Today's Astrology Forecast | September 12, 2019 - building toward tomorrow's Full Moon, thoughts are things now, stay positive, keep the faith, one step at a time, prioritize keeping things healthy

The Moon slips into spiritual and imaginative Pisces at 5:52AM EDT and we begin the build-up to tomorrow's Full Moon.

Her only aspect today is a sextile (opportunity) with a retrograde change-maker (surprise!) Uranus at 6:26PM EDT. She has a gazillion aspects tomorrow - so expect lots of movement.

With the Moon's progress from Aquarius (fixed air) to Pisces (mutable water) - we move from our heads to our intuition. From what we know (or think we do, Aquarians think they know everything right?!) to what we feel/seek.

Adding a mutable Moon to all this Virgo, we can expect things to be 'in flux'. Stuff is changing. We think things are going one way and then we need to be flexible because they might go somewhere else!

Mars (in practical Virgo) squares Jupiter (in optimistic Sagittarius).

So maybe we want to do this BIG thing, but we are mired in all these little tasks and DETAILS. Or maybe we are losing sight of the BIG thing because we are lost in the minutia that isn't so important. We could be dealing with tension/frustration over a Virgo situation - work, health, day-to-day activities, our pets. Mars, even in earthy Virgo, is always ready for a good FIGHT and Jupiter makes everything BIGGER than it needs to be. We can't see the forest for the trees.

Mars in Virgo MUST take care of the nitty gritty stuff. Jupiter in Sag asks us to have FAITH in something bigger.

With the square, trying to go too big (Jupiter's temptation) is probably not such a good idea right now. And remember Jupiter is squaring Neptune, so we don't know what we don't know, the goodies are HIDDEN. AND we are building toward a Pisces Full Moon which sometimes brings disappointment. 

On the other hand Mars/Jupiter provides energy and motivation (sometimes viewed as 'unlucky', but it's only unlucky if we make sudden, big moves. I have seen this aspect sometimes in charts of people on the autism spectrum .. you have to look for work-arounds for this bottleneck of energy).

Our work-around today is Venus and Mercury (on their way out of Virgo in just a couple days and Venus will be in her home sign of LIBRA) are trining Vesta (in Taurus) at 27 degrees.

So, here is what we do with the Mars/Jupiter bottleneck that urges us to DO SOMETHING.

Vesta speaks of what we hold sacred/what we give our time and attention to.

In Taurus, this will be about our natal Taurus house theme or the collective Taurus themes of money, our resources, our income, our values and self-esteem.

Venus rules Taurus amping up the trine and Mercury rules Virgo (both are still in Virgo) making our practical and grounded WORDS/THOUGHTS powerful manifesting agents.

We are deciding what we want - we need to be willing to give this thing we want our TIME AND ATTENTION AND RESOURCES.

We are making a sensible plan. We are taking practical action.

We use the Venus trine to attract what we need - she is in Virgo, so we are attracting by prioritizing our health (our physical health, the health of our back account, the health of our relationships), prioritizing organization - keeping things neat and in order. Do what supports this now. Put down the donut. Balance your checkbook. Go for a walk.

We use the Mercury trine by being INTENTIONAL with our words. Say what you want. Say what you mean. Focus conversations on what you want/not what you don't want. Think about what you are thinking about. Pull your thoughts back to what you want/what you have prioritized. Write this sh*t down.

Keep in mind Virgo/Taurus (all earth) manifesting is grounded.

Stuff grows organically and over time like the stuff we would grow in the ground.

This doesn't mean we can set it and forget it.

Yes, life will provide the rain and the sun - we don't have to do EVERYTHING, but we still need to pull the weeds - eliminate the stuff coming between us and what we want - transplant if something grows too big for its container, etc. Stay focused on the stuff that matters to us - that's what Vesta does! Good advice for Virgo season when everything seems like something that needs fixing!

Hang in there if these days are stressful.

Decide/think/talk about what you want. Use tonight's Uranus sextile to shake things up a bit.

xo all

photo by the talented DarkGomo

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