Full Moon in Scorpio - Sunday, May 3rd | what are we willing to do

We have a Full Moon every month when the Sun and the Moon oppose each other. It offers us two different (and opposite) energies to work with; the energy of the sign the Moon is in and the energy of the sign the Sun is in. With our Sun now in Taurus, we know the Full Moon will be in Taurus's polarity (opposite) sign of Scorpio.

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blog break for truth, justice and the american way

Heads up - taking a blog break next week.

Need to catch up on things after four weeks of jury service and an unknown number of weeks ahead of me.

(yes, I know I'm whining - the worst part - I think I missed my Girl Scout cookie delivery)

Still hoping I get to stand up and shout "YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH!" at someone other than Olive.

xo all and have a wonderful weekend!

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Get It Done | Astrology Forecast for Creatives | Week of April 20th

no clue what that pony is about ....
See my New Moon vision board post HERE

Here's mine ---->

I believe vision boards should be compiled thoughtfully but not too thoughtfully - we want to keep our right brain from gumming up the works as much as possible. This isn't about just grabbing a bunch of pictures of stuff we want. Use the images and words that are calling your name - don't over-think it.

If you'd like to make one during the new phase of the current Aries lunar cycle (which is the astrological new year and an excellent time to do this!) get this done before Wednesday. Stuff is about to get very busy so sooner is better than later because you will run out of time and never get to it!

This week has some great mojo so let's put this energy to good use!

New Moon in Aries | April 18th, 2015 | the courage to create | vision board time!

I believe our astrological birth charts are our contracts and road maps. They are the imprint of the moment we took our first breath - we literally are the universe at exactly that second. In the very next second the heavens move on and we are left holding the light for that previous precious moment in time that will never come again. We hold that light for our entire life for the entire planet.

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Communicating What We Want | Astrology Forecast for Creatives | Week of April 13th

I am headed into my 3rd week of jury duty (three days a week) - it is interesting and exhausting and has actually brought, what I now see as some needed structure to my days even though it is totally wearing me the hell out!

I am going to write about the transits this week a little differently. This may be more useful overall than a daily forecast anyway and it's definitely more fun for me to write!☺

First, on Saturday the 11th, Venus moved into Gemini where she will be hanging out until May 7th, so we will have this energy there for about four weeks.

Recycle JAR LIDS Into Compact Mirrors - Upcycled Tutorial

recycled jar lids
As part of Team EcoEtsy's Trash to Treasure Challenge I made these easy, peasy compact mirrors from jar lids.

Of course, mine are magnetic, but since you may not have the magnets on hand to pull this off - I created some other options, too!

Step 1. Get yourself some jar lids. You may need to raid friends' refrigerators and cupboards for the sizes you need. A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do.

<------ If you don't want to walk around town randomly smearing lipstick on your face - yuck -

you need a mirror.

Hub's pickles look like this now ------->

I told him, "It's this or I go out with lipstick smeared under my nose". Yes, these were his options ... he handed over the lid.

(I somehow still end up with lipstick smeared under my nose though, go figure). 

Step 2. Get yourself some mirrors - hit up your local craft store with that gift card your Aunt Ethel gave you when you "started that crafty business of yours".

Now it goes without saying, but I'll just go ahead and say it, you have to coordinate the sizes here - tops, bottoms and mirrors. Good luck with this.

Step 3. Decide on your style. Lids can be painted, paper or fabric covered or left naked. I like my upcycled thingamajigs to retain some connection to their former life and don't mind carrying a Barilla Pasta Sauce compact mirror (maybe you would - I don't judge).

Writing can sometimes be removed with nail polish remover - check out the one I punched with "Mirror, Mirror ...." in the top photo.

Step 4. For the one sided mirror - simply hot glue the mirror inside the lid (after decorating lid).

For the magnetic compact - glue the magnets in the lids (both sides) - check your polarity (warning shameless plug ahead - have you seen my Polarity Magnetic Lockets - I think you need one) - magnets must be glued in precisely the right places. I'm a magnet expert. You might not be - so go slow and check your polarity AGAIN. Then carefully glue the mirrors on top of the magnets.

If the bottom lid fits tightly into the top lid you can skip the magnets, but you might have trouble opening it.

I glued a tag from a t-shirt partially under the mirror to hang outside the compact and act as a pull tab for me to open it easily.

If your lids don't fit together snugly and you don't want to take out a second mortgage to buy enough magnets to make this all work

(please don't show up at my door with your hand out or sneak into my studio with steel in your pocket and think you can slip out the back without me noticing the magnets stuck to your pants - no one has ever been that happy to see me, believe me, I'll notice)

a nice thick rubberband, ink stamped with some encouraging words will do the trick.

We've Got This Thing | Astrology Forecast for Creatives | Week of April 6th

OK, let's see what we've got happening. We are working through the releasing energy of eclipse season. We need to be focusing on the 'new'. This doesn't have to be a big, bold thing. We gently turn away from the old (the stuff that isn't working - tie up loose ends now) and maybe we take some small step toward the new.

We show up and focus on our new direction.

Happy Easter & Passover!

Wishing everyone a basketful of eggs this holiday - xo all

Saturday's Full Moon Lunar Eclipse and Your Business

We have been in between eclipses since the New Moon Solar Eclipse on March 20th.

March's solar eclipse pushed us toward transformation. Roads not taken and potentials we never manifested have been shut down. Old options are in the past and out of reach. This is working its magic into all our lives in different ways. How quickly we realize this and what we do next is up to us, but any way you slice it - something's over.