the astrology of the New Moon in Scorpio | November 4th, 2021 - disruptive change, evolving through the shadows, truth bombs, danger Will Robinson, liberation, pushed to shift gears


On Thursday, November 4th, 2021 at 5:15PM EDT, the Moon meets the Sun in dark, deep, powerful and intimate Scorpio, giving us this month's New Moon - our annual New Moon in Scorpio. 


The New Moon in Scorpio is an excellent time to commit (Scorpion energy is fixed and committed) to goals that express the POSITIVE use of Scorpio energy. Focus. Courage. Passion. Plutonian Scorpio learns and grows through loss. We go down into the underworld, and in the end, it's not so much about what we have brought back with us as it is about what we have left behind ....

Scorpio rules our collective 8th house of intimacy - of other people's values, other people's money. Here is where we take the time to understand other people's motives. It's through the constructive traits of Scorpio - focus, resourcefulness, passion, probing, deep perception - that we experience real intimacy. We merge with other people physically and materially. Scorpio is our only fixed water sign. It's potent energy for making deep changes.

Like the New Moon in Scorpio in October 2019, the Moon and Sun are exactly opposing disruptive Uranus, so we have our annual Sun opposing Uranus (unexpected shake-ups and changes) coming at the same time as the New Moon in Scorpio's powerful and transformative NEW BEGINNING. 


With Uranus retrograde and covering old territory, there is something not totally new or not totally unexpected about this disruption. Uranian oppositions can make other people/outside situations feel more distant/more impulsive or unpredictable.


The New Moon looks like a new beginning (in the dark, so lots we don't know right now) birthed from an unexpected and possibly chaotic and jolting shock/change/liberation. This could be INTENSE. 


Let's dive right in and unpack the chart!


The best thing about this New Moon is we have Mars, the co-ruler of Scorpio (along with modern ruler Pluto) back in his home sign just in time to rule this lunation from a place of passion/power. Mars in Scorpio is all about FOCUSED ACTION. Concentration. Courage. Think of a scorpian's fast sting that can take out a much larger opponent. Being able to move/take action as needed. This is NOT about jumping into something foolishly, propelled by anxiety/anxiousness, but it IS about not hesitating to act when action is needed/the time is RIGHT. 

Pluto, Scorpio's modern ruler, is direct now, still at 24 degrees Capricorn, so covering old ground. He is quintile the Moon/Sun conjunction and the focus of a T-Square with Eris and Mercury.

The Sun is just coming off his square to Saturn at the end of October - the stop sign/road block/reality check/responsibility - which will be reactivated now and from November 6th - November 10th in some BIG ways (when the Moon will meet Saturn and square Mars, who will also be squaring Saturn) and then near November 18th, Mars is going to hit today's New Moon degree setting whatever is seeded NOW into ACTION.

Scorpio New Moons often bring up unconscious fears/truth bombs. We are meant to face them and step into a higher level of our own power. At the time of a New Moon, the Sun and Moon are on the same page, ready to begin TOGETHER. But this month we have the planet of change/the future/genius/chaos opposing this new beginning. This might show up as something outside of us FORCING us to make a new move/decision/emotional change. Over the next couple weeks there is universal encouragement/support/a boot at our backside - to look at what has been keeping us stuck and take action to shift this stuck energy.

Mars, at 3 degrees Scorpio, is conjunct, exact, asteroid Pandora, so I went looking for asteroid Wuhan (of covid fame) since the activation in 2020 of the Pandora/Wuhan conjunction on Algol in the United States birth chart (Sibley chart) was mega-impactful and the United States is approaching its first Pluto return in February 2022. At the time of this New Moon we see Pandora is conjunct Mars and Wuhan is conjunct the IC of the United States New Moon chart and conjunct the United States natal Sun which almost exactly squares this New Moon. Biden's natal Mars is also exactly conjunct this New Moon. This is an important time for the United States. We'll look at that in another post.

Mars EXACT conjunction with Pandora in Scorpio has me thinking (beyond pandemics and their responses) about the ways we 'try to keep a lid on things' and the way sometimes things need to fall apart and also the ways we sometimes hide away (what's that expression 'hide our light under a bushel') the very things we are intended to share.

With Mercury set to meet Mars and Mars set to square Saturn, both happening on November 10th and so applying (most aspects are strongest when applying) now - AND with a BIG eclipse season starting in two weeks and in play now, we are in some very active/challenging/opportunistic energies.

November's personal planets in Scorpio will offer us three opportunities, through their oppositions with Uranus, to TAKE OUR POWER BACK through unexpected (not totally unexpected) situations. Uranus and Scorpio/Pluto work very well together. Uranus slices through the inertia/all that fixed emotional baggage revealing the next level of possibility. Uranian energy is unpredictable and will risk everything to re-structure our consciousness/pull us into the unknown future. Make the uncomfortable comfortable - because we are hardwired to crave the comfort of what we are used to even if it's not good for us. Uranus energy is neutral, not innately positive or negative. It’s possible for Uranus to activate negative outcomes, but this is usually when we resist change and muck things up by hanging onto what is dead out of fear of what will happen to us if we let go. So, here's where Pluto/Scorpio comes in. Offering us an opportunity to see/feel what no longer has a pulse, the truth that is hidden, the fears that keep us stuck. It's a match made in heaven, or hell ...


These oppositions will be accompanied by Saturn squares (which slow things down, allow us to get our bearings, make things more real, create necessary roadblocks and stop signs) the start of Eclipse season and take us into December's final (not quite final) Saturn/Uranus square, this year's biggest repeating aspect. 

The big lessons of 2021 are brought to us through the Saturn/Uranus squares (order vs chaos) and the Gemini North Node. We are learning how to sit with the chaos/concede the chaos its space. Offer 'change' a cup of coffee and a place on the sofa. If we allow ourselves to be pressured into latching onto false conclusions/jumping into old stories so we can feel safe or certain we are just expending our energy propping up worn out situations/structures that need to collapse. It's about focusing on what we want and not what we don't want (which sounds so damn easy and why the hell isn't it?) - focusing, not on resisting change - but on what we want to replace the stuff we have lost WITH and allowing ourselves to stay curious and open and sit fallow when we don't know what that is yet. We aren't expected to have all the answers right now and the people that think they do - well, they don't (which obviously includes me and is one reason I have been blogging less often, so use your discernment with everything you read here). Thinking we know is just creating resistance to what is possible! We can't see where we are going and we can't get where we are going from here. So here has to change. That's what's happening and why we feel so anxious, ungrounded or half-dead - HERE is changing. We have to use the best of that Sag South Node - faith/hope (remember what Pandora held onto) and trust that the universe knows what it's doing!

Bottom line with this one - hang on loosely! Take action as needed and on what you are passionate about. All the personal planets are direct, we are meant to be IN MOTION. What starts will matter.

New Moon Intentions

Setting intentions for "Scorpio stuff" (or the stuff ruled by the house that holds 12-13 degrees Scorpio in our natal chart) during a Scorpio New Moon can be very powerful. Just stay open and flexible because something from that Taurus house of ours is going to shake things up! These intentions might include  - empowerment, change, crisis skills, self-mastery, sex, soul mates, financial partnerships, avoiding power struggles, secrets, psychology, charisma, restoration, forgiveness, obsessions, compulsions, strength, loans, debts, taxes, inheritances, contracts, releasing revenge, jealousy and guilt, your Scorpio natal house theme

AFFIRMATION TIPS: get into a calm, centered frame of mind - always make affirmations from a  positive (meaning both certain and light/calm) space - write your affirmations down by hand in script, speak them out loud - then release your attention from these things knowing that your intention is known.  

Know these things are already yours.

xo all

This is a kind of an accident prone New Moon, so stay frosty.

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