Today's astrology Forecast | April 27, 2020 - multiple pivot points and life altering moments, words matter, use them consciously

With the Moon moving through the end of Gemini and Mercury moving through the end of Aries - the early part of this day could be busy and driven by the feeling we need to get something going/finished. This is fast-moving.

The Moon goes void off a productive trine to Mercury at 1:00PM EDT (ruler of this Moon, so the short void could continue to be productive) and then she comes home to Cancer at 1:28PM EDT.

This is the last Cancer Moon that will conjunct the North Node for 28 years - today!

At the same time Mercury makes his/her move from fiery Aries (the fighting should start to calm down for now) into stable/stubborn Taurus. Mercury will quickly move into a sextile with the North Node and a trine with the South Node.

The past and future are on our mind/in our conversations. Rules/traditions ripe to be released can slide away as we connect more solidly to the present moment.

Where are we now? How did we get here?

As our focus shifts to the future keep in mind the nodal shift to Gemini/Sag - we talked about HERE at the beginning of the year (I will add to this and re-post when updated now that we have some idea what we are dealing with!) - it will be important to be thinking about/visualizing/talking about what we want in a way that takes into consideration, ourselves AND other people and places an emphasis on the "why" of what we are doing.

Our collective world will refuse to be built on the same old rotten ground. Our personal worlds will, too.

One of Simon Sinek's old talks or Bernadette Jiwa or Seth Godin might feel timely. But remember we have to factor in ourselves, too - what do we want?

Our passion/our authenticity will be felt by other people in new ways as we all start moving forward - everything is becoming more transparent.

The Sun is past Uranus today. We are ripe for change - literally having been downloaded with a thirst for it.

We had the Uranus/Pluto square from 2011-2016 designed to change almost everything. Most people took some kind of leap during those years, but (prob due to Pluto on stealth mode through Capricorn holding some of the old world together) more needed to change. I thought when Trump was elected - with his Uranus conjunct his Sun/North Node conjunction - we had left him too much of our collective Uranus to use - so this is how it showed up. We didn't take the leaps we needed to take and so we would get a mirror. A person who is Uranus. A person who could activate the chaos/disorder that was the only way this old sh*t was ever going to change. The Uranus/Pluto were mostly Obama years (an Aquarius rising himself so answering to Uranus) - we got change, yes, but the less chaotic/costly change and the status quo was mostly still preserved. Not his fault. Not Trump's fault either. They are zeitgeists/mirrors of the collective us. Looking ahead to the 2020 election and the inauguration charts of Trump and Biden (both have major challenges including health stuff, which could be a personal thing or just show the state of the country or probably both) - neither of them looks like they win. Somehow whoever wins ends up losing maybe. Or maybe there is another candidate? Or maybe nobody wins? Or they both do? But there is a long road to be traveled before November/January and nothing now is where it will be then, so we can't see too far ahead.

Too many curves in the road.

For today, there are multiple pivot points and, hopefully gentle, life changing moments/conversations.

The stuff we are holding onto that isn't working/that we no longer love and value has to go to make space for the important stuff - the stuff that isn't actually going to be 'stuff" at all.

It's like these new programs we are downloading require some old files to be deleted and we can tell they have been deleted because we just won't care about them anymore.

We still have the North Node in Cancer - we can focus on what is most important and carry that knowing in our hearts and homes and bodies, even as we move forward this week and get busier next week as the Nodes shift.

All this Taurus will help us return to the present if we have been thinking/worrying too far ahead. Give those worries to God/Goddess/the Universe. Life has our back. Always.

xo all

Last night I was really feeling the sadness of that Moon square Neptune (plus maybe Pluto's retrograde back toward my Mercury) not sure if anyone else was feeling it so strongly. The emotional Cancer Moon looks good for today and tomorrow - although tomorrow Mercury hits Saturn - and then hits some roadblocks on Wednesday.

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photo by the talented RaphaelleM

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