New Moon in Taurus April 29th - Solar Eclipse!

Tomorrow's New Moon in Taurus is a solar eclipse!

In olden days solar eclipses scared the hell out of everyone and we still carry a little of that in our DNA I'm sure.

This one has the energy of the Cardinal Grand Cross, so even though a new moon is a time in the dark, a beginning that doesn't always feel like a beginning until later, this one has an extra kick behind it.

People don't always understand Taurus. It is like she is so simple, and these times we live in so complicated, we have made her complicated, too. She isn't.

Taurus is all about the Earth - she is everything grounded.

Taurus is all about sensuality - the touch that feels like love.

Ruled by Venus she coaxes us back into our bodies at the end of a long day with a hot bath, she urges our hands to pick up those tomato plants at the market and get them into the ground, she is the voice that whispers I love you when we stroke the baby's ear with our lips.

Taurus rules our 2nd house of values - everything money can buy and everything money can't buy

We have the sun and the moon in Taurus today and this is the time to ask ourselves "what do we really value?"

This new moon in Taurus is an excellent time to begin a grounding practice, make affirmations and set intentions about:

Money, Contentment, Patience, Self-worth, Releasing Stubbornness, Health Issues regarding your neck, throat and voice in the world

Some I will be working with include:

1. I live in comfortable and enriching surroundings
2. I easily find the time to shop for, prepare and eat nutritious and delicious meals
3. I enjoy and appreciate my life!
4. I slow down and enjoy doing each task with thoroughness
5. The habit of trying to rush results is easily lifted from me
6. I embrace constructive change
7. My neck and thyroid enjoy perfect health
 and then some money affirmations.

 (astrologer Jan Spiller calls them wishes and says to work with 10 at every new moon)

AFFIRMATION TIPS: get into a happy frame of mind - always make affirmations from a  positive place - write your affirmations down by hand in script, speak them out loud - I write my affirmations on strips of paper and burn them, releasing the ashes into moving water - then release your attention from these things knowing that your intention is known. Know these things are already yours.

Also remember affirmations are action -  they set the energy in motion and we are literally creating the affirmation within the energy that is needed to manifest it. 

Words are not just words. If done properly, in the right frame of mind, they line us up energetically with the thing we are seeking.

I started my money work when the sun entered Taurus and have had a few surprises - two unexpected checks in the mail, hubs won the lottery (each win under $10 and growing steadily - he is addicted) four times and

<--- I received this from the girl at my local bank sandwiched between two check registers.

I found it in my bag the next day, briefly considered a quick trip to the bank at midnight with a flashlight - but since I value my freedom more than the bank's loot -

I accept it as a clear signal the cosmic loot is ready to be picked up!

The new moon in Taurus always makes me think about stewardship - the responsible care we take of ourselves, our families, our businesses, our planet - this one feels like an excellent time to do some restful things and just be actually.

Taurus always desires peace, so bringing some symbol of peace into your life right now is very powerful.

(think about what symbolizes peace to you - and get yourself some of that! for me it is a garden, so I grabbed some pics from Pinterest and am getting my supplies this week to start a new one just for cutting flowers; a garden I can watch from my studio window while I work)

Stuff is springing to life all around us now - we show the universe what we value by what we give our attention to - where is your attention today?

xo all


DancingMooney said...

I am keeping it simple and doing cutting flowers this year as well. Maybe some strawberries, and maybe some potatoes, but I want to keep my gardening simple this year.

Just got back from our latest mini vacation, and I think I've found my paradise. Such a smaller town in the mountains than I ever thought I would want to live, but I feel so at home there. Now if we can just find the perfect fishing spot for hubby, I'm pretty sure he's on board.

All the way home I thought about what a change it would be, to move to the mountains, but not a bone in my body feels like it would be a bad idea.

And of course I thought about change in a way that we could start today on setting our intentions on such a path, it feels so realistic, like it just fits.

Maybe I am just stuck in a day dream right now, but it feels very real, and very do-able.

Haven't read my report yet but will do that soon! Thank you so much Cat!!!


Catherine Ivins said...

you are not in a daydream at all and this is the totally perfect moon for a Taurus rising to set an intention to move to the mountains! love it!