Today's Astrology Forecast | Thursday, April 16, 2020 - more clarity, an overstuffed mailbox, arguing for understanding, needing to listen, needing to be heard

Rumor has it, it's Thursday.

The Moon, in Aquarius now (so we are nurtured through groups and causes/by being different/liberated/leaning into the future), met Mars at 1:41AM EDT. The Aries Sun has moved off his square to Jupiter and toward his trine with the Galactic Center (seat of creation/homing signal).

We are asked to listen/to think. To go deeper. The ice is thinning and skating on the surface of things is dangerous.

The North Node is preparing for her move into dualistic Gemini.

Everyone is going to have to choose

(and be responsible for the consequences of those choices).

We are no longer blinded by "busy-ness" and "business as usual" to the glaring reality of cause and effect (karma). 

The ways we have been distancing ourselves from each other for years, the masks we have been wearing - for weeks, yes, but also for lifetimes - forests (lungs of the planet) destroyed, the death anxiety and pain brought to our animals and into our food supply through factory farming, other people's children in cages (now our own children locked up), etc, etc - if reaping what we sow gets any clearer and comes any faster, I guess I could be expecting a bumper-crop of lemons in my mailbox any day now..

(note to self - buy some stamps, save the post office)

In the iChing, "arguing" follows waiting.

I studied (only briefly) the iChing before astrology and it took me a long time to get this one. I vacillated between impulsive moves I liked to call "intuitive" and sitting on the fence growing wrinkles and gray hair. But when you think about what breaks the "waiting" - it is always tension/frustration - in astrology this would be a square.

We argue for what we need/what we believe in. We can see the reality of this now in our governments and state houses and kitchens and bedrooms and mostly in our own heads. The only way out of the "waiting" is this kind of direction of inner momentum outward.

This isn't a winning vs losing thing. If we can't win and we probably can't - then what can we do?

The iChing teaches "arguing" is a time to be centered in vigilance, but NOT frozen into a combative  and defiant posture. Heart open. Alert to the potentials. Keeping in mind always we don't know what we don't know.

When you first begin to study your own astrology chart you start looking at the squares. The challenges. You say to yourself, "holy sh*t, I am a freakin' mess here." But, over time you see the squares for what they really are - the dissenting impulses that inspire you to action. Your back against the wall spaces that give you something to push away from.

Arguing is the beginning of the beginning. If there were a beginning, but there really isn't.

Choices are coming and, so the arguing begins and with Saturn in Aquarius and Jupiter in Capricorn, our choices are going to be limited and also limiting.

Keep in mind Aquarius has two rulers - one is Saturn himself, the other Uranus. Stability and chaos. But, keep in mind, too, that chaos (Uranus) was the father of stability (Saturn) and Saturn was the father who ate his own children. Everything isn't always how it seems. Have I said the North Node in Gemini is coming? On the one hand minds are going to be changing all over the place. And on the other we will get even more entrenched into the South Node Sagittarius position of thinking we know more than we do.

For now, maybe think about this "arguing" thing. What are we arguing for? Instead of digging ourselves into a position and defending it to the bitter end, we could argue for the sake of understanding the truth.

Don't forget we are all in this together. Even at times when it feels like we are all alone!  

Sometimes we need to rest and sometimes we need to be shaken so our resting energy is provoked. Maybe we are like that bottle of ketchup and would get all clumped up without some agitation, although I think the bottle I found in my fridge yesterday is from 2012.

(May 2012 is activated now, along with many other time-frames, but this is one that might ring a bell for you?)

Imagine a life where everything went our way all the time. Would we really want that?

And we know we don't, because if we collectively did, we would have that. This doesn't mean we want whatever is happening to us to happen to us - but the more we focus on what we don't want, the more "don't want" there is to focus on.

Spiritual thinking. Quantum physics. Common sense.

xo all

photo by the talented schude

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