Today's Astrology Forecast | September 5, 2019 - stick to the facts, think things through, making plans, making adjustments between the details and the big-picture, staying positive while keeping things real

Popping in to see where we are!

The Moon moved into Sagittarius this morning after that LONG, potentially uncomfortable, void in Scorpio yesterday/last night. In Sagittarius, the Moon wants to step out of her box; expand into foreign territory. She wants her (our) opinion heard. We are nurtured through optimism, big ideas, Sag themes - legal issues, politics, education, weddings, the media, publishing, our higher beliefs.

She will square Mars at 8:48PM EDT and square the Virgo Sun at 11:10PM EDT giving us this month's First Quarter Square - challenge/frustration/the need to adjust - around whatever we started at the New Moon last week.

At the same time Mercury (the ruler of Virgo and that Virgo Sun) is trining (brakes off) a serious and retrograde Saturn. There are limits. Rules. Our goals. Information. Conversations with authority go well - just don't overdo the Sag "know-it-all" energy, so ripe today. Talking about the details/whatever we are fixing moves us forward even as we are adjusting to any need to tone down Sag's big plans/over-optimism. Virgo/Capricorn will keep things REAL. Stick to the facts now. Talk/think GOALS. Give yourself time to think things through. Talk like a grown-up. Talk about what you know. Use the Sag Moon to expand that knowledge. Learn more. LISTEN.

Excellent day to take what we have been talking/think about and start to give it legs. The Moon is growing. So are your plans and actions. Just avoid Sag's preaching/taking something too far. The Sag Moon is going to meet enthusiastic Jupiter (Sag's ruler) at 3:19AM EDT. Mercury will be squaring Jupiter at the time. Our minds could be restless. Tension between the details and the big-picture. Write down your dreams.

With Black Moon Lilith (in Pisces) opposing that active and influential Mercury we could find ourselves embroiled in inflammatory perspectives - maybe 'outsider' information comes in. It could be our inner Lilith's voice seems to fall on deaf ears now - remember that trine to Saturn wants "just the facts jack". The angry feminine could be shut out.

Keep in mind all this Virgo is apt to be very stressful and taxing. Stay on top of things, but take a break when you can!

xo all

photo by the talented machihuahua

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