April 2014 Cardinal Grand Cross - break down, break up or break through (maybe not so much a blog break)

Astrologer Susan Miller said about this month, "April's so scary, I'm giving classes on it." You may be hearing about the skies in April and wondering what all the fuss is about. Some astrologers see war or monetary collapse possibilities and when we look at the planets involved in this month's cross we can see that this is one way to look at things - but only if we only look at the negative aspects of the planets involved (Pluto - destruction, Mars - war, Uranus - recklessness, Jupiter - increases whatever it contacts).

When it comes to war - it is our energy they must use to take us to war so we all need to stay positive and focused on peace. We don't want to be thinking "no war" - the universe doesn't understand "no", the vibration of "no war" is the same as "war", so we want to be thinking PEACE. The proliferation of the peace symbol☮ probably did more good energetically in the 60's than all the anti-war rallies.

It's the same with our money - money is energy and comes from our own energy. We create this energy internally - it only looks like it is external, but our internal world creates it via vibration and then our external world lines up with it. Our world financial system doesn't need to collapse - it does need to change though and it is. One scenario is our politicians warring over how to fix our financial mess and we've all seen that before.

The word 'break' has been coming up for me a lot over the last few months. I think it relates to what is happening now -  

breaking free, breaking out, breaking the bank, breaking the ice, making a break for it, getting a lucky break, things and even us breaking down (poor Hubs has had one nightmare job after another in the shop for months!), breaking hearts, breaking balls, breaking through, breaking a leg, break neck speed, the straw that breaks the camel's back, breaking out in a rash or a cold sweat, breaking rank, breaking news, breaking promises, getting a break, giving a break, breaking with tradition, breaking ground, breaking bread, breaking the law -  
in short all hell breaking loose.

Always remember in our lives we get the breakthrough (and not the breakdown) when we embrace the change that is being asked of us.

So, what is happening here?
  • April 14- Mercury squares Jupiter, Mercury conjuncts Uranus, Pluto enters direct
  • April 15- Lunar Eclipse-Full Moon 25 degrees Libra, Mercury squares Pluto
  • April 16- Mercury opposes Mars
  • April 20- Jupiter squares Uranus and opposes Pluto
  • April 21- Uranus squares Pluto
  • April 22- Mars squares Jupiter
  • April 23- Mars opposes Uranus and squares Pluto *BREAKING POINT*
  • April 29- Solar Eclipse-New Moon 8 degrees Taurus
Basically what we are seeing this month is a BIG, temporary ramp up of the Pluto Uranus square we have all been dealing with since 2012.

This is a picture of what the skies will look like over NYC on April 23rd at approx 10:30am - imagine we (Earth) are in the center looking outward.

See that red square? We will never see this again, we have never seen this before in our lifetime.

From December 27, 2013 through July, 2014 we have four planets within just a few degrees of each other and on April 23rd they will meet at exactly 13 degrees.

(which not only has a reputation and therefore carries a vibration of being unlucky is represented in Tarot as 13 of the Major Arcana - the Death card so we certainly have something being released here and of course, this is not a surprise because for anything new to begin something else has to end)

The planets involved are Pluto, Jupiter, Uranus and Mars. The signs they will reside in are Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn.

So, what does this mean?

I am going to talk more about what this could mean personally than globally here - but let's talk globally for a minute. There is certainly the possibility for the beginning (cardinal signs rule beginnings and the four signs involved in this square: Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn, are all cardinal signs) of big change. The Grand Cardinal Gross will be exactly in aspect to the USA natal Sun position of 13 degrees Cancer (where the U.S. sun was on July 4, 1776) so that must mean something here in the U.S.

With the Cross in cardinal signs since cardinal signs are when things begin - we may not really see much of anything. It could be the kind of situation where things are much changed later and we pinpoint the start of the change as this period in time, but while we are living it we do not recognize its importance. The God Particle discovery was made public during a similar (yet much less dramatic) astrological event and we don't yet know where that discovery will lead.

(the Sabian symbol for 13 degrees Aries is  - An Unexploded Bomb Reveals An Unsuccessful Social Protest, 13 degrees Libra is - Children Blowing Soap Bubbles, 13 degrees Cancer is A Very Old Man Facing A Vast Dark Space To The Northeast and 13 Degrees Capricorn is An Ancient Bas-Relief Carved In Granite Remains A Witness To A Long-Forgotten Culture - I don't know enough about Sabian symbols to know what to make of these images - but google them if you are interested)

I had an astrology teacher many years ago who always compared US-Russia relations to a bad marriage between Uncle Sam and Mother Russia. In the 80's Uncle Sam (dysfunctional masculine) and Mother Russia (dysfunctional feminine who devours her children) were enacting out for all of us the disintegrating marriage archetype - what a bad marriage! These countries took on the burden of carrying that dynamic as the other countries played as children (children of dysfunctional parents, of course, but children none the less - Afghanistan the orphaned and abandoned child, for example). We thought these dysfunctional parents had grown since their bad divorce and learned to work together and I guess we will find out. We also have this whole gold / dollar / U.S. standard thing that could blow up.

For all of us personally- if we have planets near 13 degrees of these cardinal signs we will be most affected (hubs has 2 - yikes). These signs are the natural rulers of our 1st, 4th, 7th and 10th house so we are hitting me vs. we spaces and work in the world and our exterior lives vs. our home and our interior lives:

Aries (cardinal fire): the self, the ego, personality, appearance and its polarity Libra (Cardinal Air): relationships, compromise, legal stuff

Capricorn (Cardinal Earth): our work, career, public life, reputation and its polarity Cancer (Cardinal Water): home, family, roots, security, our emotions

But this could affect our lives in our spaces based on our natal chart. If you have, say 15 degrees Libra in your 2nd house (money, values, relationships) in your natal chart (the position of Libra when you were born) that is where you will feel this - but realize this is a long process so you are likely already feeling it - things could come to a head then.

With Jupiter in Cancer we get an amplification of whatever is happening. We think of Jupiter as the Santa Claus of the zodiac because he increases what he touches, but in this case the amplification may make any challenges more difficult. It is equally possible that GREAT AMAZING STUFF could totally hit the fan, too.

Anyhoo, I thought I would be remiss with all these Astrology postings to just leave this stuff out, since it could be very important. This is affecting hubs 4th house of home and family and 7th house of partnerships so .... I will report on what develops. xo all


KJ said...

Glad to hear May looks better. Big changes on the way for me in June. Of course I like change.

Catherine Ivins said...

June sounds perfect for change - this terribly long Mars retrograde will be finally be over at the end of May. I was going to start something this month, but have decided to wait a bit. I just can't get it finished ... one thing after another. Glad to hear big changes - are you leaving NJ?