Full Moon in Libra | April 7, 2020 - a focus on our relationships, balance is the new black, a long look in the mirror, breakthroughs and break-ups, who/what are we partnered with? what is balanced? what is fair?

On April 7, 2020 at 10:34PM EDT, the Libra Moon moves into her exact opposition to the Aries Sun giving us this month's Full Moon.

Full Moons are always a time of PEAK energy. There is a culmination, a completion. Something comes to light.

Last year we had TWO Full Moons in Libra - one at the Spring Equinox and then another one four weeks later. Two Full Moons in the same sign in the same year is very unusual. Coming in the relationship focused sign of Libra with the "we vs me" polarity of the Libra/Aries axis - something here was really wanting our attention. From our older/wiser/"what the flying frig is going on here" vantage point a year later - we can see it was uber important that we got really, really clear on who (and what) we wanted to be on this next leg of our journey with!

Because on the one hand, we were going to be stuck in the house with them ... for weeks. And on the other hand, we were moving toward the kind of challenges that would be best met hand-in-freshly-washed-hand with the right person/people. By that second Full Moon we knew who had our back. We knew who we were on the same page with. We can't say we weren't warned. 

Anyway back to this year and this Full Moon chart.

The Libra Full Moon is the time to bring something into greater BALANCE. Libra wants beauty and harmony and peace.

But with a strong desire to avoid conflict, Libra imbalances can get pretty mega-imbalanced and the Full Moon can amplify this even more.

Libra rules our partnerships and our collective seventh house of other people/commitments/alliances, so, watch for projections. We are responsible and in charge of our own feelings/our own needs. Something that could "come to light" now is how we project expectations on other people based on our own desires and then they fail to live up to our imagined plans for them and we get hurt/disappointed/angry. These are really feelings we are having with ourselves, but the other person gets to be our mirror here. We are the mirror for other people, too.

Libra rules fairness and justice. The reason Libras can sometimes seem so indecisive is because they can see both sides of an issue - so maybe that is what is illuminated now - another point of view. Too much certainty assures we are shown the very things that will make us question ourselves/and others.

Although, Full Moons are about endings, happening in the cardinal sign of Libra (cardinal signs usher in the new seasons) - there is a beginning here, too.

Let's unpack the chart!

The Libra Moon is just past her conjunction with Juno (partnerships) and moving toward her opposition to angry-outsider Eris. We are in the middle here. So the partnership/the contract - whatever we have going on in a committed way with another person - is moving away from the warm and fuzzies and toward some strife coming from some outside situation.

The whole thing is in process. At the time of the Moon it isn't settled.

The ruler of Libra is Venus (ruler of this Full Moon). She is newly arrived in versatile/multi-tasking Gemini and just off her trine to stable Saturn and moving toward her trine to fiery Mars. She is in Gemini for the long haul with her upcoming retrograde, so whatever we have going on with Venusian themes (love, money, values, self-esteem) and with that Gemini house theme of ours (collectively this will be about communications, information, siblings, our local community, commerce, transportation) it's a long story - and remember the sign impacts her (and our natal Venus) and she impacts the sign (and our natal house).

So, she's come out of Taurus (a space she rules) where she has tried to hold this whole house of cards together. She did her best. She is alot of what we've had going right these past few weeks - let's give her a thank you. She's moved onto Gemini to allow us to make different choices/want and value different things. The things she rules (again, this is our relationships, love, money, our values, beauty and self-esteem) are more complicated now and she has moved into a more complicated space.

Again, she is, divinely appointed, to be exactly in the right place at the right time. There are two sides to every coin here. She wants to talk. She wants to plan.

Fresh off that stabilizing trine to Saturn, her attention - which can get quite scattered in Gemini - has been brought into focus through limits/restrictions. THIS is what we want. THIS is what we don't want. THIS is what we can't have. She is moving toward a meeting with Vesta - toward something we hold sacred, something that will keep us up at night. THIS is what matters most. So a situation has occurred to create a commitment or to allow us to take something seriously (now we know she has a retrograde coming where we are going to go back over all of this, so it's not a rock solid thing, but a focus has come into play here). This would have just moved smoothly into place. AND she is moving toward her trine with Mars. Again this is smooth energy, nothing needs to forced here. This is about what we want and what we have to do to get what we want working together. Mars is in Aquarius - so this could be something focused on our future, something new and different, something group focused. AND she is closing in on her conjunction with Vesta - getting closer/clearer on what really matters.

Venus is conjunct Hygie (health/hygiene). So we want to be prioritizing our health and hygiene - duh! This is about the practice of taking care of ourselves. In Gemini there will be more than one thing to do now/more than one way of thinking about this, too.

The Full Moon is inconjunct Neptune (strong in Pisces). This could indicate confusion, as neither Libra nor Pisces provides any certainty. Keep in mind, too, that need for balance/peace/fairness shouldn't mean we have to over-sacrifice or fall for someone else's gas-lighting/untruths. 

We are currently undergoing a HUGE past life/ancestral integration - mega challenging for existing relationships, joint projects, etc. 

Mars has moved into an exact square to Uranus. Breakthroughs. Breakdowns. Break-ups. Somebody/something is going to SNAP! This is our action/ambition/initiative vs our freedom/the future. Take care before making any sudden decisions - think about your security, your resources, your money. This aspect also makes any fast moves more likely to result in physical accidents (head, knees, etc) - so slow down.

Mercury is sextiling (opportunity) Jupiter and Pluto. To be exact, at the time of the Full Moon - he is past his sextile to Pluto (power, death/rebirth, transformation, other people's resources, merging. purging) and EXACTLY sextiling expansive Jupiter. Maybe we can see the big picture with a greater sense of optimism/confidence. Also good for spiritual work, art, our dreams, intuition.

With Libra this is all about our relationship to others. Imbalances will show up now. We need to really take a look at the disagreements we are having with other people - what are we projecting onto them that we need to take ownership of now. What are they projecting onto us?

Full Moons are about release - how can we let go of what isn't working? Cardinal Full Moons are also magical beginnings - this is Cardinal Air - new ideas/new thoughts/new conversations/fresh perspectives. 

Let's allow this chart to move forward a bit. Let Mercury get into Aries in a few days ... let's see where we are then. Things could look quite different.

xo all

The Moon is the closest to the Earth she will be all year RIGHT NOW, so this Moon is going to look HUGE - try to get outside and walk in her, fully absorb where we are right now, we might be "taking shelter to protect the flock", but we sure as hell aren't hiding!

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