Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Libra April 15th - relationships in balance

the full moon in Libra asks us to look at relationship imbalances

Heads Up Moonies! We have a full moon tomorrow. This is a lunar eclipse full moon in Libra (remember when the sun is in Aries the full moon will be in Aries opposite sign which is Libra). This is the culmination of the new moon in Libra from October. Lunar eclipses are extra emotional (the moon rules our emotions) so maybe have some extra tissues handy. This is the first of a series of 4 eclipses, so holding onto things lightly is best right now.

This is the Aries/Libra polarity. Too much Aries and we get selfishness or we are rebelling just to be rebelling. Too much Libra and we get boundary issues and codependency. Together they represent wholeness of the me vs. we paradigm we are all playing out.

With Libra this is all about our relationship to others. Any imbalances will show up now. We need to really take a look at the disagreements we are having with others - what are we projecting onto other people that we need to take ownership of now. Full moons are about release - how can we let go of what isn't working?

This me vs we space is also one of the places we carry the masculine/feminine paradigm. The spaces in our relationship where traditional male/female roles are being lived out could be facing some rocky roads as the divine feminine energy continues to rise.

(I have a friend whose husband lost his job last winter. His job had enabled her to make her art without too many concerns about the financial parts of her business, so when he lost his job she lost her job, too. This is exactly how this energy can hit us. Any space someone else is carrying for us will be handed back to us to figure out. How we work with this is always up to us. In this example he hated his job and she was doing something she really loved to do - but since his work was supporting hers, how could this be sustainable? She was also carrying his relationship with the kids since they rarely saw him and that space gets handed back to him.)

We've got asteroids Ceres (the super mother who demands respect) & Vesta (the keeper of the hearth who breaks things down into bite sized pieces) conjunct this full moon so even more light on the divine feminine now (this isn't about male vs female - we all carry the divine feminine within us) and any love triangles coming out into the light, third parties changing relationships, etc. We can see all the spaces the divine feminine has been disrespected by what is coming up on the planet now for us to look at and heal.

This is about respecting Mother Earth, too - I just read that Ohio is connecting fracking with earthquakes (how this could be a surprise I don't know), so we get to decide again if money and power is really what makes us safe or if there is a better way - if maybe what really makes us safe is health and harmony. We can continue to ask "where is the oil?" until we have totally ravaged the planet or we can change the questions.

(now what we see in the world - and what I see is not what you see - is always mirroring ourselves, so since this is what I am seeing, this is a good time for me to be prioritizing health and harmony in my own life - changing ourselves and our own vibration is always how we change the world)

This lunar eclipse is not only conjunct Ceres and Vesta, but also the fixed star Arcturus. Arcturus is the lucky (4th brightest star in the sky) last minute outcome that no one sees coming! We all have access to this energy now. We also have the moon on the north node (Libra) and sun on the south node (Aries) now, so there is much karma (our beliefs) and patterns coming up for release.

The eclipse itself will be visible for about 3 1/2 hours (the total lunar eclipse is a little over an hour) in Australia and North America - except we are going to have rain here in the northeast so may not be able to see it - it is just as powerful and affects everyone anyway.
xo all


KJ said...

Balance is one of my all time favorite concepts- but I am a libra.

I saw a lot here that I needed to know and think about. Thanks Cat.

DancingMooney ♥ said...

The last couple of months have been chaos, but I'm feeling at peace and ready to move forward now... rather than busy trying to tie things up.

Nothing big happening in my relationships these days, so I suppose that's a good thing. :)