupiter, Sun conjuncts Mars
TUESDAY - Mercury conjuncts Mars, Sun conjuncts Mercury, Venus trines the South Node
WEDNESDAY - Venus opposes Neptune
THURSDAY - Mercury trines Saturn
FRIDAY - Sun trines Saturn, Venus trines Pluto, Mercury trines the South Node, Mercury squares Jupiter
SATURDAY - Mercury opposes Neptune
SUNDAY - Sun trines the South Node, Mercury trines Pluto, Sun squares Jupiter

This can't be right, can it? WWHHHAATTT?!

Remember in the New Moon post HERE we talked about how the Virgo planets (Mercury, the Sun, Venus and Mars) are going to do - this week and next - what the Moon did last Friday PLUS interact with each other!

So this is busy. This could feel overwhelming.

But we will be motivated and can get a heck of alot done.

The Virgo planets are trining Saturn (stability, sobriety, being responsible), squaring Jupiter (tension/frustration around expansion, overwhelm), trining the South Node (endings, wrap ups, results, what we have to do) opposing Neptune (confusion, rose-colored glasses, needing a rest) and trining Pluto (truth, power, our own authority or interactions with authority, intensity, intimacy, acting on our ambitions).

The reality of 2020 is setting in now folks, if it hadn't already. Can you feel it?

There is no point in writing a day-to-day here in the weekly because I would be saying the same things over and over just in slightly different ways (plus my body hurts, so I need to be concise and quick on the keyboard!). 

We are going to be in and out of a T-Square between the Virgo planets, Neptune in Pisces and Jupiter in Sagittarius for the next couple weeks.

With Jupiter at the apex, we are going to have to watch out for taking on too much, over-spending, over-counting on something, expanding too much, allowing ourselves to be pushed further than we want to go, over-promising, betting the farm, saying too much, basically being over-the top.

BUT with Jupiter at the apex (who better to have at the apex!), strong in his home sign and DIRECT - there are NEW opportunities here. We have to have faith, in ourselves and in something bigger than ourselves. We have to expand our reach and get out of our own way. We have to embrace what is foreign to us. We gotta believe!

All this Virgo will focus us in on a specific problem/situation. We will have the energy/motivation to take practical action to move things forward or fix what needs fixing. Don't ignore health matters now. No cutting corners. No more waiting.

Opportunities come in now. Some things fall into place. Yes, there will be times we are overwhelmed and have to take a deep breath and even a break now and then. The trines to Saturn keep things serious - our money, our relationships, our words - we need to be sober and wearing our big girl/boy pants.

The oppositions to Neptune create some confusion, things are hidden, we don't know what we don't know. Avoid jumping to conclusions or into things that seem too good to be true.

The trines to the South Node speak of karmic endings/releases. The things that are no longer working. Results can come in. The stuff we have been procrastinating will be biting us in the ass. Good thing we have been drinking these double chocolate chip frappuccinos and have some extra padding. We are strong, We were born to do this. We keep going. 

Every time things start moving too smoothly there will be a wrench tossed in the works. Every time things start looking too 'blue skies' a storm cloud will roll in. BUT every time we want to give up we will get a second wind or some encouragement or whatever it is we need to keep going.

The inner planets are going to roll through this pattern and it will be hard to separate one from the other. We won't need to. In general (you have to look at your natal chart for themes) with collective themes - we zero in a health or work problem. We will want to fix it/talk about it/take action on it/ clear things up. There could also be connections to the Cancer stuff we have been dealing with - home, family, mother, home business, family business, real estate. Stuff can feel bigger than it actually is (and yes, it can be pretty big for some people) or solutions/pending results can look easier/better than they actually are or will be. Don't over-do anything. Watch your Benjamins. Watch your language, especially around what you are committing to. Have faith. Know things are improving. Look for the opportunities. Stay positive. Some things will be hidden - we don't know what we don't know. Old work issues or results or issues with authority come up. Our stability/security comes through what we know/what we've already done or accomplished. We could be wrapping something up/ending something. There will be chances to take breathers and pit stops - take them. Our future is over there and over there looks pretty freakin' awesome and you might not be able to see this yet, but trust me it is.

If we are doing the shadow side of Virgo/Pisces we will be screwing this up by - criticism of ourselves and other people, nothing is good enough, trying to fix what can't be fixed, service to the point of exhaustion, too restrictive a diet, health obsession, enabling, playing a victim/martyr, escaping into drugs/alcohol/Netflix marathons. Check yourself on this stuff. Just stop. Do a little better.

If we are feeling too much Virgo - need to get something perfect, too much doing/helping/service, critical, exhausted  - we need to move toward Virgo's polarity sign of Pisces - take a breath, make some art, dance, listen to music, meditate, pray. If all this Virgo has us zoning out and moving too much toward Pisces, we will need to pull ourselves back to the Virgo - make something smaller, focus on the details, make a list, grow a backbone, do what is right in front of us, wash the dishes, skip the cake and eat the f'ng salad.

Do your job. Play your part. This can be a really productive week. We've got this thing. Things that we haven't been able to rush, because this is all a process with billions and billions of moving parts, will start to unfold.

xo all

Heads up all these planets bundled together means another week of long void moons, so stay flexible when things get wonky and have to be re-done (!) - MONDAY Moon is void from 4:30AM EDT to 7:35PM EDT, WEDNESDAY Moon is void 6:58AM to 11:08PM and Friday from around noon EDT through SATURDAY morning.

photo by the amazing ankazhuravleva

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