Weekly Astrology Forecast for Creatives | July 27, 2020 - August 2, 2020 - finding the solid ground, bursting bubbles, challenges and opportunities, covering fresh territory, a long story kicks off, changes and shake-ups


Here' s a look at the aspects in the week ahead (minus the Moons, other than Monday):

MONDAY - Jupiter sextiles Neptune, Venus squares Neptune and inconjuncts Jupiter, Mercury squares Mars, Quarter Moon - Scorpio/Leo, Mercury opposite Pallas (WTH!)
THURSDAY - Mercury opposes Jupiter and trines Neptune, Venus inconjuncts Pluto
FRIDAY - Sun trines Chiron
SATURDAY - Mercury opposes Pluto
SUNDAY - Sun squares Uranus

I am writing this pretty late and pretty fast and there is a cray-cray amount of aspects to unpack - so when I say 'unpack' you can kind of picture the clothes strewn all over the hotel room and know we are going to have to iron them out later in the dailies!

This is a powerful week and pulls us toward next week's Full Moon in Aquarius.

Mercury is walking new degrees now and by mid-week Venus will be, too.

So, multiple story lines are wrapping up and we are moving FORWARD. By next week Venus and Mercury will both be in new signs, so this week we may have some uncomfortable loose ends to work through/tie up before we get the hell out of Gemini and Cancer!

Mars, on the other hand, starts walking the degrees in Aries - starting at 15 degrees - he will walk two more times between now and the end of the year. So whatever we are doing now, taking action on, have going on (in our personal lives and collectively) with our natal Aries house theme is GOING TO BE A LONG, BACK AND FORTH PROCESS - keep this in mind.

There is a heads-up with this that will come in now, this week (actually starting last Friday), so pay attention - although with all these aspects - life will certainly have our attention!

There will be plenty of reshuffling of the cards as we move forward. Venus and Mercury try to hash out with Pluto their positions with the old power structures, while Uranus threatens to tip over the poker table, if people just continue to play the same old games by the same old rules.

So, here we go!

MONDAY - let's start with the Moon - in Scorpio now, so nurturing us through truth/depth/getting to the bottom of things even when the bottom is kind of gunky. She will square the Leo Sun (8:32AM EDT at 4 degrees). The shadow vs the shiny outside coating. What we do in the light of day vs what we do in the dark. Squares are tension/frustration. Maybe we want to roar/have some fun and we have this serious other thing to deal with.

(collectively in the U.S. this Quarter Moon as the follow-up to last week's New Moon in Cancer where we talked about, yes, uh, porpoises shooting from our fingers, but also about the government stimulus programs during the virus/and its ramifications - changes to which are being ironed out by Congress today - Leo/Scorpio - a spotlight on important financial decisions, with Leo - the Sun, also the father, standing in for the New Moon's Saturn - I would expect some serious behind the scenes scheming)

Jupiter sextiles Neptune - this is a repeating aspect and takes us back to late February when both planets were direct. Maybe an old opportunity re-presents itself. The fly in the ointment here - always a damn fly - is we have Venus (in Gemini for only a few more days) squaring Neptune and inconjunct Jupiter at the same time, so we are going to have to really look at the details/facts here. Something could look better/bigger than it actually is. This is the third of three for the Venus/Neptune square, this is the one with Venus direct and Neptune retrograde, so we should be clearer on what we want now. This is mutable energy and squares bring challenges, we are going to need to be flexible.

Mercury squares Mars for the second time (first was in early June). This speaks of the possibility of tension/frustration/arguments around family/home/real estate/mothering/security/foundational situations or your natal Cancer house theme. Our thinking is at odds with our actions. Cutting words. Verbal conflicts. With Mercury opposing Pallas - it can be hard to see the smart move/to see the patterns we need to see. Negotiations are challenging. We could feel like we are walking on egg shells. THE FLOOR IS LAVA.

The smooth energetic - the sextile - is Jupiter/Neptune, so Cappy/Pisces - building the dream stuff. Both planets are retrograde, so we have been here before. Reality and our imagination working together. Earth and spirit.

THURSDAY - Mercury (covering new ground in Cancer) opposes a retrograde Jupiter while trining (brakes off) a retrograde Neptune. So, now conversations, ideas, family, home, real estate, mother, home business, family business, security issues are pulled into the Jupiter/Neptune "opportunity".

Maybe we are thinking (Mercury) big (Jupiter) and having lots of ideas. But not everyone is in agreement here/not everyone is on the same page. It will be easy to slip into a Neptunian delusion, so keep your feet on the ground. Meditate. Create. Pray. Ask your ancestors for guidance. 

We are looking at the trees, but the forest is pressing in on us, too. Or we are looking at the forest and a tree branch hits us in the eye. We might have misinterpreted something because we have been glossing over the facts to make everyone comfortable and we can't not see them. We could have over-promised and now that is biting us in the butt. We could easily over-promise now. We (or someone else) could be all talk and no action.

At the same time, Venus, out of her retrograde shadow now and covering the last few degrees of Gemini for the first time, inconjuncts (rock and a hard place) powerful Pluto, retrograde in Cappy. Gemini/Capricorn is the difference between keeping things light and flexible and getting serious/committed. So how do we make that work? Adjustments are needed and then not everyone will be happy anyway.

Or maybe situations conspire to remind us of the dead values/relationships/resources we are carrying around or have hanging over our head.

I said in 2019 that anything 'dead' we were still carrying in 2020 was going to feel like it was eating us alive ... have you checked your ankles for bite marks lately?

FRIDAY - the Sun (in Leo) trines Chiron (in Aries). Courage/following our heart/being generous/stepping into our own white-hot spotlight are healing. Fun is healing. Kids are healing. Romance is healing. Expressing ourselves is healing. Our vulnerabilities. Our ego. This light on our weaknesses is maybe not such a bad thing after all.

SATURDAY - Mercury opposes a retrograde Pluto. Our words/ideas/information is challenged. Mercury squared Pluto back on April 25th just as Pluto stationed retrograde. Pluto has backed up one degree and Mercury has finished up Aries, traveled through Taurus, Gemini and Cancer (some parts of Cancer three times) and now they meet again - this time by opposition. We want to take care with pushing our ideas on other people/manipulation. Obsession. Power struggles. We will probably be overthinking everything. Maybe a home or career situation reaches a culmination.

SUNDAY - the Sun in Leo squares Uranus in Taurus. Something unexpected. Maybe our Leo pride gets shaken up. Or we go way out on a limb seeking attention/applause/risk/following our heart. This is a square so change brings tension/frustration. Changes with money, resources, our values. Bridges could be burned with this one, folks.

xo all - back with the dailies on Tuesday and a big picture post this week! please excuse any typos!

photo by the talented Fanny-Schwal

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