Astrology for Creatives | Week of April 27, 2020 - the conversation changes, limits, rules, responsibilities, sudden insights, new ideas, surprising information, those rose colored glasses come out of the drawer

Pluto has just stationed retrograde.

We have multiple collective Pluto transits impacting us this year. Total transformation. Death and rebirth. Before and after. No going back. When we have personal Pluto transits and during these collective transits - Pluto rules the show - we have no choice in the timing, no choice in how these challenges will show up, no choice in our participation - crisis situations will simply arise out of the current circumstances of our lives. 

We have some "free will" when it comes to how we will respond (and I say "some" because much of our conditioning that influences our responses is and was out of our control, too),

but the timing, the ingredients (which we had "some" control over at some point based on our prior actions and in-actions, but not any longer)

and the duration of the challenges - this stuff is out of our hands.

Which is the good thing that only feels like a bad thing, because as clean and well-scrubbed as our hands are - they would surely still muck this all up. Life is giving us the gentlest path through these energies that lines up with our past and future.

Now, most Pluto transits are three-peats (thank God and Goddess not the Saturn/Pluto we had in January)- like this year's Jupiter/Pluto

(and I remember last year reading astronomers write how "Jupiter will give us Pluto in 2020" and thinking oh, that doesn't sound like what we want Jupiter to give us!).

We've had the first hit of the Jupiter/Pluto - the devastation (think nuclear explosion), the second is the emptiness/loneliness (the barren land of the explosion - June 30th exact) and the third is the very beginning of the rebirth (November 12th exact).

How we get through this and what we have left when Jupiter meets Saturn on the winter solstice in December is going to have more to do with how well we have raised the vibrational field that made us susceptible to "whatever the hell this is" in the first place .... maybe it shouldn't surprise us too much that it has taken our dark's shadow energy of fear to unite us.

(and, yes, we are divided about what to do about it and what we should be most afraid of, but the collective fear itself is something we can probably all agree upon)

As we find ways to work through our fear, our cynicism, our narcissistic worldview and as we hold a space for everyone, even the people we don't agree with (and not in some condescending bull-shitty way) we will start to raise ourselves out of this space - not to go back where we were before because that space is gone/ground is scorched - but toward something new and better for everyone.

I am going to write a May monthly post this week, so we can see further ahead and we talked a little bit about May HERE.

For this week, some big aspects and transits are:

MONDAY - Mercury into Taurus, Mercury sextiles North Node
TUESDAY - Mercury squares Saturn
WEDNESDAY - Pallas into Aquarius
THURSDAY - Mercury conjuncts Uranus
SUNDAY - Venus squares Neptune

So, we begin this week coming off the Sun meeting Uranus and Mercury squaring Jupiter on Sunday - and we are launched into another big week for Mercury (as us).

He/she is going to exit Aries (those fightin' words should simmer down a bit for now), enter muddy Taurus, chat up the North Node, fight with Saturn (authority/limits/responsibilities) and meet Uranus (sudden unexpected change, SURPRISES). The Moon will be in Cancer so facing off with that Cappy stuff, then the Moon will be in Leo and squaring the Aquarius and Taurus stuff - things will probably feel intense. More intense? No, not necessarily, but intense, yes.

With an active Mercury, one of the things to keep in mind is that Mercury is our perspective. Our point of view. We see everything through the personal lens of our own theories/beliefs. We kind of believe what we do and then look around (unconsciously usually) for what supports our ideas and beliefs and that's what we notice and the problem here - especially during times like these when we need to be seeing new things and thinking/communicating in new ways - is our perspective limits what we can actually see. It's like we have spent our life looking through a macro lens and don't know what is outside our viewfinder if we just change our setting.

On MONDAY, Mercury (communication, conversation, thoughts, ideas) moves into steady, grounded (and fixed) Taurus. Communications and thinking turn to practical things. In general, the pace slows, but as quick-moving Mercury flies into our Taurus house - the theme of that house becomes more active. Taurus gets results through self-sufficiency, by bringing ideas and concepts 'down to earth', by being sensible, by using what we have. This is not the time to enact complicated plans unless we want to make ourselves (and everyone else) crazy re-doing or rejecting them later. Better to drill down to the fundamentals now.

Keep things simple.

Now we have Mercury in Venus's sign - Taurus - and Venus in Mercury's sign - Gemini. These planets in mutual reception are strengthened now giving Mercury access to his home-boy energy of Gemini and Venus access to her home-girl energy of Taurus. So, even though they are not in places they are super happy to be or particularly strong, they are made stronger through their connection to each other (we can take a lesson, right?).

Also Venus, ahead of the Sun, is 'out of bounds' so not answering to the Sun's rules. Love, money, our values, beauty - it's kind of all up for grabs here. 

Within hours, Mercury (in Taurus now) sextiles the North Node - our collective way forward - in the sign of "home/family/mother/real estate/home business/family business/it's an inside job" Cancer. The North Node is in Cancer for only one more week!

This is information/communication that moves us forward. Pay attention to what comes to your attention now. This is a sextile, so our active participation is required. Watch your language because it will matter even more than usual. Talk about what you want and not what you don't want.

Now a heads up that Mercury is going to meet the Sun on Monday, May 4th - this is the day before the Nodes change from Cancer/Capricorn to Gemini/Sagittarius. This is the best aspect for clear communication and mental clarity - getting a solar reset just before the North Node, our collective way forward, starts answering to Mercury is mega-good news. Now at the same time they will be semi-square this same degree of the North Node in Cancer. So, likely whatever this is about for us today will become more clear next week, although not without potential future challenges (that semi-square) - a kind of subtle problem we will be prone to ignore. That perspective thing we talked about. So, keep that in mind.

On TUESDAY - Mercury (in Taurus now) squares Saturn (in Aquarius) - here is communications or information regarding restrictions and rules. Walls. Limits. Tension with authority. Maybe there is an ending. A "no". A responsibility/duty that must be talked about. Maybe our communications or commerce or access to some information is (and some people will get Mercury aspects as local community or sibling or transportation situations) stalled or restricted now.

On WEDNESDAY - Pallas (our strategic warrior energy) now follows Saturn into Aquarius. Excellent energy for solving problems in new and future-focused ways. Smart courage. We can access genius strategies now (also maybe some that are just cray-cray, that's ok). The challenge with Aquarius is we can get ahead of ourselves/move too fast/be ahead of our time, which is sometimes a good thing, but not always.

On THURSDAY - Now here is where Mercury meets Uranus (in Taurus). So, we had that limit/responsibility/ending/"no" earlier in the week (Tuesday, although it might not have happened exactly on Tuesday) and now here is a sudden, unexpected mental breakthrough. Liberating or unexpected news/information/conversations. Communications with groups/causes/maybe an actual Aquarius person.

There is a surprise here! Good news. Bad news. We can't see and again there is that perspective thing. Just know to expect the unexpected (yeah, I hate that expression, too). Coming after that square to Saturn it feels like a release though whatever it is.

On SUNDAY - here is the first of three Venus/Neptune squares. Tread carefully with anything that sounds too good to be true. Something could be very seductive now. Love/values/money can be dissolving or attached to something illusive/ghostly. There can be sweet talk, but empty words. Sweet nothings really are sweet nothings.

Venus in Gemini has expectations, but Neptune in Pisces can be disappointing. This is pretty much in play all of May and then comes back for a close-out at the end of July.

We talked about this in the New Moon post -

"Venus is in Gemini (mutable air), so already what we want/need/even love - is subject to change. This is flirty, not 'put a ring on it' energy. The upcoming squares to illusive and sometimes fantastical Neptune could certainly make something seem better than it actually is. Neptune has no boundaries - our values/our money/our resources/ our heart could be drained. We need to really think about (be sure we are dealing with reality here) any big commitments we are making with Venusian themes before August - when we get past that final square (the exact dates are May 3rd, May 20th and July 27th)."

xo all
photo by the talented DorottyaS

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