The Astrology of September 2019 - the week of September 23, 2019 | this is the way the patriarchy ends, part III - the reality of the situation, choices, changes, endings, new relationships

Just about got the monthly done before the month is over - ack!

Part I is HERE
Part II is HERE

Here are the major aspects left for the month as I write this. September being our last earth energy before we get to that Cappy pile-up in January - alot has happened and is happening this month for many people.

SEPTEMBER 21st - Jupiter squares Neptune
SEPTEMBER 22nd - Last Quarter Moon in Gemini, Mercury squares Saturn and the North Node & South Node
SEPTEMBER 23rd - Sun enters Libra | Equinox
SEPTEMBER 24th  - Mercury inconjunct Neptune, Mercury sextiles Jupiter
SEPTEMBER 25th - Venus squares Saturn and the North Node & South Node
SEPTEMBER 26th - Mercury squares Pluto, Sun opposes Chiron
SEPTEMBER 27th - Venus inconjunct Neptune
SEPTEMBER 28th - New Moon in Libra, Saturn conjuncts the South Node, Venus sextiles Jupiter
SEPTEMBER 29th - Sun inconjunct Uranus

Looks kind of stressy.

Let's back up and think about Saturn's station direct (on the South Node) just a couple days ago when the Moon was in Pisces.


Reality bites.

Maybe we were disappointed. Maybe we were humbled. Grief. Sacrifice.

Always the tide moving in or out. For some, rewards came in for a job well-done.

For everyone a need to make things simpler/less crowded, less complicated - more authentic.

For a couple more days - Saturn is at a standstill. Even with this week's squares to Mercury and Venus, maybe this gives us a little extra time to get our feet on the ground and (Mars in Virgo) proceed realistically.

This (September 2019 thru January 2020) is like Part II of the economic 'humbling' that started back in 2008 when Pluto moved into Capricorn.

Saturn on the south node is eliminating what is no longer needed for our soul growth - we've gotten all the juice there is to be squeezed from this stuff. Happening in the sign of Saturn's rule - Capricorn - the stuff that is leaving can still feel very much needed because it is the structural stuff we (and our ancestors) have built our lives with.

With Uranus crashing his way through Taurus (our resources and self-esteem) and Pluto dismantling Capricorn we may not have access to the resources we have become accustomed to. We may be asked to pare things down. Maybe we lose a job we love/need. A business. A home. A plan. A dream. Maybe our public image takes a hit because Capricorn rules the very top of our chart - our point of greatest visibility; the space we are most exposed. The people and places and situations and institutions we have relied upon can no longer be counted on (this may not be obvious right now for everyone, but it is impacting everyone).

This can be some scary sh*t.

The patriarchy is ending. There is no Plan B for the patriarchy because in reality it has already ended. We are looking at/holding onto something that no longer exists. Most of us are carrying karma and old contracts and commitments that have already ended.

Some good news here, and this is all good news really when we look at the long game and the karma clearing, is we have Saturn set to make his final opportunistic sextile to Neptune in November. PLUS Jupiter will cross the Galactic Center that same month (followed by Venus meeting Jupiter and crossing the Galactic Center).

So, as fast as this hard reality comes in (and we release our expectations and emotions around what we have lost) - we can have a new sense of purpose, the faith to keep going. We are assured we have made the sacrifice for something. More authentic dreams being made real. Truth. Justice. Expansion. Love.

I don't want to make it sound like it's all leprechauns and rainbows in the end, but trust that everything is happening for a purpose. Even the scary ass sh*t.

OK back to THIS week.

Mercury and Venus are following each other's movements through Libra now

(remember they did this in Virgo earlier in the month)

- so we get the news/information then we process what it means for our relationships, money, resources, values and/or self-esteem. There will be road blocks and needs to pivot around Saturn this week - this is a continuation of last week's challenges.

And then the week ends with Saturn crossing the South Node for the final time - whatever has ended is really final now.

The deal is sealed.

The train has left the station.

No more wiggle room.

The New Moon at the same time kicking off a fresh season speaks of new starts within our relationships and brand new relationships and a coming into balance (there is a hurting/healing opposition to Chiron we will need to work through, too - maybe through a struggle to assert ourselves - we'll talk about all of this in a later post).


We start SUNDAY with Mercury (in Libra) squaring Saturn (in Capricorn) and then immediately moving into a square with the North and South Nodes.

Libras do not have it easy either these days folks - squaring the Cappy planets and opposed by Chiron!

The Moon is in Cancer now - so we are all more emotional. Nurtured through home, family, mom and apple pie.

The Mercury/Saturn square might show up something like - being polite out of fear of what will happen if we aren't. Maybe squaring the North/South Nodes tension/frustration between what we want to say and what we have to say to keep the peace/keep things in balance/be nice, etc.

Important choices/decisions or information or discussions that point to relationship CHANGES.

On MONDAY, the Sun moves into Libra kicking off Libra season (Mercury and Venus gave us a little heads up on this LAST WEEK) and ushering in the Fall Equinox.

The Moon is in Cancer focusing us on that home, family, real estate, home business, family business, mother, mothering situation.

A light (the Sun) shines on what is out-of-balance or what is unfair, particularly within relationships. The curtain is drawn back, the light comes in and our Libra houses (and their themes) wake up.

Keep in mind over the next few weeks we move into the shadow of Libra when we are passive-aggressive, pouring pink paint on garbage and pretending it is a Barbie dream house and putting what everyone else needs/wants ahead of ourselves thus building deep pockets of resentment that will explode all over us and everyone else by the time we get into Scorpio season. These are our no-no's now, so head's up.

This week is bookended by the Autumn Equinox (or Spring depending on your hemisphere) which is the Sun's move into Libra and the Libra Full Moon. So lots of fresh energy for our one-on-one relationships!

On WEDNESDAY, Venus squares Saturn AND the North and South Nodes. Venus rules Libra, and with the Sun answering to her now, her aspects have added weight.

With Saturn squares what usually happens is the reality of the situation can no longer be ignored.

With Venus, this is about our love, relationships, money, resources, values, beauty, women and self-esteem. Remember we had these same aspects on Sunday with Mercury.

Mercury and Venus have been on a collision course with this square to Saturn since they entered Libra. So they, as us, have to pivot to keep going. There is a road block here.

In Libra/Saturn this can also show up as issues around loneliness and isolation. Some things need to be done solo, but if this whole "put on your big girl pants and just do it" has become too much - the opportunities will arise now to get help from others; to involve other people.

Also, keep in mind how challenging Venus/Saturn will be for us will depend on the central players in our natal chart (and if the aspects this week are hitting our natal chart). For example, let's say you have a very strong Venus in your birth chart, well, maybe, she has no problem with Saturn and you pivot smoothly past a little hiccup. On the other hand if you have moved too far off course (Saturn rules fate and he is sitting on the South Node) that same strong Venus becomes an obstacle; a hindrance rather than a helper - turns a molehill into a mountain - and makes it harder for us to pivot.

On THURSDAY, Mercury squares Pluto (so we know Venus will do this next). And the Sun opposes Chiron (ouch!). This is tension/frustration over information, a contract, a conversation, a sibling issue (maybe a transportation issue). Secrets. Power struggles. Those Libra shadows coming into the light - out of balance relationships, passive-aggressive tendencies, any need to please or pour that pink paint!

Mercury in Libra wants to be polite and wants things to be fair and Pluto is all hard edges. Intense interactions and conversations. Manipulations. Obsessions. Jealousy. Authority. The need for diplomacy. A push for the truth. An intense focus. Clear your head.

If we still can't figure out these pivots/choices/challenges by the time we get to SATURDAY - we get the Grand Finale when Saturn crosses the South Node AGAIN (we had this aspect on April 30th and July 4th) at the same time as the Libra New Moon (5 degrees).

Now Saturn really is full steam ahead - the train has left the station! No more wiggle room.

We'll talk about the New Moon in Libra (Saturday) later in the week in a BIG post. Heads up - Venus will sextile Jupiter - that's both of our most beneficial energies working together - hubba, hubba!

We'll color in the details in the dailies as we add in the lunar energies.

Keep in mind all week our North Node in Cancer (our brightest future) - the power of family, coming home, building a strong inner foundation, nurturing ourselves, being safe, being comfortable AND being brave enough to be vulnerable.

xo all

photo by the talented ineedchemicalx

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