Today's Astrology Forecast | Wednesday, November 17th, 2021 - explosive change, power struggles and breakthroughs



The Moon is in Taurus now - the sign of her exaltation. We are nourished/nurtured by more traditionally nurturing things - a warm bed, a soft touch, good food, security, time spent in nature, time spent with what/who we value/love, all the good stuff money can buy and all the good stuff it can't.


The Moon is challenged though, busier than a Taurus Moon likes to be. 


She squares Saturn at 1:19PM EST, trines Venus (ruler of Taurus) at 7:38PM EST,  meets up with a retrograde Uranus at 9:44PM EST and opposes Mars at 10:20PM EST. Oh my.


At the same time, fiery Mars (in Scorpio) has moved into his (once every two year) opposition with anything-can-happen, future focused, but chaotic Uranus - currently retrograde in Taurus. This is a release valve on some heavy duty pent up sh*t. THIS IS BIG. Oppositions, are like Full Moons - and keep in mind we have the Taurus Full Moon in two days and within this lunar cycle - they bring a cycle to peak energy, and sometimes to a conclusion. 


The Mars/Uranus opposition takes us back to the Mars/Uranus conjunction (meeting) on January 20, 2021 (this was Biden's inauguration day in the United States, so something now is in a way a culmination of his Presidency). If something BIG was going on in your life at that time, most likely some part of that story or a similar story is happening now - this week/last week/next week. 


Sudden changes/breakthroughs are possible. With Uranus retrograde, there is something #new, unexpected, but also #not new, not unexpected about this. Stuffed energies are made explosive under skies like these. The resulting dynamite can blow things up - (keep in mind the permanence of Plutonian landmines) AND also uncover hidden valuables/old gold.

This is one of multiple opportunities in November to TAKE OUR POWER BACK.

With Scorpian energy pulled into the mix situations involving power/control/intensity/obsession/something that has felt like life and death are possible. Also literal Scorpio themes - taxes, insurance, merged money, other people's money, intimacy, sex, reproduction, third party situations, the theme of your natal Taurus and Scorpio houses.

Collectively something now might bring a reminder (in our face because Mars makes things personal) of what we have given up for safety/security/comfort and what this extra emphasis on safety, this avoidance of surprise/change, something we NEED for aliveness as much as stability, has brought us in terms of the deadening of human experience. Remember the point where 'time runs out' is BEHIND us. We are past the point in the game where we always died before. This doesn't mean we can't still die, because guess what, we were always going to die. This whole year and most of next is all about the Saturn/Uranus square. The old vs the new. Responsibility vs freedom. What will we give up to be safe? What will we give up to be free? And it is easy to lose sight of the ways freedom has never been really free and that taking responsibility doesn't mean passing the buck to some greater authority and then blinding following their rules. This is tricky stuff. Not black and white. Life isn't for sissies anymore. It never was. 

Anyhoo, today's Saturn/Moon/Mars/Uranus (people with planets/points near 12 degrees of the fixed signs will probably be feeling this strongest) might speak of control issues coming to a head. What we can control and what we can't is visible to us. Uranus brings break-ups, break downs and breakthroughs. Earthquakes. Surgically excising what is no longer needed. Again, the only trine - smooth flow - is to Capricorn (Venus) - big girl/boy pants on (which means us taking responsibility for our actions/choices), being serious with what we love/value, taking responsible action. Our natal Cappy house theme giving us somewhere to GO.

Something else to keep in mind because we talked about this year's Saturn/Uranus square (which is applying now) is that this year's other big repeating aspect is applying, too. Saturn sextile Chiron. This is Aquarius/Aries - always an opportunistic combination, but now housed with Saturn/authority/stability and Chiron/wounds/healing. The meeting ground between both the collective/group (Aquarius) and the individual (Aries). The meeting ground for freedom AND responsibility. The way through the Saturn/Uranus being through Aries. The individual. Courage. Initiative. Taking care of ourselves. Standing up for ourselves. Being ourselves.

Drive safely. Be precise. Don't toss babies out with dirty bathwater. This is POWERFUL energy to make real and lasting (permanent) change. These are fixed signs/dug in and sometimes we have to be/feel backed into a corner to take the action that needs taking. Just keep your finger off the trigger unless you really want to kill something. Because you just might.

xo all

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