Astrology Forecast for Creatives | Week of January 1st - New Year, BIG WEEK, breaking through, unexpected but not totally unexpected news, busting a move, GREEN light, GOLD star week, nothing half-assed will cut it, the world starts to catch up with us, did I say BIG WEEK

holidays by julie-rc

This is a BIG forward leaning week!

Welcome 2018!

2017 - well, don't let the door hit ya'.

Yes, 2017 is in our rearview mirror, folks - do I hear a collective HALLELUJAH!

Ugh - the Pisces/Sagittarius, the Eris/Uranus - all the illusions and chaos. And that followed 2016's dream busting, reality shifting square between Saturn and Neptune. We are ready for more stability. We are ready for something new and reliable. Even if the something new requires us to dig through two feet of snow to find it. And, even if the building of it requires us to keep track of the canned corn in our cupboard for awhile. We'll dig! We'll count!

It took what it took to get us here, but here we are.

There are still problems - it's winter for pete's sake. But at least they will be NEW problems. And speaking of digging and counting ...

Last year - well, still this year - was the Chinese Year of the Fire Rooster (which always reminds me of Trump and his hair and his tweeting) - a rooster set on fire does not sounds like a good symbol for a year - this energy is making way (in a few weeks) for the Chinese Year of the Earth Dog.

Doesn't that just sound better. Fire Rooster? Earth Dog? What do you think?

Earth Dog makes me think of Olive snuggled under a tree on a warm summer day swatting at a fly. Or digging a hole in the backyard to bury a sock she will drag out a year later all soggy and gross. Or, more likely, like she is right now, snuggled on the sofa, focused only on

1. how many pieces of cheese are left in the fridge? and
2. is that the clothes dryer buzzer she hears and am I going to get off my butt and fetch her a warm towel (yes, I do this kind of stuff in my drafty, old house in the winter - she has me well-trained) and
3. um, well, how many pieces of cheese are left in the fridge?

Earth Dog - I like the sound of that!

The week kicks off with MONDAY'S Full Moon in Cancer. I will do a post tomorrow.

Cancer is ruled by the Moon and this is a Supermoon (Moon perigee to the Earth and appearing larger), so it's a big way to launch a new calendar year.

The Moon is in a Grand Trine with Jupiter and Neptune, opposing Pluto, Venus and Black Moon Lilith and we have Mars squaring the North and South Nodes at the same time.

We will be seeking emotional security and solid ground with this one.

Full Moons brings situations and emotions to a peak - stuff culminates and stuff 'comes to light'.

Cancer rules mothering, motherhood, mothers, vulnerability, nurturing, self-care, home, family, emotions, safety, security, patriotism, country. Also a specific theme in your natal chart (what house has Cancer on the cusp in your natal chart) where something is coming to fruition now.

During a Full Moon the Moon is opposite the Sun. So the polarity of the Cancer/Capricorn axis is in the spotlight. We will want to focus on home and family (Moon) AND at the same time on standing up in the world (Sun) and most people are standing on pretty shaky ground.

Remember one of the good things about winter - the ground is solid, yes, maybe frozen solid, but at least it's solid!

On TUESDAY the Sun (in Capricorn) is sextiling (opportunity) Neptune (in Pisces). Neptune has TWO sextiles this week so continues the focus on Neptunian activity from last week - healing, art, spirituality, imagination, philanthropy, merging with others, dissolving the ego. The Moon (still in Cancer) will trine Jupiter - good energy for people to get along and come together and, since the Moon represents the public, good energy for business.

The BIG news on TUESDAY is Uranus (change, the future, revolution, genius, chaos), after his long retrograde, finally stations direct (24 degrees Aries).

Something moves forward now and with Uranus we know to expect the unexpected!

If we are still holding onto a situation that is long past its expiration date - adjustments/changes and disruptions could intensify, until we are lined up where we need to be.

If you have planets or points in your natal chart from 24-29 degrees of the cardinal signs - Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn - Uranus is heading your way. Courage will be required since Uranus is in Aries, but this activity is focused on one of your cardinal houses where you have always needed to take the reins to make things happen anyway!

If your cardinal planets and points are less than 24 degrees, Uranus is finished with this part of your chart/life FOREVER. Adios Uranus!

We will talk about this in Tuesday's post. I will also put up the first batch of Uranus transits for May for our anonymous volunteers.

We have Mars (ruler of Aries) squaring the Nodes and the South Node is in Aquarius (ruled by Uranus). Whatever Uranus's station is breaking open (Uranus rules breaks. Not brakes- that's Saturn's territory. Uranus rules the other kind of breaks - breakthroughs, break-downs, break-ups, lucky breaks, etc) will bring us to a crossroad.

Are we going to head toward our heart (Leo/North Node) - toward something that will bring us to our natural center stage, to something we can take pride in, something we can physically hold onto? Or are we going to stay in our seat in the audience (Aquarius/South Node)? detached? hiding out in the group? losing ourselves in technology?

Either way (and we always have free will) with Mars (action, initiative) in Scorpio (15 degrees) he will be making sure we COMMIT to any action we take now.

Nothing half-assed is going to cut it. We need to go ALL IN.

Something now could take us back to the time around Christmas Eve when Jupiter (in Scorpio) squared the Nodes. Uranus is direct now. So, what's it gonna be? The lights are GREEN. 

The Moon goes void at 5:46PM EST thru 2:22PM tomorrow - during the Void Moon don't start anything new or take action on anything you need 'something to come of'.

On WEDNESDAY the energies from earlier in the week continue. The Moon is void until 2:22PM EST when it moves into Leo focusing us on children, romance, recreation, our HEART - what is that thing your heart wants again? what is that thing that gets you away from technology and into the flesh and blood of life?

Venus (in bossy, all-business Capricorn) is sextiling (opportunity) Neptune (in dreamy Pisces). This energy makes us very intuitive, very receptive, more good energy for getting along with other people. Women artists, women healers - a connection to the collective creative consciousness.

Let's try some word-salads with this sextile - making money (Venus) with our imagination (Neptune). Giving money (Venus) to charity (Neptune). Money (Venus) slipping through our fingers (Neptune). Merging (Neptune) with what we love (Venus). Something we love (Venus) slipping through our fingers (Neptune). Healing (Neptune) through women (Venus). Healing (Neptune) through love (Venus). Unlimited (Neptune) love (Venus). Merging (Neptune) of resources (Venus). A female (woman) healer (Neptune). Spending money (Venus) on drugs (Neptune). In love (Venus) with something illusive (Neptune).

We could also do something like this with the signs the planets are in - Capricorn and Pisces. Your dream (Pisces) works when you do (Capricorn). But all this salad making is making me hungry and I am still hours from lunch! You get the idea.

This is a good day to meditate/pray/contemplate on whatever you were dealing with yesterday - or whatever this 'follow your heart', putting your heart out into the world, step out of the crowd, creative project thing is all about for you.

On THURSDAY the Leo Moon trines Mercury by mid-morning giving us good communications and trines Uranus later in the afternoon possibly bringing some change and excitement, but nothing that causes too much upset. Freak flags can fly, time to be yourself, give yourself (and other people) a bit more freedom, give other people (and yourself) a BREAK. The Moon goes void at 6:10PM EST - after that Void Moon don't start anything new or take action on anything you need 'something to come of'.

On FRIDAY - the Moon is in grounded and industrious Virgo and trines Saturn. Excellent for stabilizing a health routine that will be long-lasting or firming up our day-to-day schedule to be more practical. We get emotional satisfaction from doing the small, basic things now. Dot your I's and cross your T's. Get organized. Clean up the mess.

This would be a good day to take down the holiday decorations (if you didn't do this Monday) and keep them organized. You will not be tossing the Christmas tree balls into a box or rolling the lights into a gigantic knot if you do this work today. 

In the evening the Moon (in service-oriented Virgo) will oppose dreamy Neptune so we could be sharing/receiving advice or creating practical limits - whether anyone follows up on the suggestions/ideas offered up could be another matter. But the advice/actions offered would be practical and helpful.

SATURDAY is the start of a powerful weekend. There could be too much energy to contain. Get some exercise. The Virgo Moon is hard at work, we have good instincts and a real desire to digest as much information as possible. We are awake.

Mercury (in Sagittarius) trines Uranus (in Aries) for the 3rd and final time today. We had this aspect on November 25th and December 10th, but now Uranus (and Mercury!) are no longer retrograde! Whatever we have been going over here is ready to move forward - new ideas, new communications, new words, new beliefs.  

We find the words/information we need to move the situation forward.

Here is a link to my original post on THIS if it rings any bells. The difference now is the planets are both full steam ahead AND Saturn is no longer in Sagittarius so won't be slowing everything down.

Shocking news could come now. Our thinking/the conversation will move in a new direction. Stay open to your muses - the energies are ripe for NEW IDEAS to be picked like apples. Remember when you think about Uranus now think BREAK. This time think BREAK-THROUGH.

On SUNDAY - did I say give this week a GOLD STAR?? - Jupiter conjuncts Mars at 17 degrees Scorpio. This brings the energy of Christmas Eve and the energy of Tuesday's crossroad together and well - HERE IT IS. Our choice is made. Our path/decision/commitment is as clear as it is going to be. It won't be all tied up with a shiny red bow. Remember this is life on Planet Earth we can't see everything ahead because we haven't created it yet.

But here we are at a juncture, not the only juncture, but a juncture, and you have the benefit of astrology to see this juncture for what it is. An OPPORTUNITY.

Jupiter expands. Mars increases our stamina, initiative and confidence - also our ability to fight for something we believe in! We have the Sun, Venus, Pluto and Black Moon Lilith in stable Capricorn sextiling (opportunity) this whole thing through NEXT Friday - so another ENTIRE WEEK to take some kind of action here.

Could we go overboard? Could we take on too much?

Well, abso-freakin-lutely.

This is Jupiter, the planet of gases and hot air, we are talking about. But it is also the planet of faith. Keep this in mind.

There is always a fly in the ointment, but this week there is way more ointment than flies.

We have a stellium of planets in Capricorn already with more on the way! 

We do not need to go jumping off tall buildings (Capricorn climbs the stairs - one at a time). We did the jumping last year. And yes, even if your life looks pretty much the same as last year. I can abso-freakin-lutely

(I am starting to like this word - why is spellcheck trying to shush me

guarantee your life has changed because your beliefs have changed

You jumped. 

I know this because there is really only one of us here and the rest of us jumped. You might have been hanging on to your Aunt Tillie's bathrobe sleeve, but believe me - you are here with us. We all jumped.

You could not have survived life on Planet Earth the past two years without some major belief shifting. 

And because your beliefs have changed - you have changed. Your beliefs create your reality. Your very DNA has shifted. You see the world differently and the world you see will have to shift to catch up with you.

And all of this takes us into NEXT Monday's Mars sextile to Pluto which takes us to Jupiter and Mars sextile on the 16th at the same time Ceres is conjuncting the North Node and taking us into the 17th's New Moon in Capricorn.

Usually that Capricorn New Moon feels like a kick off point for me, but this year we do not have to wait.

After Monday's Full Moon focus on home and family it will be time to BUST A MOVE.

We'll sleep later.

Remember I write about aspects when they are exact but most of this (other than the Moons) are within orb for most of the week, so events could be triggered on different days. Let's just avoid the Void Moons for any important stuff and we'll do fine.

xo all

an astrological look ahead to 2018 - the year reality bites back, part III of IV

Hello by krmenxa

See Part I HERE
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Both Mars AND Venus will station retrograde in 2018.

This is kind of unusual and tells us that our relationships and what we want/value and what we will do to get/keep (Mars) what we want/value (Venus)  - will be back under the microscope for much of the year.

This time we will have Mars in Aquarius (9 degrees) backing into Capricorn (through 28 degrees) from late June through the end of August.

If you have planets or points between approx 28 Capricorn through 9 Aquarius or any late degree cardinal energy into early degree fixed energy (approx 28 Aries, Cancer or Libra through approx 9 degrees Taurus, Leo or Scorpio) - you will be working through some story/chapter during this transit regrading the themes of your natal Aquarius/Capricorn houses or Mars themes - initiative, action, passion, anger, violence.

This will also be eclipse season, so anything can happen - expect fireworks, and I don't mean the 4th of July!

Venus at 10 degrees Scorpio will back through 25 degrees Libra from early October through mid November.

If you have planets or points in your natal chart within those degrees or any mid degree fixed energy through late degree cardinal energy (approx 10 degrees Taurus, Leo or Aquarius through approx 25 degrees Aries, Cancer or Capricorn) - you will be working through some story/chapter during this transit regarding the theme of your natal Scorpio and Libra houses and/or Venus themes - love, money, values, self-esteem.

Now, because Jupiter and Neptune are both in water signs in 2018 - they will be trining (brakes off) each other. This will be somewhat in play most of the year and exact in late May and late August (we had the first of these aspects on December 2nd). Water signs ensure whatever is happening we will feel it - our emotions will be fully engaged. Think about what these planets do - Neptune dissolves boundaries and Jupiter expands whatever it touches. What are the themes of your natal Scorpio and Pisces houses? This is where the BRAKES ARE DIS-ENGAGED. Is this great news or a slippery slope? This is excellent energy for deep healing, creativity and compassion - also for an obsession/addiction/illusion/lie to drift quietly out of control ....
Another big change brewing in 2018 happens toward the end of the year.

In early November 2018, the North Node (our collective way forward) moves from Leo (heart, ego, self) into Cancer (home, family, security) and the South Node (what we are leaving behind) moves from Aquarius into Capricorn.

Yes, the South Node (been there, done that) will be in Capricorn during a very Capricornian time!

This will push us to release unfavorable Capricorn tendencies, at just the right time (divine timing is magical) - hierarchy, tyranny, caution, pessimism, extreme ambition, conventionality, severity, materialism, isolation

and focus us (if we want to be working with the path of least resistance) on the sign of Cancer.

Think about the symbol for the sign of Cancer - the crab. The crab is a fragile sea creature who must somehow create a life where she is not a seagull's dinner. So what does she do? She grows a shell, a protective barrier between her tasty little body and the seagull's mouth.

This works for a while. But a girl has to eat and when she does she outgrows the shell that has worked so well for her. She needs to release that shell and grow a larger shell (this process of molting is fascinating, if you are interested read about it here) or she will not survive. 

So she can't survive without her shell, but she can't grow (and survive!) with it either. Sound familiar? No? Read some Brene Brown before next November!

A king crab may molt 20 times in its lifetime - that's a whole lot of change of households/barriers!

If we think about that shell - well, it needs to be strong, but not too strong. If her shell was solid as a rock she would never be able to shed the damn thing and as she grew ... well, whatever would happen inside that shell, it would not be pretty I can promise you that.

Her very life depends on her ability to construct the minimal, yet most effective, armor/security. So will ours.

This is kind of what we will be working toward - through the Cancerian issues of : mothering, motherhood, mothers, vulnerability (think about our defenseless crab during molting season), nurturing, self-care, home, family, emotions, safety, security, patriotism, country.

The Capricorn/Cancer polarity is really all about safety and security - our way forward will be through the emotional waters of CANCER. We will talk about this as we move through it.

For now though, our collective path of least resistance, is still all about that fiery Leo lion - being brave, standing tall, following our heart toward our natural limelight.

Speaking of Cancer, let's come back from the future, because we have the Cancer Full Moon on New Year's and we are waxing toward that energy now. Expect a big post on this 'Mama-Bear' Moon!

For today, the Moon is void pretty much all day - not a good day to start anything new if you want 'something to come of it'. Void Moons are not good times to launch things because the Moon needs to be aspecting something else to get results. With the Moon by itself we would just dream our life away.

Before her void the Moon is sextiling Chiron (healing), opposing Jupiter (biting off more than we can chew?) and trining Pluto. The trine to Pluto is her last move marking this day as AMBITIOUS - although I guess most people are in holiday weekend mode and will miss this.

Exalted in Taurus with the brakes off to transformational Pluto in industrious Capricorn makes this good energy for business.

The Moon moves into Gemini for the weekend bringing a sense of 'busy-ness'. Good for errands and communication. There are some stressful aspects with Saturn, Neptune and the Sun - so keep a clear head and your feet on the ground.

On New Year's Eve, the Moon is again void, this time her last aspect is a sextile (opportunity) to revolutionary, 'won't be caged in' Uranus so we will feel best doing our own thing. 

Freak flags will fly, people!

The Moon will move into Cancer in the later evening EST so my guess would be alot of people will be staying in, going home early or hiding out in that shell they are preparing to molt!

xo all

(we will talk about the eclipses - which start in JANUARY! - in the final 2018 post with links to the Uranus transits for our anonymous guinea pigs volunteers)

Astrology Forecast for Creatives | Week of December 25th - Merry Christmas, committing to reality, avoiding addictions/escape, healing through helping, start meditating, making art, the third time is the charm, news about the future

merry christmas from sully
Merry Christmas Week!

On MONDAY, Venus leaves flirty Sagittarius and enters "I do give a damn about my reputation" (apologies to Joan Jett) "serious as a heart-attack" Capricorn (thru January 19th).

Capricorns and Capricorn Ascendants find themselves more attractive - both easier on the eye and able to attract what they want.

Everyone's Capricorn natal houses become more attractive, too.

Venus immediately bumps into Saturn (both at zero degrees Cappy), ruler of Capricorn - so everything gets very sober, very quickly. Maybe we literally run into a serious, practical person or someone well-versed in whatever it is we need to have/learn/know to assimilate all this Capricorn (Saturn is in Capricorn for the next two and a half years, folks).

Someone/something to help us "get a grip" on life/winter.

This is us making a commitment to accepting reality. We get ahead with a realistic approach to what we want.

This could also be a time when partnerships (Venus) are tested (Saturn).

Maybe our insecurities are brought to our attention via other people and outer circumstances. We are re-structuring the way we relate to other people - and so is everyone else - so we may not be as available to each other as we would like. Saturn can make us feel lonely even in a crowded room. People will be attracted to whatever makes them feel most secure. Insecure people/situations will be pushed to the sidelines. And, yes, that sounds cold. It is cold. Winter is cold. Keep this in mind.

With Venus meeting Saturn at zero degrees Capricorn (a cardinal sign that initiates) things started now will either be long-lasting or grind to a halt (Saturn) right out of the gate.

I predict (where's that crystal ball?) an unprecedented number of wedding proposals (love-Venus, commitment-Saturn) this holiday season along with an unprecedented number of "um ... no" refusals. (love-Venus, no-Saturn). Venus in Saturn will be looking for quality and have one eye on your gene pool and the other eye on the top of that mountain (will the person doing the proposing be able to help us get there?) - that ring had better be a real diamond and at least two carats. That could leave a whole lot of people/situations not quite measuring up.

Our comfort-zone (Venus) becomes more confined and structured (Saturn). We are more conservative with our resources - love, money, time. I also predict (where IS that crystal ball?) an unprecedented number of returns after the holiday season, especially for items purchased in November, now that reality is kicking in.

The Moon is Void pretty much all day, so don't begin anything brand new. If you are single and meet a guy at your family Christmas dinner, not sure how this would be possible unless you are looking to date your cousin Bob (?) - but if you do manage this somehow, he will almost certainly be older than you, more serious than you and probably a better dresser.

On TUESDAY, the Moon is in Aries making us more energetic and probably head-strong for the next couple days. We could be 'fired-up' about something. We have the first quarter Moon bringing some tension/crisis point regarding whatever we started at the New Moon (December 17th). This happens every month - whatever is seeded NEEDS something to push against at this point in its life cycle. The Aries Moon trines (brakes off) Mercury (in Sagittarius) in the P.M. - good energy for get-togethers and conversations/communications focused on Sagittarius themes - travel, foreign issues, high education, our beliefs, the media, publicity, legal, religion, politics.

The Sun conjuncts Black Moon Lilith in Capricorn (5 degrees). This could shine a light on abuse of power or the pissed off/will not be controlled woman.

On WEDNESDAY, we could wake up drained and stressed from a Moon square Pluto that we mostly slept through, bringing the energy for possible power struggles/compulsions/manipulations into our morning. Let's pace ourselves today and give people a break. The Moon moves into Taurus in the evening focusing us on material things and comfort - get a massage, take a long bath, cook a healthy meal.

The big news now, and this is in play all week, exact on THURSDAY, is Mars (in Scorpio) trining (brakes off) Neptune (in Pisces). This is wonderful energy for deep compassion and healing. We heal (ourselves and others) by helping and taking action. Excellent energy for making art or initiating a meditation practice. Or taking action with someone who is confined/hospitalized(?). Or even seeing some good movies.

This energy will kind of mellow-out the entire week.

The fly in the ointment - it will be too easy to slip into addictive/escapist actions. We don't want to drink/eat/internet our way through the holidays.

We have the urge to merge now. Let's just make sure we are merging with something healthy. 

On FRIDAY, we have the FINAL (of three due to Mercury's recent retrograde) Mercury (in Sagittarius) trine to the North Node (in Leo).

So, now we have had time to go back over the information/conversation/idea that came to our attention around November 19th. We have the information we need to make a decision/come to a conclusion/move something forward, etc. Progress can be made. Think (Mercury) about the future (North Node). We can hear just what we need to hear. The right words can ease things into place. The right book can fall off the shelf and into our lap. News comes in that sets us on our path.

If we need to ask again or take a third look at something, let's do that. Mercury won't be covering totally new ground for a while longer, but after today we really do know all we need to know about this thing.

By the weekend the Moon is in multi-tasking Gemini - prepare to be BUSY.

xo all

I will finish the look ahead at 2018 this week and, fingers crossed, the Uranus transits! Merry Christmas everyone.

Jupiter Squares the Nodes, Venus into Capricorn Conjunct Saturn | the only thing between us and our heart's desire is ... Santa Claus? getting serious about what we are worth

Santa claus by anpan-man

Merry Christmas Eve everyone!

Today we have Santa Claus (Jupiter) in Scorpio squaring the North Node in Leo and the South Node in Aquarius.

There is a situation that needs to be worked through before we move forward. It could seem bigger than it actually is though. The Node action this year has been moving us toward our heart and the people/situations/things we love/are proud of/need to make center stage (Leo) and away from life's distractions, detachment, outgrown groups, escapist technology and the ways we fade into the background (Aquarius).

With Jupiter in murky Scorpio there could be a deep revelation now or some kind of muddy sticking point we need to get over, around or through.

Tomorrow (Merry Christmas) Venus (love, money, our values, self-esteem, beauty) moves into Capricorn and bumps right into Capricorn's ruling planet Saturn. And Venus is Saturn's daughter.

Nothing screams FAMILY REUNION like this one.

Gatherings, especially between younger and older people (or Libra/Taurus and Cappy-oriented folks), could be a bit more serious or traditional than usual, but maybe also more stable and practical.

We could be feeling safe and secure like we have just been tucked in at night with a hot cup of cocoa and our favorite footed pajamas

or maybe that snuggly feeling is a bit TOO much and that warm, fleece blanket is more like a straight-jacket?

We could be the one standing there like Ralphie in that bunny suit waiting for someone else to give us permission to slip it off.

The best way through any rough spots - just take responsibility (Capricorn) for what you are worth/bring to the table (Venus) - don't forget the green beans if you are supposed to bring the green beans and don't get into the damn bunny suit in the first place.

Money/resource issues could be finalized now. Boundaries will be set. Commitments (love and financial) will be made. I would expect lots of marriage proposals this holiday season!

After the holidays Venus in Capricorn will be about us getting serious with what we really value and who and what we are allowing to consume our precious resources. Some people, especially women, could be feeling the effects of time over the next few weeks.

Habits that corrode our resources (including our self-esteem) will need to be worked through. Capricorn loves work though so we will be up to it! I have warned against over-spending - winter is here - please take this seriously.

The stuff that has been just floating around our perimeter will insist on being MADE REAL. Venus in Capricorn, an earth sign, is excellent for manifesting (through time and work) what we WANT.

Saturn nearby will make this "building something that lasts" energy even more potent. We'll talk about this after the holidays.

First we need to get past Santa Claus today.

And you know he has been really packing in the holiday cookies and could be an even larger roadblock than usual to bypass.

Just remember - and get the kids out of room for this one - his girth is no more reality than the planet Jupiter itself which is made entirely of gases.

Issues could seem bigger than they actually are now. Or maybe we are just expecting too much. Problems and delays may cut into our plans a bit, but maybe the plans were just too BIG to begin with? Things don't have to be all or nothing.

A 'no' now might really be a 'not just yet'.

Our faith can get us through here. In some space in our life less is more now ...

xo and Merry Christmas Eve!

Winter Solstice Conjunct Saturn | longest night of the year, Mercury standing still, tradition, accomplishment, report card time

come see inside my bones by natalia drepina

Happy Solstice everyone!

Doesn't it feel better to call the Winter Solstice the longest night rather than the shortest day?

The shortest day sounds like I am missing out on something. The longest night sounds like I can lie in bed and finish my book and still get a good night's sleep.

This is a good time during the busy holiday season to take stock of where we are, what we've done and where we are going.

This is the time of the season, especially this year with Saturn joining the Cappy party, when melancholy can set in.

We have to remember when looking at the bad stuff that was or the good stuff that never was - to own the fact we have survived it!

We are still here!

In Capricorn, the Sun gets serious. We are heading into the serious time of year - the time our ancestors could starve if they hadn't stocked up properly or catch a cold that would turn into pneumonia.

(Can a cold turn into pneumonia? I am one of those people who think it can, although I guess the cold has just left our lungs in a weakened state. I also think I can catch a cold from getting wet on a cold day, although science, and my local doctor, tells me it doesn't work that way. I know it happens though.)

If they hadn't prepared for winter, they wouldn't survive.

They would celebrate the Winter Solstice and go into hibernation for a few weeks (exhausted from the harvest, escaping the cold and, intuitively, the germs, too, I'm sure), venturing back out sometime mid-Aquarius season for some social interaction and hoping to trade whatever they still had plenty of to restock whatever had grown scarce.

This is true for us today, too. Without structure, responsibility and discipline - mandated by Capricorn's ruling planet Saturn - we'll be in trouble when the cold settles in and the stuff we need to survive is covered with two feet of snow and ice.

Today is the Capricorn ingress (Sun into Capricorn) and sets up the next 3 months. I can't remember a Capricorn ingress with the Sun conjunct Saturn (Capricorn's ruler).

It seems the time between today and the new astrological year (Sun into Aries) is going to be serious. It is also excellent energy to be building something, likely from the ground up, that will last.

Saturn isn't about rushing and neither is Capricorn. We can catch our breath, take stock of where we are and what we have (probably more than we think we do) before starting this new chapter.

Mercury stations direct tomorrow. He has been pretty much standing still all week and is uber powerful - imagine putting your finger through a lit candle flame, you are OK if you keep your finger moving, but if you halt your hand over the flame then you are suddenly not so OK. Ouch.

His stationary energies (the fleet footed messenger, he rules all forms of transportation) often seem to increase transportation accidents and acts of violence using transportation within the collective.

We can help to alleviate some of this by choosing to consciously release a bit of the Mercury stuff we are carrying in our own lives that needs to go.

Maybe the wrong word we said at the wrong time. The conversation we didn't have. The email we didn't send or the one we did and wish we hadn't. The idea that didn't work out. The research we didn't do. The thought that stopped us in our tracks and so we quit or the thought that kept us going when we should have quit. The sibling crap. The lemon or 'beyond our pocketbook' car we bought when we knew better. The times we were less than neighborly.

When we personally let go of shadow Mercury the collective Mercury shadow has less to work with/release during these intense times.

Drive carefully and with a cool head. Take care with machinery.

The Sun meeting up with Saturn is our annual report card time. I still can't believe it is happening at the Winter Solstice!

Once a year these big guys meet up and we get to see clearly what is really happening in our world and in the collective.  

A light (the Sun) is thrown on reality (Saturn).

If things are not going well, if stuff is falling apart, if we are beating our head against the wall - these are all signs we need to change direction. 

If things are going well, if we have achieved something, there will be rewards now for a job well done. 

With Saturn (hard work, commitment, time, responsibility) so close to the Sun (our life force) there will be limits to whatever we are dealing with. 

If our relationships are stifling or non-supportive or money is tight (Venus is going to hit this space on Monday) we will feel it.

The good news, if things are not going well, is changes made now can smoothly and simply move us toward different timelines. We are at ground zero.

A new semester always starts after report cards are given out. We all get a fresh start. We don't get a do-over though. That report card is on its way home to Dad. Doing the same thing we did before will not work.

Doing something new gives the energies at play something to work with!

Our muses grow tired of seeing us bang our heads against the wall, too. They whisper to us to go outside and shovel the snow (stretched muscles create the space for us to stretch ourselves in other ways, too).

I was born during one of these Saturn/Sun conjunctions (I have these planets within 1 degree) so can't really feel this energy clearly because I am always feeling it - it's background noise and probably a bit like carrying a stern father around in my head. And yes, he sounds like Dumbledore and likes to be called "Albie" ... but only by me.

This is a good time to care for the basic structures of our life - the stuff that supports us.

We are living in a time of disintegrating safety nets, but there are things we can do to give ourselves a steadier ground to walk on. It could be as simple as cleaning our house and putting in place sustainable systems to keep it clean. The same could be said about our money/resources.

What astrological house holds 0 degrees Capricorn in our natal chart? This area of life is being brought to our attention now.

Saturnian issues around aging, tradition, heritage, the past, ambition, authority, business, government, sobriety, depression, our physical bones, skin and teeth could be in the spotlight now as Saturn sits with the Sun.

This is the longest night of the year - what are we going to do with all this darkness? Christmas tree lights can help. Christmas tree lights always help.
If you have planets or points around 0 degrees of the cardinal signs - Capricorn, Aries, Cancer or Libra - you will feel this Solstice energy strongest.

xo all

(of course in other parts of the world it is the longest day of the year! I wonder how it must feel to lay on a beach today? I would like to find out!)

Saturn into Capricorn | get off the fence/the couch/our ass .. or be pushed off

Climb by little-moonshine
Saturn moves into Capricorn tonight, the sign he rules, for the first time in 28 years. He will be in this space until March 2020. Saturn is the planet of authority and structure and limits and hard work and responsibility.

We have been talking about this transit for years. 

Simply put when a planet transits a house it requires us to embody (we are these energies made manifest, after all) its energy into that area of our life.

If we fail to do/embrace this energy we will always meet it outside ourselves. This "meeting it outside ourselves" stuff will almost certainly be harder.

So, we get off the fence/the couch/Pinterest. We do the work. If we are doing the wrong work - roads will shut down, detour signs will go up and we will be required to head in a new direction. It will be obvious.

Saturn gives us the chance to step into our responsibility - to literally claim it into being.

This is not the time to procrastinate. This is not the time to be lazy. This is not the time to be passive- aggressive. This is not the time to spend all our money on holiday presents other people do not even need. Winter is coming. Eating that last can of beans is not a good idea.

Remember pressure makes diamonds, but pressure also creates depression.

This energy might not feel so good. Saturn can be depressing because it is quite literally like a weight pressing down on us.

We will always, always though look back at Saturnian transits and see that we have accomplished a great many things. The earnings will be long-lasting.

Remember, if things get to feel like too much over the next couple years in a certain area of your life, that Saturn also rules time.

Saturnian rewards require patience.

Things don't get built overnight because they are being built to last.

We all have Saturn within us already - this energy is not unfamiliar to any of us. Yes, he gets stronger now, but he also gets more stable. Over the next few years there will be fewer and fewer days when we do not know what to do. We will know what we have to do.

This is not really a time in our collective history to be "comfortable".

If you are feeling comfortable I would question your perception of your reality

(you could certainly be joyous though and I hope you are).

This could be the time when, if we thought things were just going to take care of themselves - we find out they did not.

I wrote about Saturn's transit of Capricorn through the houses in the weekly HERE. And, of course, we will talk about this transit as we move through it. It's a fresh start for all of us!

The Moon is void for most of the day tomorrow so get stuff done today.

xo all

Astrology Forecast for Creatives | Week of December 18th - HUGE week, New Moon, Saturn home to Capricorn through the houses, Winter Solstice, Mercury stations direct, stepping into our authority, moving on, thoughts become things

through the distance by Julie of the world tree

This is a BIG week with a New Moon, Saturn's move home to Capricorn, the Winter Solstice, and Mercury stationing direct!

First, late tonight (Sunday) at 1:30 EST we have the Sun and Moon meeting up in Sagittarius.

This is a powerful New Moon - I wrote more on the Moon HERE - ruled by Jupiter and conjunct Saturn happening at a time when Saturn, the Sun and Moon are all sitting very near the Galactic Center. Although this is a NEW Moon offering a fresh beginning and fresh energy in our Sagittarius house - it is also an excellent time for releasing outworn beliefs as Saturn makes his final moves through this sign before coming home to Capricorn on Tuesday.

The situations/activities/problems we are dealing with at the New Moon are not new situations, but the Moon's trines to both Uranus and Pallas (both in fiery initiative Aries) shows us we have access to new and innovative solutions.

Try something else. Make a new game plan. Write down what you want to have happen/what you want to do next/what you want to receive/what you are ready to give.

This New Moon coming at the end of Sagittarius gives us the advantage of hindsight. What has this past month's Mercury retrograde taught us? What has been on our mind? What information has come in or been clarified for us? How can those teachings be applied now?

However we use this New Moon energy the results will begin to be felt quickly.

Saturn's move into Capricorn will solidify our words/ideas and when Mercury stations direct at the end of the week we will see developments and receive answers/decisions.

On MONDAY, the Capricorn Moon is ambitious. We can get alot done. Wrap up those holiday loose ends, too.

On TUESDAY, Saturn ingresses into his home sign of Capricorn at 11:50PM EST. Saturn has been uber uncomfortable the last couple years in Sagittarius answering to Jupiter. Now, for better and for worse Saturn can be Saturn. Collectively, the things he rules - government, big business, large institutions, the underpinnings of society - can get more stable and more stuck - although we still have Pluto moving through Capricorn (2008-2023) clearing out the dead wood. Rules are enforced. Daddy comes home.

Saturn rules authority and wants everyone to pull themselves up by their bootstraps. Let's hope we have some bootstraps - I think I left mine at a dry cleaners in 1997.

In our individual lives the beliefs we have been refining during Saturn's journey through Sagittarius become real for us, from the ground up, during these years in Capricorn. This means we have to take responsibility for them.

The way we believe life works becomes the way life actually works.

Our Sagittarius natal house gets freed up from Saturn's restriction. So yes, your problems are over and yes, there is a whole new set of problems over there. But at least they will be new problems/challenges/adventures!

His move out of Sagittarius will feel good, because this is a house we are not so naturally structured and regulated. If we have used Saturn well the last two and a half years we could see rewards for our past efforts come in now.

(NOTE - depending our your individual natal chart Saturn may not actually be moving house this week, for example in my own chart Saturn won't exit my 2nd house (hallelujah!) for my third until he gets to 18 degrees Capricorn. So although I will feel his shift into Capricorn - ruler of my 3rd house - I will feel it again, probably stronger, when Saturn actually arrives in my 3rd house (did I say hallelujah?!)

The other thing to keep in mind is that Saturn moving home to Capricorn AFTER the New Moon in Sagittarius - with Saturn in Sagittarius - may delay some of these changes a bit over the next 6 months as we work through the New Moon energy.

Saturn in Capricorn will require everyone to walk their talk. Responsibilities and limits will be defined. Do this, get that. Don't do this, that falls apart. I have said before our natal Capricorn house is an area of life we already take seriously.

Yes, winter is coming. But, trust me, unless you have been partying your way through the canned beans like it's 1999, your pantry is stocked

Here's how this could play out for you. If you know your rising sign (and you should know your rising sign) - that one could be more accurate than your Sun sign - check both:

ARIES (Capricorn 10th house) - Saturn coming home to your 10th house of career/public image says it is time to take this stuff seriously - yes, I know you already take this stuff seriously Aries! But, now you will be required to step up to the plate, step into your responsibility, change what isn't working to see results - there will be rewards over the next two to three years for the hard work you put into this area of life. Any slacking off/shortcuts will come back to bite you in the butt. If you are dragging around a dead career Saturn will see to it that it gets a nice funeral. A brand new career is possible. You might have to build it from the ground up.

TAURUS (Capricorn 9th house) - Saturn coming home to your house of travel, higher education, foreign people/places, legal issues, publishing, weddings, the media says it is time to take this stuff seriously. Sober and dedicated efforts made in any of these directions will pay off over time. A half-assed attempt at anything here will land you on it. For your sake I hope it's bouncy. The best news for you may be that Saturn is 'exiting stage left' your 8th house of other people's resources/money, debts, loans, taxes, sex, intimacy, reproduction, so situations dealing with these issues will start to ease up and rewards will come in for your hard work over the last three years within these areas. Do I hear a collective Taurean sigh of relief? YES!

GEMINI (Capricorn 8th house) - Saturn coming home to your 8th house of other people's resources, sex, death, intimacy, debts, taxes, loans, inheritance, spouse's income says it is time to take this stuff seriously. What is mine? What is theirs? What is ours? Over the next two and a half to three years these issues will become more clearly defined. I am not going to sugar-coat this, this is a tough transit. You have had Saturn in your relationship house for the last couple years, and that hasn't been a picnic either. Alot of what happens now will depend on what you worked through then. A relationship could end or maybe the intimacy just kind of fades to black for a bit. Now stuff has been known to "rise from the ashes" in the 8th house, but it is going to take work. And that is OK. The 8th house is your natural Capricorn house - the space you have always had to work - so now you have Saturn to give you a wall to push against. The wall is your friend. You've got this thing Gemini!

CANCER (Capricorn 7th house) - Saturn coming home to your 7th house of partnerships says it is time to take this stuff seriously. Relationships started over the next couple years could bring you additional responsibilities. Business partnerships will require firm rules of duty and obligation and firm boundaries. Existing relationships will become more clearly defined as parties become more self-sufficient and self-governing. If you are relying on someone else for something you should be doing for yourself or carrying for yourself, that kind of dependency will end. Committed relationships could strengthen and casual relationships could commit. Anything less than that will fade to black. Saturn's 'exit stage left' from your 6th house of health and your day-to-day routine should lighten your load in these areas. Whew!

LEO (Capricorn 6th house) - Saturn coming home to your 6th house of health and your day-to-day routine says it is time to take this stuff seriously. What you eat, how you move your body, what you do everyday, any health issues will require your committed focus. This is an excellent transit (the next three years) to "get your act together". Tend to medical issues as they crop up. Take care of yourself. There could be changes in your daily routine due to increased responsibilities/work load. Saturn is 'exiting stage left' your 5th house of children, romance, creative projects - something here that has required your hard work has peaked/culminated.

VIRGO (Capricorn 5th house) - Saturn coming home to your 5th house of children, creative projects, FUN and romance says it is time to take this stuff seriously. This is the Leo ruled house we have been talking about all year - what does your heart want? Well, you are about to find out dear Virgo. This stuff won't come easy - you are going to have to work for it and plan for it, but Saturn assures that much can be accomplished here if you step into your responsibility. Saturn is 'exiting stage left' your 4th house of home and family so pressure here will start to ease up.

LIBRA (Capricorn 4th house) - Saturn coming home to your 4th house of home and family says it is time to take this stuff seriously. The cracks in your foundation will be mended over the next three years or the whole place will be torn down. Additional responsibilities within the home or for family members is likely. Home businesses will require additional time commitments and hard work to succeed. Family situations will worsen if neglected. If you move homes during this transit the move is likely to be long-lasting and bring stability. Be sure any home renovations are done with quality products and responsible vendors.

SCORPIO (Capricorn 3rd house) - Saturn coming home to your 3rd house of communication, writing, speaking, the local community, siblings, transportation says it is time to take this stuff seriously. Thoughts become things now so think about what you are thinking about. Words need to be more deliberately used. Relationships within your local community or with siblings become more sober. You could be required to step up or into your own authority in some way. Learning, teaching, writing will bring rewards but require hard work. Official documents will be signed. Verbal and written commitments should be taken very seriously because they will be built to last. Saturn's 'exit stage left' of your 2nd house of finances should ease up the pressure here.

SAGITTARIUS (Capricorn 2nd house) - Saturn coming home to your 2nd house of finances, self-esteem and personal resources says it is time to take this stuff seriously. Start a budget. Do it now. Know where your money is coming from and where it is going. Streamline. Trim the fat. Saturn will firm up your financial foundation by requiring you to be responsible and disciplined with your resources. The best news for you is Saturn is exiting your sign - YAY! - the things you have worked hard with and committed to over the last two and half to three years will bring rewards now. 

CAPRICORN (Capricorn 1st house) - Saturn is coming home to your 1st house of yourself dear Capricorn. You are used to Capricorn/Saturnian energy because you have marinated in it since birth. Unlike the other signs when Saturn comes to call - you are ready for him! His move into your first house could require you to step into a new responsibility and deal with added pressure and authority. Your entire persona could change over the next three years. You will be ambitious. Well, OK, more ambitious. Is that possible Capricorn? There's that mountain. Here you are. Enjoy the view, because I know you are going to reach the top!

AQUARIUS (Capricorn 12th house) - Saturn coming home to your 12th house of what is happening behind the scenes and what is hidden from view says it is time to take this stuff seriously. Make the time to be alone. Make the time to meditate. Do charity work. Something will be pulled out of the closet and worked through during Saturn's stay here. Something major will end to free up the time/space. Saturn here is preparing you for the years ahead when Saturn moves into Aquarius on March 21, 2020. You will be ready!

PISCES (Capricorn 11th house) - Saturn coming home to your 11th house of friendships, groups and the internet says it is time to take this stuff seriously. Some friendships will end and others will become more committed. Your relationship to the "group" may require you to step into added responsibility and pressure. The good news for you dear Pisces is Saturn is 'exiting stage left' your 10th house of career so work pressures will start to ease up. Changes to your career are possible - if something ends now, it is meant to end - let it go. Rewards for your hard work at work could come in now, too.

On WEDNESDAY, the Moon is void all day so not a good time to start anything brand new. Venus will be trining Uranus which is good energy for social activities.

On THURSDAY, the Sun moves into Capricorn marking the Winter Solstice and the shortest day of the year. I will do a post. With Saturn near by this could be a more somber/reflective time than usual, but "serious" is the new black folks. An active Mars in the morning could make everyone testy. Walk away from any potential confrontations.

On FRIDAY, Mercury stations direct in Sagittarius. Answers come in. Decisions are made. Life moves forward. I will do a post.

By the end of the first week of January we will have all the planets, even Uranus, moving direct! 2018 should feel "new" right away - as opposed to the last couple years when we had so much of the sky retrograde we were kind of dragging ourselves forward with one eye on the rear-view mirror.

This year it will be full steam ahead.

xo all

New Moon in Sagittarius | starting from an older wiser position, growing younger, shaping the energies for the quest ahead, the ducks start lining up, that new door to the left where'd that door come from?

...... by Frozen-photo

We have our annual New Moon in Sagittarius at 1:30AM Sunday night.

This Moon will bring us back (emotionally/maybe literally), as it bangs up against previous Mercury retrograde touchstones, to late November/early December when Mercury squared Chiron, trined Uranus and conjuncted Saturn - all things the Moon is doing now!

Our Mercury retrograde re-visions, re-works, questions and answers play into this one. So, we have the energy of the New Moon, very late in the game, but likely at the time when we can make the best use of it!

The Sun and Moon are at 26 degrees Sagittarius - conjunct the Galactic Center (!), conjunct Saturn (moving home to Capricorn two days later), squaring Chiron (in Pisces) and trining Uranus and Pallas (in Aries).

Now Sagittarius is a mutable sign. The mutable signs prepare us for the change into the next season and this Moon really has her work cut out for her!

New Moons are the time to set new intentions and working with Sagittarius themes (and the themes of your Sagittarius natal house) allow the natural energies to work with us.

As the Moon naturally waxes (grows) over the next two weeks, and really over the next 6 months, so does whatever our intentions set into motion.

Sagittarius is a fun-loving sign (ruled by Jupiter and ruler of our 9th house) that rules travel, freedom, adventure, legal issues, higher education, politics, the media, good luck, faith, religion, weddings, optimism, truth seekers, boldly going where no man has gone before, the quest  - it also rules carelessness, taking shortcuts, thinking we are right, making assumptions, throwing pink paint on problems and hoping they will go away, overconfidence, impatience and superficial fluff.

Besides the monthly lunar energy of "new beginnings" this particular Moon has its own relationship with the other players in the heavens based on its position.

Yes, this is a NEW BEGINNING focused on our QUEST, but since this is happening at the end of Sagittarius and we are about to step into so much Capricorn, we will not be able to ignore the reality of our current situation.

We will not be able to skip steps or bypass any regulations. If we "do not pass GO, we will not collect our $200". Those tall buildings Sagittarius likes to leap, well we can still get to the top but we are going to have to take the stairs. Eat your veggies and do some stretches first.

The square to Chiron lets us know something here is going to hurt. Maybe something isn't the way we want it to be. We could be reminded of wasted time and resources. Whatever this is, it matters. Don't sweep it under the rug because Saturn is coming in with a Dyson.

Feel the pain. It's the price of our ticket for this ride on Planet Earth. Let's resolve to do better. We always, always get another chance.

The trine to Uranus lets us know there is something exciting and innovative about this New Moon energy and yes, it could take us by surprise. Maybe it is something involving the internet or the group or a cause. Maybe it is simply a fresh idea whose time has come. Head toward that. Yes, we might have some unfinished business here, but we can still set our sights, and take action toward, that. Whatever we do will need to be grounded in reality.

The trine to Pallas (also in Aries and stationing direct just hours before the New Moon) lets us know our re-worked strategies, passions and battle plans will be needed.

With Saturn so close and so strong our options will probably be limited. We have to work with what we have and deal with where we are. We will also have to work with what we have learned in the last month. B has to follow A now and we will likely have one eye on the road ahead and one eye on the rear-view mirror!

The Sagittarius rocket-ship could crash land in a couple days (if it ever gets off the launching pad) and we are going to have to truck our butts (and baggage) onto the Capricorn train that will,

yes, stop at every station, and yes, require us to work our butts off and even toss our backs out now and then when we need to shovel coal into stalled engines and clear snow from icy tracks. 

BUT the train's slower pace will allow us to notice/experience things we would have missed on our rocket ship ride and when we arrive at our destination (in about 2.5 years) we will be stronger and sager. Guaranteed.

There is so much happening next week I wanted to get this post up early.

If you do not always do your New Moon intention setting, it is a good idea to DO THIS ONE.

The North Node is still in heart-centered Leo and this is also a fiery New Moon, let your heart guide you.

As always, write your New Moon intentions down by hand in script. Use strong ink and a clean sheet of paper. Do this in a quiet, respectful manner in a clean space. Vesta is still near enough to Jupiter and Jupiter is the ruler of this New Moon. Light a candle, and keep it burning for as long as you safely can, to honor her devotion.

Trust the process. We have cast our spell.

People always say that affirmations "only work if we take action". And this is true, but not in the way most people think because the affirmation is action.

It sets the energy in motion. Words are not just words. If done properly, in the right frame of mind, they line us up energetically with the thing we are seeking.

The new moon is a time of darkness. Think seeds in the ground. Your words are your seeds. Next week is huge so make some time this weekend to think about how you would like to work with this energy.

xo all

Venus Conjunct Mercury | love is in the air, say what you want, balanced communications, balance the books, talking to women, getting along, tell someone you love them

fatigue curves 2 by boratarhan

We have a long Void Moon during the work day today, making this a good day for routine, practiced tasks, but not a good day to start/launch something brand new.

Many people will likely find a way to take the day off.

We have Mercury and Venus together at 17 degrees Sagittarius. They last met up back in mid-March when Venus was retrograde and now they meet with Mercury the one doing his backward thing. This is a nice aspect that makes communications (Mercury) balanced and diplomatic (Venus).

Say (Mercury) what you want (Venus).

No babble allowed now. Choose the words that reflect your most positive position - yes, meaning both certain and covered in pink-paint.

This is Sagittarius we are talking about - BIGGER is better. Be optimistic. 

(words always matter, but especially now, so if you are out to lunch today and biting into a tasty salad - I know you are eating salad right, that's not a donut in your hand is it - instead of saying "this isn't bad", a boisterous "this is delicious!" will attract more deliciousness your way now - truly, try it, this isn't new age hoopla, this is old age magic)

Pay someone a compliment.

Both Mercury (communication, learning, talking, writing, siblings, commerce, language, transportation - of things, people, ideas) and Venus (love, money. beauty. women, self-esteem, our values, attraction) are trining (brakes off) Ceres in Leo.

Ceres is about nurturing, growth, the seasons of our life - mothers, daughters. What are we wanting to grow here? What needs our care and attention? Again this is about our Leo house - the way we are meant to shine in the world. What our heartbeat is seeking that seeks our heartbeat right back. WHAT DO YOU WANT?

Mercury is still retrograde. He spoke with Ceres back on November 16th so this could be about re-thinking/re-hashing a previous conversation, asking again, talking about the issue again. Re-looking at some prior information.

Whatever it is we want - the first seed is always the thought that we want it. Then the words. Venus is making our conversations magnetic now. Be clear. Speak up. Talk to a woman. It will be easier to find agreement because we will feel the need to be in agreement. Balance the books. Talk about money. This energy is good for relationship communications, too. The Void Moon (in Scorpio) could help this along by making conversations intimate enough to be connecting, but not intimate enough for anything disagreeable/too challenging to surface.

Next week we have some of the biggest astrology of the year, so get some rest and have some fun this weekend.

I will write about the week ahead over the weekend. IT'S HUGE.

Tell someone (ok, lots of someones) you love them.

Say what you really want/like/need. Loud and proud.

Call your mother - or thank someone who has mothered you. Call your daughter - or thank someone who has allowed you to mother them. Hug a tree. Thank Mother Earth.

Mercury will trine (brakes off) Ceres one more time on New Year's Eve - this time moving direct - that could be the answer/decision/movement forward - full steam ahead moment set into motion now.

xo all

Venus Trine the North Node | lining up money/ love matters with our heart, journeying with an open heart, giving what we want to get, getting in proportion to what we have given away, born to do this

joan quote
Venus (love, money, beauty, self-esteem, our values) in Sagittarius trines (brakes off) the North Node in Leo (our collective way forward as we follow our heart/Sun).

Now our natal Sagittarius and Leo houses always enjoy an innate ability to work together.

But today's exact lineup of planetary inhabits in these areas at 16 degrees - (where is 16 Sag in your natal chart? where is 16 Leo)

VENUS and the NORTH NODE - give these houses/themes extra oomph.

Maybe with Venus sextiling the South Node - there is some kind of "reward/payback" here for money/love previously spent/given out. Trines can be subtle so the "reward" may not come in the form of a year-end bonus (although it might), but could be more like an internal knowing that things are going to be just fine. A sense of ease.

This would be a good time to give what we are wanting to get

Remember the trine is toward the North Node. The more we are able to do something new, the more we are able to connect with these energies.

If action is required (and it might not be and it certainly won't be big action) - this won't be something we don't want to do.

Leo/the Sun is about following our heart - so this will always be about something that is seeking us because we are equally seeking it. This would be movement toward something that requires us to work our Leo, work our Sun - to be brave and confident, to be creative - something we would be proud to be 'known' for. Something that puts us on our natural 'stage'. That provides us with our innately deserved 'crown'. Whatever these energies are lining up in our lives - we were born to do this.

Mercury is still retrograde promising twists and turns. Sometimes connections with the North Node during a Mercury retrograde could point us in an entirely different direction. Keep your eyes and heart open now. Venus is in Sagittarius so this may be more about the big picture. No matter what has come before for all of us we have many, many more wonderful days ahead.

Saturn comes home to Capricorn in 5 days.

What can we celebrate now?

xo all

Mercury Retrograde Conjunct the Sun | what information is being spotlighted for you? what has come to light? transparency, truth, it ain't over 'til it's over

11835547086 by kosmodisk

Moving backward (from our view on Earth) Mercury hits the halfway point of his/her retrograde - meeting up with the Sagittarius Sun at 17 degrees.

Called the Sun's inferior conjunction to Mercury - information, maybe answers, will 'come to light' now. 

Whatever a retrograde Mercury has us working on re-leasing, re-working or re-vising will be in the spotlight.

Remember that Mercury is still retrograde, so today's 'answer' is not the final, final.

BUT we can trust that what we learn now is the real deal.  

We are not through working with it though.

This aspect is good for giving a fiery (visible) speech. Good for business dealings. Commerce (Mercury) is active (the Sun) - with people making purchases more in line with their beliefs (Sagittarius) and how they see themselves (the Sun). Maybe just shopping for themselves. Our creativity (the Sun) is active and in flux (Mercury). Good for writing. We can do two things at once today and get alot done. People will be busy and active. And opinionated. 

Jupiter is sitting with Vesta at 13 degrees Scorpio - expansion/optimism of what we are devoted to.

Vesta is the Goddess of hearth and home. Her sacred flame in the temple of Vesta was kept alive 24/7 by the Vestal Virgins (Virgin meaning woman who wasn't owned by a man) to warm the city and provide a space of peace and stability.

Vesta has been in deep Scorpio since November 15th (through January 14th) asking us to honor our shadows. This doesn't mean we let our shadow energies (taboo, obsession, secrets, control. manipulation) run the show, but it is time we commit ourselves to understanding/honoring their place in our story.

During this transit we are intended to work with 'what we have been refusing to look at'.....

Sit with the parts of yourself that are fearful. Don't try to change anything. Just imagine yourself creating a warm and safe space for these denied stepchildren. Light a candle. Commit to keeping the fire burning today.

Vesta's meeting with Jupiter now will expand whatever this transit is about for us. If we can collaborate with (not control) Jupiter in Scorpio's incredible power and re-lease the fear/judgement - what would be possible here? Almost anything.

xo all

Mars into Scorpio | strategy, what we do in secret, compulsion, obsession, passion, strengthening our emotions, plastic wire ties

What grows in me by Anina-Bird

The Moon is in Virgo today focusing us on the nuts and bolts of whatever we have going on. If you woke up worrying or focused on a to-do list - this is why. Ha!

Late tonight and really very early Sunday morning we will have Mercury trining Uranus - with Sagittarius and Aries energies in play this is about assimilating an ideal/belief into our personal identity. It could also indicate a sudden change of plans (for the better), meeting new people or unexpected news.

If you sell things, tonight and tomorrow's aspects will be good energy for people to be engaging in commerce (Mercury). Purchases will likely be practical with that Virgo Moon, but they could be impulsive (Uranus).

The big news today if we take a step back is Mars moves from his detriment in Libra into a much stronger position in Scorpio (a sign he once ruled) until January 27th.

With Mars (action, initiative, passion, anger) here we will think about what we are going to do before we do it. Scorpio likes to premeditate. And, yes, that sounds slightly criminal and mostly devious, but this is Scorpio we are talking about! This energy works pretty well with the Mercury retrograde energy we are already dealing with now - re-do, re-visit, re-think, re-vamp, re-define.

We could be doing things in secret. Shh!

Mars here can be good for our physical energy since Scorpio is continually re-generating itself. So, maybe we go to bed exhausted and drained, but somehow we still wake up ready to give the world another go.

Because Scorpio rules our 8th house of compulsions and obsessions we could find our actions driven by our impulses. If you find yourself caught in a loop - STOP - ask yourself - why am I doing this again? why am I so mad? why do I want this so badly? what am I really trying to get?

We can get alot done with Mars in Scorpio (although Mercury retrograde will impact what we are able to accomplish) let's just make sure it is stuff worth doing.

Scorpio is our fixed water sign. It's job is to strengthen our emotions. But fixed water is well, kind of fixed. Think frozen. Think concrete. Think quicksand. It can make it hard to change course if we get too emotionally wedded to whatever it is we are focused on. Just keep in mind Mercury is retrograde. Stay flexible somehow.

If you are heading into the quicksand anyway, keep one hand on a tree branch, like they do in the cartoons, to pull yourself out later. But don't say I didn't warn you if the branch breaks.

Where is Scorpio in your natal chart? That area of life will snap to attention now.

This is also a good time to take action with Scorpio ruled themes - other people's resources, debts, loans, inheritances, mortgages, taxes, insurance payments, intimacy, sex, reproduction, death issues, stuff that is dead in the water (or caught in the quicksand). With Mars blasting through this collective area we will have more energy, initiative and control over these subjects than we usually do. Keep in mind we will also be more passionate about them and easier to anger.

On January 6th, Mars is going to meet up with Jupiter at 17 degrees Scorpio. This will expand whatever actions we have been taking with this Mars energy. So take strategic action from now until then. You have the benefit of astrology to see this magnification coming. Use it wisely.  

And you are smart as a whip. I can see you have already tied yourself to that branch with some of those nylon cables you had left over from hanging the Christmas lights. Smart girl.

xo all

Astrology Forecast for Creatives | let's take a look at 2018 - reality bites back, part II

I Was Broken by Martin Stranka

OK, back to the future!

Chiron moves into Aries in April (until 2026).

Chiron is called the wounded healer. Read the centaur myths for background. Chiron comes from the opposite side of the Sun, from the "otherness/darkness" of outer space. Chiron's placement in our natal chart shows us our own space of "otherness/darkness"; our wounded heritage.

Sometimes when we work with Chironic energies we find we can do more to help other people than we can do to help ourselves.

Chironic happenings make us more healed and more whole AND at the same time they make us more fragile and more vulnerable - so the cure and the wounding are both experienced at the same time.

If you were born with Chiron in Aries, this would show a kind of hypersensitivity to the idea of self in whatever house Chiron shows up. This is a wounding to our self-worth. It can show up as an inability to assert our own needs. It can make us over-reactive and over-sensitive to criticism. Since Aries rules the first house of our physical self - it could even make us accident prone, particularly in regard to accidents involving our head. It can produce headaches or situations we speak of as "a headache".

A musician friend with Chiron in Aries in his 5th house (also North Node 5th house) worked in a music store. The owner of the store wanted him to take on some students and teach them to play the guitar, but he always said no. He just didn't think he could do it, although he told himself he didn't want to do it.

Over the years as his money and joints got tighter and his love of music grew less enthusiastic, he found himself pushed into a corner (Aries requires us to be brave and we often, unless we have strong Aries/Mars in our chart, must have our backs against the wall to act) and finally agreed to try teaching - just "a few" students.

Three years later his 'few' students has grown to 60 students. He is the most sought after music teacher in his city. He teaches the children music, but he also helps them with their self-esteem. They tell him things they don't tell anyone else. They never miss a lesson. Their parents are amazed at the changes in their most bashful children. My friend's joints aren't as achy. His money isn't quite so tight. He is more self-assured, too.

He still has some issues asserting himself outside that classroom though.

Maybe it is something we can never totally 'fix' because it is the fragility, vulnerability and authenticity it opens up in us that is needed (for us and for other people - there is only one of us here) and not the actual healing (for us).

OK, so what does Chiron's move into Aries in 2018 mean to us.

It will bring a focus on our personal accountability to self. It will push into our awareness, any way it can (remember Uranus has just been creating chaos in this space opening everything up), whatever aspect of our personal existence we have abandoned.

Collectively, maybe the Chiron archetype itself morphs as we move into a new cycle with Aries, the first sign, the starting point. Maybe we can move from the 'wounded healer' into more of our own wholeness over the next few years. Surely we will be working with the more Aries/masculine woundedness - the spaces wounded by war and competition.

Some things this could bring up for us since our Chironic wounding is very much an inherited wounding - 1. Patterns we need to release, especially the stuff we have done in the past to keep us safe that is now keeping us stuck. So stuff will happen to us and we will react in our usual ways and either our usual ways will not work or we will see what we are doing in time to be brave (Aries) and do what is most loving and healing for ourselves 2. The childhood pacts and compromises we signed in order to be loved and accepted by others that are not very loving and accepting to us. We are starting a new cycle with all of this stuff. Those contracts have expired. We may find we aren't sure who we are for a while without these types of commitments and that's OK. Again we are starting a new cycle. We might have more questions than answers.

The years between now and 2024 when Pluto moves into Aquarius are a crisis point - crisis meaning both danger and opportunity.

There is alot of energy in 2018 that will focus us on being self-supporting and self-sustaining.

Where is Aries in your natal chart - this will be the house Uranus has been rocketing through the past seven years - something here is ripe for healing. 

The North Node moves into Cancer and the South Node into Capricorn - coming home - in part III.

xo all

Astrology Forecast for Creatives | let's take a look at 2018 - reality bites back, part I

I Found The Silence by Martin Stranka

I have been hesitating to look too closely at 2018 until we get through this month's Mercury retrograde on Saturn and Saturn's ingress into his home sign of Capricorn. Because we don't know what we don't know yet.

Some things are best viewed/felt from a closer perch. That menacing blob in the corner that looks just like the deadly Brazilian Wandering Spider we saw on the Discovery Channel last night from 20 feet away (one has never been spotted in New Jersey, but who knows I am sure they call the tenacious little fellow 'wandering' for a reason, right?) can turn into the rolled up sock we lost doing yesterday's laundry as we get within spitting distance. Of course, there is always that light in the distance that turns out to be a train, too ... so it can pay to be prepared.

Since I am out of a certain size rivet until today's UPS delivery and am pretty much at a production standstill with the donut-making aka locket business, for a few hours, let's take a brief look ahead.

I got back into astrology during a time I was feeling very uncertain about the future (wait, has there ever been a time I didn't feel this way ... uh, probably no!) and wanted to know what was going to happen. What I have discovered is there is not a 'thing that is going to happen'. The future isn't something waiting out there for us to meet up with it - it is more like a collection of possibilities.

Instead of buying into the idea that the future (Age of Aquarius) is either something like a utopian heaven or something like a dystopian hell, maybe we need to be more accepting of the idea that we are living in a magical, unfolding universe that we are influencing but not controlling. We don't get to know "what is going to happen" because there isn't a thing that is "going to happen". Yet.

Now through Astrology, which is a language that speaks through archetypes and patterns, it can seem that it is possible to look ahead because a good puzzle-solver can make some pretty good and often pretty accurate guesses, but guesses are still guesses.

If a dreamy Neptunian person is about to have stabilizing/restrictive Saturn transit her first house an astrologer could know she is about to be 'sobered up' in some sense.

But her lifetime of thoughts and decisions and actions will dictate what this 'sobering up' looks like.

If she is an artist using her Neptunian skills to illustrate a children's book maybe she will pull the book from the bedroom closet (where it had been gathering dust while Saturn transitted her 12th house) and get serious about finishing it. If she has been hiding empty wine bottles in that same dusty closet maybe she will get serious during a DWI arrest. Maybe both things will happen during the transit. Or maybe something else altogether. So we can see the 'sober up', but not so easily the way this sobering up will play out until we get to a closer perch.

That said, let's take a look at 2018 and see what we see while understanding we will get to a closer perch later and things will be clearer.

In or near 2018, four slow moving planets will change signs (very unusual) as well as the Nodes of Fate. Both Venus and Mars will go retrograde (not so common during the same year). We will have five eclipses instead of the usual four. The Aries point will be hit again and again by Saturn and Chiron. Multiple energies move into earth signs. Earth replaces fire. So we see lots of change, lots of feminine energy.

What we know:

Jupiter will be in Scorpio for most of 2018 - deep conversations, radical honesty. We can see what this transit is about within the collective as sexual harassment and unbalanced/corrupted power issues (Scorpio) expand (Jupiter) until the elephant in the room can no longer be ignored. Any similar imbalances within our own lives (intimate and financial) will do the same thing. If you have planets or points in Scorpio, Jupiter will conjunct them in 2018 (if he hasn't already) - if you have planets in Taurus, Jupiter will oppose them, planets in Aquarius and Leo will be squared. You can see how everyone will be impacted by this, but some people to a greater degree than other people. The lessons for this transit will be about authenticity and real power - not being afraid to speak up. Relationships are rock 'n rolling.

Saturn will be in Capricorn in 2018. Saturn was last in Capricorn in 1989 (what was happening in your life then?), he rules Capricorn and is very strong here (he is also the ancient ruler of Aquarius his next stop, so he will be strong for at least five years!). I am writing a big post about this, by sign, for later this month, so am not going to go deeply into it here. This is the 'winter is coming' energy. This is structure, boundaries and limits. Dad's home. So, yes, the party's over (why didn't anyone tell me there was a damn party, why do I always miss the damn party?) and we have to knuckle down and be in by curfew and study for the exam and mow the grass. On the other hand alot of really stabilizing things can get done when dad's home. It can feel good to get enough sleep and be prepared to ace our test and come home to a fresh cut yard.

Uranus will move into Taurus in May 2018. Taurus rules our 2nd house of what we own - our self esteem, our values, our possessions, our money, Mother Earth. Uranus will shake this stuff up for the collective. There could be some kind of shock to the banking system/money markets and/or the planet around mid-May 2018 when Uranus ingresses into Taurus. Over the next seven years the way we use and value money will be totally revolutionized. Over the next seven years the way we use and value Mother Earth will be changed and revolutionized, too. Since we are all part of this collective energy we will be impacted by these changes. Uranus's change of signs will also impact us personally as he shifts into a new space and interacts differently with our natal energies. Wherever he goes we can expect change and a need for greater freedom.

Chiron will move into Aries in 2018.

We'll talk about this in part II. In the meantime don't miss the monthly because December 2017 is a very important month and we don't want to be looking too far ahead just yet (says the girl who is looking too far ahead).

Time to make the donuts.

xo all

I haven't forgotten the personalized Uranus transit (starting May 2018) write-ups for everyone who volunteered - they are almost complete. I think they will be better read after we get through 2017's energies, too.