Asteroid Goddess reports almost done .... first, a little background ....

So, what I am about to do here is a pretty large astrological no-no. Taking celestial bodies like asteroids outside the context of the larger natal (birth) chart is rather treacherous territory.

It is like gathering the spices that have gone into a delicious meal and discussing what was eaten without knowing the meats, fruits and vegetables those spices flavored.

But I am going to plow ahead anyway.

If you were one of the volunteers gracious enough to offer up your birth information and something just doesn't resonate with what I write for you

(and you are over 40 or so, before 40ish these may be archetypes you just haven't met up with yet)

- it could be the spices in your chart are not heavily accented enough without the other ingredients to make total sense to you.

Be assured their energy lives inside you and is playing a part in whatever magic you are unfolding.

The asteroids are a belt of celestial bodies found mostly between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter that were discovered in the 1800's. The first 4 were quickly named after the famous Goddesses - Ceres, Pallas (Athene, Athena), Juno and Vesta. 

In mythology Vesta, Ceres and Juno were the 3 sisters of Jupiter, Neptune and Pluto - all born from the union of Saturn and Rhea. Pallas (Athene, Athena) was Jupiter's favorite daughter (conceived without a mother and birthed from his head - the father's daughter archetype).

Our belief within astrology is that celestial bodies are discovered when our actions on Earth have readied us for them - when our vibration is a match for theirs. 

For example Uranus the planet of freedom and rebellion was discovered in 1781 when we had just experienced the American and French revolutions. Neptune was discovered in 1846 amid the spiritualism and transcendentalist movements. 

(We now have Neptune in Pisces until 2025 - he is a slowpoke that Neptune. Neptune is known as the planet of illusions, dreams and fantasy. It is energetically responsible for the manifestation of the creative imagination. That dreamy creativity, spiritual questioning and yearning to connect with the big picture we are all feeling - yup, that's Neptune moving through Pisces. So we have the potential for mass awakening and also mass delusion with this one. With Neptune everything is not as it appears. 

The collective consciousness, or unconsciousness as the case may be, is more readily accessible now and with Neptune traveling through Pisces life is even more confusing as the veils between the realms of experience become thinner and easier to traverse.

I have Neptune in my first house of self in my birth chart and he started his solid trek into Pisces just a couple weeks after David - my husband's brother with schizophrenia - moved into our house; much of my blog in 2012 is about this experience and all of it is influenced by him. 

I really didn't see them coming - Neptune the planet or Neptune the person. I had always felt more attuned to the positive side of Neptune; his creativity and intuition although I have always sensed the burdens of his challenges - lack of personal boundaries, need for recognition, addiction and escape, lack of focus and motivation, depression. When Neptune moved into Pisces and my extra bedroom the ground beneath my feet seemed to disappear. Two years later I still find myself dangling 50 feet above the planet at times. This little guy should be taken seriously.)

In 1930 with the sighting of Pluto (once a planet now an asteroid, although still a planet in astrology), we had the mass transformation that Pluto is known for - awakening our sense of a collected welfare after war and genocide.

Before the asteroid sightings the only significant feminine energy in traditional astrology chart making was the Moon and Venus. We had the socially acceptable female roles of Moon (mother) and Venus (lover/mate). These asteroids represent the new voices of the dormant feminine recently activated and stepping into their power.

This isn't about women, we all have feminine and masculine energy in our charts (you can think of this as right brain, left brain stuff if it feels more comfortable). Men used to project their feminine qualities of emotional responses other than anger, nurturing and sensitivity onto women. Now they are required to own and develop these qualities within themselves. We are all in this together.

A little info about the asteroid Goddesses we will be working with. 

Ceres is the nurturer and mother archetype of our group. Known to the Greeks as Demeter

(which is btw the fragrance company I have partnered with for my new patent pending lockets HERE which are available now and launching at the trade shows this summer!)

she rules agriculture and nourishment and works tirelessly to bring forth new life and to sustain us. I could write 10 blog posts about her but if you are unfamiliar with the story of Ceres, her daughter and Pluto, there is enough HERE.

Pallas (Athene, Athena) is the Goddess of wisdom and crafts and warfare (and all you makers out there will understand the connections between these 3 realms easily!). She represents coming of age, exploration, education, the daughter role, the maiden part of our journey, our ability to defend our territory and grow to independence. Some of her story is HERE.

Juno known to the Greeks as Hera is the Goddess of marriage and relationship. Her story is HERE. Her placement in the sky when we were born affects how we handle intimacy and relationship with those we love. Do we honor our partners or do we struggle to stay committed? Juno encourages the "for better or worse" stuff. She brings the wisdom that conscious relationship is a path to spiritual enlightenment. 

Vesta aka Hestia is the sister, virgin archetype (this is the original definition of virgin before the sex stuff was thrown in to trap us - the definition of virgin as a 'free woman') associated with the relationship we have with ourselves.

So, I am going to work your natal charts (if anyone would still like to get involved just email me by Friday with your birth date, time and place) using the Goddess asteroid placements at the moment of your birth and see what we come up with. I will post a bit of each (no real names will be mentioned of course) and email each victim volunteer the full scoop.

A heads up that I will be moving my astrology posts to the Armchair Astrologer at some point soon. As a friend said to me, "you might not want a jewelry customer thinking they had wandered into a seance" - HA, she cracked me up.

Funny story about that new site - I registered the name armchair astrologer a year or so ago meaning to transition my astrology hobby stuff over there. Last Friday afternoon in a wave of "let me finally get my ass moving on this" energy - it was this or my messy closets -  I finally started setting up the site. 

I spent about 8 hours getting everything as you see it (still have to add content). On Saturday night I decide to hit PUBLISH so I could see how it looks on different browsers. I wait an hour, type in - nothing. I decide to go to bed, thinking maybe this takes a while. Sunday morning I get up, type in - still nothing. I return to Godaddy and it says it is published. I'm thinking what the heck (and yes I was thinking what the HECK, it was Easter after all)  - then I realize I have not set up a site called, in fact I don't even own the name - I own and set up a site called

I have a little mini coronary - which means of course I grab Olive and some Easter candy and do some deep breathing in between the mouth fulls of chocolate.

I return to Godaddy and by some miracle the name armchair astrologer is still available - then I call Godaddy and by an even bigger miracle I reach a real live person at 9am on Easter morning and am able to transfer the site over in 2 clicks. So, I love Godaddy now, even though I still hate their name and those stupid commercials.

xo all


stregata said...

Hanging on the edge of my seat for this goddess report... ;)
The story about arcmchairastrologer cracked me up - why is it that fingers are constantly typing in the wrong order? Mine do it constantly.

Catherine Ivins said...

Ack! I know, I do it all the time, too! xo

Hopemore Studio said...

Why is it always the 'big' things we screw up? Typos are common for me and often overlooked no matter how many times I read what I wrote. Luckily in this day and age of spellchecker I only look half illiterate.

Thanks for the background and I'll be sure to follow the new site.

Catherine Ivins said...

I overlook typos all the time, too. I can read a post multiple times before hitting publish and there is always something I find later ... I like to think our brains just move faster than our fingers!

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Getting ready to check out for a few days, looking forward to reading all of this when I get back next week! xoxo

Catherine Ivins said...

have fun!!