weekly astrology forecast for creatives | November 8th -14th, 2021 - intensity, breakthroughs, how disciplined are you, power shifts, transcendence, words that wake us up!


MONDAY - Pallas stations direct, Pallas squares Ceres, Ceres sextiles Chiron

WEDNESDAY - Mercury conjuncts Mars, Mercury squares Saturn, Mars squares Saturn

THURSDAY - First Quarter Moon (19 degrees Aquarius)

FRIDAY - Sun trines Neptune, Mars inconjuncts Chiron

SATURDAY - Mercury opposes Uranus

SUNDAY - Juno enters Capricorn

On MONDAY, Pallas stations direct at 9 degrees Pisces squaring Ceres retrograde at 9 degrees Gemini who is sextiling Chiron at 9 degrees Aries.

Pallas changes direction, HERE is the Pisces wisdom/pattern we missed/new compassionate, imaginative or spiritual strategy. She immediately squares Ceres, retrograde in Gemini. The Pallas/Ceres is a repeating aspect from early October. Ceres in Gemini is smart nurturing, bringing a kind of open-minded curiosity to change of life/season of life situations. Pallas in Pisces is intuitive, going with the flow, but also maybe seeing patterns when they aren't really there or letting things kind of drift too much, so we've got this tension/frustration between our intuition/dreams and the facts/the details. 


A way through this one is that sextile (opportunity) to Chiron in independent/action-oriented Aries from Ceres. Smart nurturing/action, our ability to stay flexible/detach a bit emotionally and apply a smart focus to the details is healing (the Moon is in Cappy making oodles of good aspects, so taking things seriously/getting down to business will help, too). 


TUESDAY - UPDATE - the Moon in Capricorn will sextile the Scorpio Sun at 12:06AM EST, sextile a retrograde Neptune at 6:00AM EST and goes void off her monthly meeting with Pluto at 12:51PM EST. She will be void until 10:03PM EST when she moves into Aquarius. 

The sextile is this month's Waxing Sextile - Capricorn/Scorpio. This is good, pro-active energy for making headway with goals/projects/finances. Our New Moon seeds are growing. We are taking action. The sextile to Neptune puts us into flow with our dreams/intuition and her meeting with Pluto - our monthly lunar "death" - brings merging/purging/transformation and rebirth. The Moon in Capricorn is practical/counting her cans of beans and dollars in the bank. Her monthly "death" allows these little chinks to be slashed in the armor of thousands of years of patriarchal conditioning  around what we have been made to believe is practical/brings stability. Ideas about hierarchical necessity, Darwin's survival of the fittest (which really meant our ability to change/adapt and has somehow morphed into ideas about strength and power), the ways culture has changed through the worship of one male God/the Sun/Son, our need to be controlled, so we can be kept from doing wrong. This is personal and collective and Pluto is slow and relentless. A little emotional Cappy burial every month followed by a rebirth, always followed by a rebirth. We get a long void, so GET THINGS DONE EARLY (and Pluto has been late enough in Cappy for long enough that we've had many of these "deaths" followed by voids) - time to process what we have worked through - and then the Aquarian lunar cycle begins. The rebirth being more intellectual/less attached/more future leaning. Once the Moon gets into Aquarius she starts applying to all these Scorpio squares and her square to Uranus in Taurus and Thursday's square with the Sun, so our time in Aquarius will not be without its challenges/tension.

As always don't start anything new/important during the void - unless you want nothing to come of it - stick to routine matters and things you 'do all the time', so you won't have to do it all over again later.

WEDNESDAY - UPDATE - the Moon continues her journey through Aquarius - we are nurtured/nourished by intellectualism, our individuality/freak flags, our genius, revolution, our groups and causes, the goals that bring us into connection with other people, the strange and unusual, space/freedom/having room to think.


She squares Mars at 10:54AM EST, squares Mercury at 11:08AM EST, meets Saturn (Aqua co-ruler) at 11:14AM EST and finally squares a retrograde Uranus (Aqua's other co-ruler) at 7:45PM EST. This is all, uncannily as the Moon is apt to do, reinforcing what we talked about in the weekly below. Challenges. Obligations. Uncomfortable news/information/conversations/actions. The key here is the same, too - working with Saturn. Being responsible. Having patience. Doing the grown-up thing/using your grown-up voice. So, say for an example, an unexpected bill comes in. And it doesn't have to be unexpected, but it will be frustrating/produce tension. You will need to live up to your obligation with it. You can't just toss it in a drawer and go back to sleep. 


Remember this is a repeating aspect that started back on October 30th when the Sun squared Saturn, then repeated on November 4th when the Moon (in Scorpio) squared Saturn. So whatever is going on now can connect to whatever was going on back then. People with planets/points near 7 degrees of the fixed signs will feel this strongest. Today, this is number 3 of 3 - we have Mercury and Mars meeting and squaring Saturn while the Moon squares them and meets Saturn (Ginger Rogers doing what Fred Astaire does backward and in high heels). The Moon, being in Aquarius and meeting up with Saturn is SUPPORTING US. Whatever these limits/obligations/roadblock is her merger with Saturn gives us the emotional strength/fortitude to move past the block. Not by cutting corners or throwing in the towel, but by being smart, not taking things personally, being future focused and sober/responsible. This month in Scorpio is about stepping into our own authority/our own power - these transits are part of that.


OK - the lunar stuff above I have added Tuesday night - here's the regular weekly post for WEDNESDAY.




Mercury, meets Mars at 7 degrees Scorpio while they both square Saturn - remember Mercury is doing what the Sun did a few days ago, but now he is joined by Mars to add to the INTENSITY. Or we could say Mars is doing what the Sun did and he is joined by Mercury.


This looks like restrictions on what we can say/hear/access/think and at the same time increased attention to what needs to be said/done. This combination of aspects is making me think of the television series "Succession". Is anyone else watching that one? People can be demanding. Rules won't budge. There could be arguments. The positives of Saturn can provide an outlet here, although this stuff will be done with our back against the wall - knuckle down, do the work, be responsible, have patience. All this Scorpio is asking us to take our power back by doing the inner work/stepping into our responsibility/becoming an AUTHORITY. 


Apply more discipline - I know that doesn't sound sexy, but it is what will work. 


Keep in mind this is dangerous energy - drive safely, take care operating heavy machinery - only you can prevent forest fires. You know the drill. Also, keep in mind, Scorpio is intense/raw BUT isn't fast - although Mercury will speed things up and Mars IS flying, we still don't have to make ourselves nuts and rush around and make mistakes.


THURSDAY - the Moon at 19 degrees Aquarius squares the Scorpio Sun giving us this month's First Quarter Square. This is tension/frustration between merging and detaching. The independent/individualistic Aqua Moon speaks of the the need to step back from what has been absorbing our time/attention/resources. Get some air. It's time for a more intellectual approach. This could be a trigger for this weekend's "surprise" energy, so something could come out of the blue now. 


FRIDAY - UPDATE -  the Moon is void until 2:54AM EST when she moves into magical/mystical/delusional Pisces. As we see over and over, the lunar activity supporting/reinforcing the day's big aspects. She makes a beautiful/opportunistic sextile to Venus in Cappy (love, money, our values and self-esteem, our goals, career, authority) at 3:17PM EST, followed by a smooth trine to Mars in Scorpio (our actions/passions, merged money, intimacy, reproduction, third party situations). 

At the same time the Sun at 20 degrees Scorpio - answering to Mars and Pluto - trines Neptune at 20 degrees Pisces - here is smooth flow, something falling into place. We just have to let go of the need to control the outcome! Get out of our own way. Scorpio goes deep and Neptune dissolves/fades. Something could get more intimate/more compassionate. Here is us taking action on our dreams. Neptune, as these outer planets are apt to do, has been hanging out at 20 degrees Pisces for so long that people with planets/points near 20 degrees Pisces are probably feeling like they are being erased! This will be a nice influence for those planets/points now, a light shines on what you carry here. Something DEEPENS. Passion is felt. Action is taken. Our intuition/creativity is HIGH. This is transcendence, spiritual, universal love. Mars is also trining Pallas now - adding to our ability to navigate the Piscean waters with wisdom/intuition.

The caveat with smooth aspects to Neptune/Pisces is always our ability to get lost in the sauce, float off into lalaland, sleep/Netflix the day away, have one drink that leads to another to another. Keep this in mind.


SATURDAY - UPDATE - the Moon continues her monthly journey through imaginative/healing Pisces. She trines Mercury (remember this is the day Mercury opposes Uranus) at 12:22AM EST, sextiles Uranus (retrograde) at 1:43AM EST, meets up with ruler Neptune (retrograde) at 4:45PM EST, trines the Sun at 7:18PM EST and will go void early Sunday morning, 12:39AM EDT off a productive sextile to Pluto. 

The trine to the Scorpio Sun is this month's Waxing Trine - Scorpio/Pisces. This is emotional flow. Here we are feeling the next leg of our New Moon story. Again the Moon is offering us support with the day's big energies. As Mercury and Uranus oppose each other, she is trining one and sextiling the other - both smooth flow, so we know whatever happens there is a path through this/a greater hand guiding the ship. Our intuition/internal guidance can be trusted. Meditation. Prayer. Time spent near/in water can help. Our ancestors are helping us now.


Mercury at 12 degrees Scorpio opposes Uranus in Taurus. Here is ANOTHER chance (we talked about this in last week's New Moon post) to TAKE OUR POWER BACK - also a chance to say/hear something abrupt/shocking. Burn a bridge. Toss a fit. Scorpio can be deadly, and Scorpian changes are permanent, so keep that in mind. Also note today's lunar aspects will help.


On the other hand, these November oppositions to Uranus are opportunities for necessary power struggles when power balances can FLIP. They are cosmic opportunities for BREAKTHROUGHS. A brilliant idea can pop right into your head.


Mercury/Uranus speaks of unexpected information/a conversation, maybe around whatever came to light last week when the Sun opposed Uranus. Here is an answer. Or an abrupt conclusion. Maybe we change our mind. Here are WORDS THAT WAKE US UP. Words that set us free. With Mercury in Scorpio - secrets, hidden information, the stuff we have to dig up, uncomfortable truths can come out. Uranus is retrograde, so this is #unexpected, #not-totally-unexpected. Conversations will be intense. News challenging. Results permanent. Oh my. 


Keep in mind, we get one more go at these "opportunities to take our power back/surprise/breakthroughs" as Mars opposes Uranus next week.

Also keep in mind, that I am writing about aspects when they are most exact, but they are in play as they apply and unwind also. This is a big week, next week is big, too. Challenges. Opportunities. It's why we're here folks. 

xo all - I will pop back into this post and update the Moons starting on Tuesday!

artwork by the talented PaulWardArt

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