New Moon in Taurus April 29th - Solar Eclipse!

Tomorrow's New Moon in Taurus is a solar eclipse!

In olden days solar eclipses scared the hell out of everyone and we still carry a little of that in our DNA I'm sure.

This one has the energy of the Cardinal Grand Cross, so even though a new moon is a time in the dark, a beginning that doesn't always feel like a beginning until later, this one has an extra kick behind it.

People don't always understand Taurus. It is like she is so simple, and these times we live in so complicated, we have made her complicated, too. She isn't.

Taurus is all about the Earth - she is everything grounded.

Taurus is all about sensuality - the touch that feels like love.

Ruled by Venus she coaxes us back into our bodies at the end of a long day with a hot bath, she urges our hands to pick up those tomato plants at the market and get them into the ground, she is the voice that whispers I love you when we stroke the baby's ear with our lips.

Taurus rules our 2nd house of values - everything money can buy and everything money can't buy

We have the sun and the moon in Taurus today and this is the time to ask ourselves "what do we really value?"

This new moon in Taurus is an excellent time to begin a grounding practice, make affirmations and set intentions about:

Money, Contentment, Patience, Self-worth, Releasing Stubbornness, Health Issues regarding your neck, throat and voice in the world

Some I will be working with include:

1. I live in comfortable and enriching surroundings
2. I easily find the time to shop for, prepare and eat nutritious and delicious meals
3. I enjoy and appreciate my life!
4. I slow down and enjoy doing each task with thoroughness
5. The habit of trying to rush results is easily lifted from me
6. I embrace constructive change
7. My neck and thyroid enjoy perfect health
 and then some money affirmations.

 (astrologer Jan Spiller calls them wishes and says to work with 10 at every new moon)

AFFIRMATION TIPS: get into a happy frame of mind - always make affirmations from a  positive place - write your affirmations down by hand in script, speak them out loud - I write my affirmations on strips of paper and burn them, releasing the ashes into moving water - then release your attention from these things knowing that your intention is known. Know these things are already yours.

Also remember affirmations are action -  they set the energy in motion and we are literally creating the affirmation within the energy that is needed to manifest it. 

Words are not just words. If done properly, in the right frame of mind, they line us up energetically with the thing we are seeking.

I started my money work when the sun entered Taurus and have had a few surprises - two unexpected checks in the mail, hubs won the lottery (each win under $10 and growing steadily - he is addicted) four times and

<--- I received this from the girl at my local bank sandwiched between two check registers.

I found it in my bag the next day, briefly considered a quick trip to the bank at midnight with a flashlight - but since I value my freedom more than the bank's loot -

I accept it as a clear signal the cosmic loot is ready to be picked up!

The new moon in Taurus always makes me think about stewardship - the responsible care we take of ourselves, our families, our businesses, our planet - this one feels like an excellent time to do some restful things and just be actually.

Taurus always desires peace, so bringing some symbol of peace into your life right now is very powerful.

(think about what symbolizes peace to you - and get yourself some of that! for me it is a garden, so I grabbed some pics from Pinterest and am getting my supplies this week to start a new one just for cutting flowers; a garden I can watch from my studio window while I work)

Stuff is springing to life all around us now - we show the universe what we value by what we give our attention to - where is your attention today?

xo all

First 10 Goddess Charts Are Out!

I have 14 charts going out this week. 10 I am emailing tonight and the final three by mid-week - we have a new moon Tuesday so I will blog that first.

I will post a little bit from each chart (no names ever, of course) at the end of the week, probably with a link here and the full shebang on the new site. I will still be posting my usual stuff here even if just with a link to the new site until the end of the year- so no worries about missing anything.

I hope I haven't missed anyone, if you don't hear from me by Thursday, don't hesitate to knock me over the head with an email with your info and I will get it done. My gmail account is a bit hard to keep up with at times. A big thanks to all the victims volunteers.

The Goddesses may not seem as important as some natal chart aspects but I have found mine very helpful and  maybe others will, too!

xo all

Asteroid Goddess reports almost done .... first, a little background ....

So, what I am about to do here is a pretty large astrological no-no. Taking celestial bodies like asteroids outside the context of the larger natal (birth) chart is rather treacherous territory.

It is like gathering the spices that have gone into a delicious meal and discussing what was eaten without knowing the meats, fruits and vegetables those spices flavored.

But I am going to plow ahead anyway.

If you were one of the volunteers gracious enough to offer up your birth information and something just doesn't resonate with what I write for you

(and you are over 40 or so, before 40ish these may be archetypes you just haven't met up with yet)

- it could be the spices in your chart are not heavily accented enough without the other ingredients to make total sense to you.

Be assured their energy lives inside you and is playing a part in whatever magic you are unfolding.

The asteroids are a belt of celestial bodies found mostly between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter that were discovered in the 1800's. The first 4 were quickly named after the famous Goddesses - Ceres, Pallas (Athene, Athena), Juno and Vesta. 

In mythology Vesta, Ceres and Juno were the 3 sisters of Jupiter, Neptune and Pluto - all born from the union of Saturn and Rhea. Pallas (Athene, Athena) was Jupiter's favorite daughter (conceived without a mother and birthed from his head - the father's daughter archetype).

Our belief within astrology is that celestial bodies are discovered when our actions on Earth have readied us for them - when our vibration is a match for theirs. 

For example Uranus the planet of freedom and rebellion was discovered in 1781 when we had just experienced the American and French revolutions. Neptune was discovered in 1846 amid the spiritualism and transcendentalist movements. 

(We now have Neptune in Pisces until 2025 - he is a slowpoke that Neptune. Neptune is known as the planet of illusions, dreams and fantasy. It is energetically responsible for the manifestation of the creative imagination. That dreamy creativity, spiritual questioning and yearning to connect with the big picture we are all feeling - yup, that's Neptune moving through Pisces. So we have the potential for mass awakening and also mass delusion with this one. With Neptune everything is not as it appears. 

The collective consciousness, or unconsciousness as the case may be, is more readily accessible now and with Neptune traveling through Pisces life is even more confusing as the veils between the realms of experience become thinner and easier to traverse.

I have Neptune in my first house of self in my birth chart and he started his solid trek into Pisces just a couple weeks after David - my husband's brother with schizophrenia - moved into our house; much of my blog in 2012 is about this experience and all of it is influenced by him. 

I really didn't see them coming - Neptune the planet or Neptune the person. I had always felt more attuned to the positive side of Neptune; his creativity and intuition although I have always sensed the burdens of his challenges - lack of personal boundaries, need for recognition, addiction and escape, lack of focus and motivation, depression. When Neptune moved into Pisces and my extra bedroom the ground beneath my feet seemed to disappear. Two years later I still find myself dangling 50 feet above the planet at times. This little guy should be taken seriously.)

In 1930 with the sighting of Pluto (once a planet now an asteroid, although still a planet in astrology), we had the mass transformation that Pluto is known for - awakening our sense of a collected welfare after war and genocide.

Before the asteroid sightings the only significant feminine energy in traditional astrology chart making was the Moon and Venus. We had the socially acceptable female roles of Moon (mother) and Venus (lover/mate). These asteroids represent the new voices of the dormant feminine recently activated and stepping into their power.

This isn't about women, we all have feminine and masculine energy in our charts (you can think of this as right brain, left brain stuff if it feels more comfortable). Men used to project their feminine qualities of emotional responses other than anger, nurturing and sensitivity onto women. Now they are required to own and develop these qualities within themselves. We are all in this together.

A little info about the asteroid Goddesses we will be working with. 

Ceres is the nurturer and mother archetype of our group. Known to the Greeks as Demeter

(which is btw the fragrance company I have partnered with for my new patent pending lockets HERE which are available now and launching at the trade shows this summer!)

she rules agriculture and nourishment and works tirelessly to bring forth new life and to sustain us. I could write 10 blog posts about her but if you are unfamiliar with the story of Ceres, her daughter and Pluto, there is enough HERE.

Pallas (Athene, Athena) is the Goddess of wisdom and crafts and warfare (and all you makers out there will understand the connections between these 3 realms easily!). She represents coming of age, exploration, education, the daughter role, the maiden part of our journey, our ability to defend our territory and grow to independence. Some of her story is HERE.

Juno known to the Greeks as Hera is the Goddess of marriage and relationship. Her story is HERE. Her placement in the sky when we were born affects how we handle intimacy and relationship with those we love. Do we honor our partners or do we struggle to stay committed? Juno encourages the "for better or worse" stuff. She brings the wisdom that conscious relationship is a path to spiritual enlightenment. 

Vesta aka Hestia is the sister, virgin archetype (this is the original definition of virgin before the sex stuff was thrown in to trap us - the definition of virgin as a 'free woman') associated with the relationship we have with ourselves.

So, I am going to work your natal charts (if anyone would still like to get involved just email me by Friday with your birth date, time and place) using the Goddess asteroid placements at the moment of your birth and see what we come up with. I will post a bit of each (no real names will be mentioned of course) and email each victim volunteer the full scoop.

A heads up that I will be moving my astrology posts to the Armchair Astrologer at some point soon. As a friend said to me, "you might not want a jewelry customer thinking they had wandered into a seance" - HA, she cracked me up.

Funny story about that new site - I registered the name armchair astrologer a year or so ago meaning to transition my astrology hobby stuff over there. Last Friday afternoon in a wave of "let me finally get my ass moving on this" energy - it was this or my messy closets -  I finally started setting up the site. 

I spent about 8 hours getting everything as you see it (still have to add content). On Saturday night I decide to hit PUBLISH so I could see how it looks on different browsers. I wait an hour, type in - nothing. I decide to go to bed, thinking maybe this takes a while. Sunday morning I get up, type in - still nothing. I return to Godaddy and it says it is published. I'm thinking what the heck (and yes I was thinking what the HECK, it was Easter after all)  - then I realize I have not set up a site called, in fact I don't even own the name - I own and set up a site called

I have a little mini coronary - which means of course I grab Olive and some Easter candy and do some deep breathing in between the mouth fulls of chocolate.

I return to Godaddy and by some miracle the name armchair astrologer is still available - then I call Godaddy and by an even bigger miracle I reach a real live person at 9am on Easter morning and am able to transfer the site over in 2 clicks. So, I love Godaddy now, even though I still hate their name and those stupid commercials.

xo all

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Libra April 15th - relationships in balance

the full moon in Libra asks us to look at relationship imbalances

Heads Up Moonies! We have a full moon tomorrow. This is a lunar eclipse full moon in Libra (remember when the sun is in Aries the full moon will be in Aries opposite sign which is Libra). This is the culmination of the new moon in Libra from October. Lunar eclipses are extra emotional (the moon rules our emotions) so maybe have some extra tissues handy. This is the first of a series of 4 eclipses, so holding onto things lightly is best right now.

This is the Aries/Libra polarity. Too much Aries and we get selfishness or we are rebelling just to be rebelling. Too much Libra and we get boundary issues and codependency. Together they represent wholeness of the me vs. we paradigm we are all playing out.

With Libra this is all about our relationship to others. Any imbalances will show up now. We need to really take a look at the disagreements we are having with others - what are we projecting onto other people that we need to take ownership of now. Full moons are about release - how can we let go of what isn't working?

This me vs we space is also one of the places we carry the masculine/feminine paradigm. The spaces in our relationship where traditional male/female roles are being lived out could be facing some rocky roads as the divine feminine energy continues to rise.

(I have a friend whose husband lost his job last winter. His job had enabled her to make her art without too many concerns about the financial parts of her business, so when he lost his job she lost her job, too. This is exactly how this energy can hit us. Any space someone else is carrying for us will be handed back to us to figure out. How we work with this is always up to us. In this example he hated his job and she was doing something she really loved to do - but since his work was supporting hers, how could this be sustainable? She was also carrying his relationship with the kids since they rarely saw him and that space gets handed back to him.)

We've got asteroids Ceres (the super mother who demands respect) & Vesta (the keeper of the hearth who breaks things down into bite sized pieces) conjunct this full moon so even more light on the divine feminine now (this isn't about male vs female - we all carry the divine feminine within us) and any love triangles coming out into the light, third parties changing relationships, etc. We can see all the spaces the divine feminine has been disrespected by what is coming up on the planet now for us to look at and heal.

This is about respecting Mother Earth, too - I just read that Ohio is connecting fracking with earthquakes (how this could be a surprise I don't know), so we get to decide again if money and power is really what makes us safe or if there is a better way - if maybe what really makes us safe is health and harmony. We can continue to ask "where is the oil?" until we have totally ravaged the planet or we can change the questions.

(now what we see in the world - and what I see is not what you see - is always mirroring ourselves, so since this is what I am seeing, this is a good time for me to be prioritizing health and harmony in my own life - changing ourselves and our own vibration is always how we change the world)

This lunar eclipse is not only conjunct Ceres and Vesta, but also the fixed star Arcturus. Arcturus is the lucky (4th brightest star in the sky) last minute outcome that no one sees coming! We all have access to this energy now. We also have the moon on the north node (Libra) and sun on the south node (Aries) now, so there is much karma (our beliefs) and patterns coming up for release.

The eclipse itself will be visible for about 3 1/2 hours (the total lunar eclipse is a little over an hour) in Australia and North America - except we are going to have rain here in the northeast so may not be able to see it - it is just as powerful and affects everyone anyway.
xo all

April 2014 Cardinal Grand Cross - break down, break up or break through (maybe not so much a blog break)

Astrologer Susan Miller said about this month, "April's so scary, I'm giving classes on it." You may be hearing about the skies in April and wondering what all the fuss is about. Some astrologers see war or monetary collapse possibilities and when we look at the planets involved in this month's cross we can see that this is one way to look at things - but only if we only look at the negative aspects of the planets involved (Pluto - destruction, Mars - war, Uranus - recklessness, Jupiter - increases whatever it contacts).

When it comes to war - it is our energy they must use to take us to war so we all need to stay positive and focused on peace. We don't want to be thinking "no war" - the universe doesn't understand "no", the vibration of "no war" is the same as "war", so we want to be thinking PEACE. The proliferation of the peace symbol☮ probably did more good energetically in the 60's than all the anti-war rallies.

It's the same with our money - money is energy and comes from our own energy. We create this energy internally - it only looks like it is external, but our internal world creates it via vibration and then our external world lines up with it. Our world financial system doesn't need to collapse - it does need to change though and it is. One scenario is our politicians warring over how to fix our financial mess and we've all seen that before.

The word 'break' has been coming up for me a lot over the last few months. I think it relates to what is happening now -  

breaking free, breaking out, breaking the bank, breaking the ice, making a break for it, getting a lucky break, things and even us breaking down (poor Hubs has had one nightmare job after another in the shop for months!), breaking hearts, breaking balls, breaking through, breaking a leg, break neck speed, the straw that breaks the camel's back, breaking out in a rash or a cold sweat, breaking rank, breaking news, breaking promises, getting a break, giving a break, breaking with tradition, breaking ground, breaking bread, breaking the law -  
in short all hell breaking loose.

Always remember in our lives we get the breakthrough (and not the breakdown) when we embrace the change that is being asked of us.

So, what is happening here?
  • April 14- Mercury squares Jupiter, Mercury conjuncts Uranus, Pluto enters direct
  • April 15- Lunar Eclipse-Full Moon 25 degrees Libra, Mercury squares Pluto
  • April 16- Mercury opposes Mars
  • April 20- Jupiter squares Uranus and opposes Pluto
  • April 21- Uranus squares Pluto
  • April 22- Mars squares Jupiter
  • April 23- Mars opposes Uranus and squares Pluto *BREAKING POINT*
  • April 29- Solar Eclipse-New Moon 8 degrees Taurus
Basically what we are seeing this month is a BIG, temporary ramp up of the Pluto Uranus square we have all been dealing with since 2012.

This is a picture of what the skies will look like over NYC on April 23rd at approx 10:30am - imagine we (Earth) are in the center looking outward.

See that red square? We will never see this again, we have never seen this before in our lifetime.

From December 27, 2013 through July, 2014 we have four planets within just a few degrees of each other and on April 23rd they will meet at exactly 13 degrees.

(which not only has a reputation and therefore carries a vibration of being unlucky is represented in Tarot as 13 of the Major Arcana - the Death card so we certainly have something being released here and of course, this is not a surprise because for anything new to begin something else has to end)

The planets involved are Pluto, Jupiter, Uranus and Mars. The signs they will reside in are Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn.

So, what does this mean?

I am going to talk more about what this could mean personally than globally here - but let's talk globally for a minute. There is certainly the possibility for the beginning (cardinal signs rule beginnings and the four signs involved in this square: Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn, are all cardinal signs) of big change. The Grand Cardinal Gross will be exactly in aspect to the USA natal Sun position of 13 degrees Cancer (where the U.S. sun was on July 4, 1776) so that must mean something here in the U.S.

With the Cross in cardinal signs since cardinal signs are when things begin - we may not really see much of anything. It could be the kind of situation where things are much changed later and we pinpoint the start of the change as this period in time, but while we are living it we do not recognize its importance. The God Particle discovery was made public during a similar (yet much less dramatic) astrological event and we don't yet know where that discovery will lead.

(the Sabian symbol for 13 degrees Aries is  - An Unexploded Bomb Reveals An Unsuccessful Social Protest, 13 degrees Libra is - Children Blowing Soap Bubbles, 13 degrees Cancer is A Very Old Man Facing A Vast Dark Space To The Northeast and 13 Degrees Capricorn is An Ancient Bas-Relief Carved In Granite Remains A Witness To A Long-Forgotten Culture - I don't know enough about Sabian symbols to know what to make of these images - but google them if you are interested)

I had an astrology teacher many years ago who always compared US-Russia relations to a bad marriage between Uncle Sam and Mother Russia. In the 80's Uncle Sam (dysfunctional masculine) and Mother Russia (dysfunctional feminine who devours her children) were enacting out for all of us the disintegrating marriage archetype - what a bad marriage! These countries took on the burden of carrying that dynamic as the other countries played as children (children of dysfunctional parents, of course, but children none the less - Afghanistan the orphaned and abandoned child, for example). We thought these dysfunctional parents had grown since their bad divorce and learned to work together and I guess we will find out. We also have this whole gold / dollar / U.S. standard thing that could blow up.

For all of us personally- if we have planets near 13 degrees of these cardinal signs we will be most affected (hubs has 2 - yikes). These signs are the natural rulers of our 1st, 4th, 7th and 10th house so we are hitting me vs. we spaces and work in the world and our exterior lives vs. our home and our interior lives:

Aries (cardinal fire): the self, the ego, personality, appearance and its polarity Libra (Cardinal Air): relationships, compromise, legal stuff

Capricorn (Cardinal Earth): our work, career, public life, reputation and its polarity Cancer (Cardinal Water): home, family, roots, security, our emotions

But this could affect our lives in our spaces based on our natal chart. If you have, say 15 degrees Libra in your 2nd house (money, values, relationships) in your natal chart (the position of Libra when you were born) that is where you will feel this - but realize this is a long process so you are likely already feeling it - things could come to a head then.

With Jupiter in Cancer we get an amplification of whatever is happening. We think of Jupiter as the Santa Claus of the zodiac because he increases what he touches, but in this case the amplification may make any challenges more difficult. It is equally possible that GREAT AMAZING STUFF could totally hit the fan, too.

Anyhoo, I thought I would be remiss with all these Astrology postings to just leave this stuff out, since it could be very important. This is affecting hubs 4th house of home and family and 7th house of partnerships so .... I will report on what develops. xo all

could be time for a blog break (better than an actual break)

I may take a little blog break (I thought I broke something else last week, but it turns out to be "just" a dislocation and ligament stretch) to heal and figure out my direction with this blog. I very much love this image because either direction looks amazing which is exactly how life actually works! I will post about the Grand Cardinal Cross next week first though!

I am also going to create those long-promised Goddess reports now (thank you for the reminder Renate)!

If you would like a Goddess report, my obsession and semi-specialty (based on the skies at the time of your birth, no charge) pop me over your birth date including year, time and place of birth (see the let's chat link - lower right).

Do not worry that I will be learning any secret info about you as my brain has a self cleaning feature these days so I forget everything I see, do or learn in about 10 seconds. I will post it on my blog with an alias (not your real name) and email you a link.

xo all - if I have your info from a previous chart, I still have it, so just let me know you are interested!

**I should explain this (I have started writing on this blog like I talk to hubs, I start mid thought so he never knows what the hell I am talking about) - this will be an astrology report based on the Goddesses - Ceres, Pallas Athena, Juno and Vesta (asteroids) placements at the time of your birth! Don't hesitate to email me - it will be fun!

Part IV - our money mindset and our business - wrapping our heart around this stuff

To recap some actionable stuff that will create a more abundant money mindset for us:

1. Respect our money - see this post here - this is about mindfulness
2. Invest (some regular percentage on a regular basis) - this is about telling ourselves we deserve stability
3. Make a list of money memories and beliefs. Use forgiveness exercises and tapping to release the ones we need to let go of. This is usually a process and not a one time deal, but brings dramatic results.
4. Nurture our 2nd house needs - see this post here
5. Listen to our language about money - are we telling the best stories
6. Money challenges are a symptom. Money represents energy so our health often mimics how we manage our money, too. What can we learn about our relationship to our money by looking at our health?

We pray/set intentions for more money and then are surprised when instead of cold, hard cash what we receive is an invitation to change our vibration. But that is how life on planet Earth works!

Think about it like this - asking for patience will draw to us situations to practice patience (how else will we learn to be patient?) - like long lines and traffic jams (this is why I do not ask for patience!).

So what does asking for more money or more business bring in our own life? Life will show us our imbalances. Guidance is communicated to us all the time - no one is left out of the loop. Usually this guidance shows up in the form of patterns so we will take notice. How people treat us and how events happen around us is a direct mirror of our beliefs.

(One day within an hour of driving I had 3 other drivers flip me the bird in 3 different incidents! This would sound like I was driving like a maniac, but I wasn't - note I live in NJ which might explain one middle finger, but 3 is still an extremely unusual, once in a lifetime event - now if this happened today I would be thinking about what part of me I was saying f* you to, each incident was unprovoked so I would ask myself how I was making myself guilty for something I didn't do. Back then I didn't think like this. I did think to drive myself safely home and park my car for the rest of the day - and of course I would still do that!)

So, if we are desiring more money (and more business) we need to pay attention to what comes up when we focus on this. Lack of money shows up as chakra imbalances, too.

If we have too strong (open) a heart chakra, for example, we will give our money and energy away too much - this will reach a critical point when we are sick of giving. Our heart is meant to inspire and empower people to do things for themselves, not for us to do everything for them. Within our business we will be giving out much more than we are getting back. A weak (closed) heart chakra will result in us being critical and suspicious and not being able to spend the money we need to spend on our business or let go of things that are not working - we will hold on too tightly.

Being a victim is root chakra issues of not taking responsibility for our actions and blaming others. This will cause our business to lose money and alienate people who can help us. Our weak root chakra brings people to us who will take advantage. This isn't about life punishing us - let the idea of punishment and reward go. Once we take responsibility for ourselves and learn to say no to things - we will draw people who are an asset to us instead of people who drain us.

(and our emotions show us our vibrational base with all of this - if someone asks us to do some little thing and we get annoyed right away even though it is something that is very easy for us to do - our emotions have told us that we are giving too much)

Our outer and inner worlds are always in balance. The stuff we are seeing in our life is always the reaping we have sown.

So, say you see certain patterns of being a victim in your own life. Use the internet. We are so lucky to have all this information at our fingertips! Google "what chakra imbalance would make me a victim?" or something like that and then "how to strengthen my root chakra" - use your own judgement with this and do what feels right.

The reason to think about this stuff is never to beat ourselves up - there is no blame in this universe truly. I have seen enough astrological charts to know with absolute certainty we are all here for different things.

The reason it is easier to build a business when we need to make a living is that this is all a lot of work and the output needs to be equally balanced with input or we will get out of balance by doing/giving too much.

There is nothing wrong with going on Etsy (for example) and making a business and not caring if you are making any money as long as you are certain about your beliefs with this and understand they may change over time. We can certainly do this for fun as long as it really is fun! When we are doing something just for fun and it stops being fun, we need to stop doing it.

Since a business is never going to be all fun - there are lots of things we will have to do that we will not want to do - it is usually best to balance it out by making money with it. We need to take this stuff seriously before anyone else does. If other people are not respecting our business, they are only reflecting us back to ourselves.

The reason it is hard to build a business when we really need the money is that our business is always about our value to other people. The giving must come before the getting. We are not really selling our whoseewhatsee, we are really trading its value to another person for money. When we come from a place of "need" we will be trying to sell our whoseewhatsee to everyone instead of exchanging it for money with the people who will get value from it. We will also need a certain amount of money to build a business that makes money. Money likes its own kind.

I got a bit off-track from my original post and where I intended to go with this series and that happens sometimes. Hopefully, the next reader/writer will come along, pick up my wayward thread and keep the conversation going or make it even better. ..... xo all