Today's Astrology Forecast | Monday, November 15th, 2021 - warts and all



This weekend was a productive blur and when I sat down to write the weekly tonight I realized we have major aspects EVERY single day. Alot is going on! We are building all week to Friday's first Eclipse of the season - a Full Moon Partial Lunar Eclipse in Taurus - our first Taurus Eclipse and maybe a preview of what the North Node in Taurus (December 22, 2021 through July 12, 2023) -  will be cooking up for/with us. 

For now, let's talk about Monday and then I will do dailies plus a BIG Full Moon Eclipse post where we'll also talk about the upcoming nodal shift - wake up Taurus and Scorpios, we're looking at you!

On MONDAY the Moon is in Aries. We are nourished/nurtured by passion, action, anger, starting something new, initiative, time alone, time spent with men. 


She will sextile Saturn at 1:59AM EST and move on to meet Chiron and square Venus at 4:05AM EST. 


The Moon (our emotions, our lunar story) is pulled into and AMPLIFIES one of today's BIG aspects - Venus at 8 degrees Capricorn squaring Chiron at 8 degrees Aries. People with planets/points in the cardinal signs near 8 degrees will be feeling this aspect strongest.  


Squares with Chiron are triggering/painful.  


The Moon, as us, is feeling all the ways we aren't enough. Maybe old fears around being able to take care of ourselves/stand up for ourselves or be ourselves. Then Venus, meeting up with the Moon and squaring Chiron pulls in our relationships, money, career, values, self-esteem. Situations conspire for us to feel what we are lacking. Support, money, approval, etc. Our insecurities/vulnerabilities are felt/visible. Old wounds, older than we are, are triggered. 



At the same time the Sun at 23 degrees Scorpio is squaring Jupiter in Aquarius. People with planets /points near 23 degrees of the fixed signs will be feeling this one strongest. Any Sun/Jupiter portal can bring an ego boost/confidence/pride/luck. We just want to be careful, and I know I always sound like your grandma warning of dragons and DOOM, but, still we need to be careful not to overdo something. Physically hurt ourselves (that Moon in Aries can make us prone to rushing or acting impulsively). Over-promise. Exaggerate. Count chickens that haven't hatched yet. The Sun in Scorpio can help us stay focused and avoid scattering this energy, but Jupiter always has a tendency toward more being more. 

A mixed bag kind of day. We've got that early sextile to Saturn (an ease through being responsible, taking things seriously, doing our job) and we have the Sun/Jupiter - although this one is a square, Jupiter is still generosity and luck - so, we'll have some kind of bandage for what hurts. We feel the pain, won't be able to avoid dealing with our vulnerability/insecurity, but we'll have somewhere to go with this - Sun/Jupiter, Scorpio/Aquarius - we shine through generosity, adulting, stretching a bit, being a real person warts and all. 


Also keep in mind the Venus/Chiron is cardinal (wants to start/seed something), Venus is about to start working her repeating/retrograde Cappy degrees, the Moon is waxing (growing) and in "let's START" Aries - what needs to get going? what needs our action/passion?

xo all

artwork by the talented Flauart


MONDAY - Venus squares Chiron, Sun squares Jupiter

TUESDAY - Sun sextiles Pluto, Vesta enters Sagittarius

WEDNESDAY - Mars opposes Uranus

THURSDAY - Mercury trines Neptune

FRIDAY - Venus trines Uranus, Full Moon Partial Lunar Eclipse in Taurus (27 degrees)

SATURDAY - Mercury squares Jupiter

SUNDAY - Mercury sextiles Pluto, Sun enters Sagittarius


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