Astrology Forecast for Creatives | Week of September 14 - 20th, 2020 - a crossroads, new fixes, building something from the ground up, committing, starting with the end in mind, choosing carefully

We finally get to that grounded New Moon in Virgo this week - a New Moon making nice with the Cappy pile-up. Whew! New stability, built over time. We begin to get, through the process of doing our Virgo, access to some FIXES to this year's Cappy devastation. 

All this New Moon asks (through a square to the Nodes) is for us to make a choice between the past/present and the FUTURE - and if this were easy it wouldn't be a square! Ack!

We'll talk about this more in the New Moon post tomorrow.

For now let's unpack the week:

MONDAY - Sun trine Pluto (retro)

TUESDAY - Venus square Uranus (retro)

WEDNESDAY - Sun square the Nodes

THURSDAY - Mercury square Jupiter (NOT retro), Sun trine Saturn (retro), New Moon in Virgo

FRIDAY - Mercury inconjunct Neptune (retro)

SATURDAY - Sun inconjunct Mars (retro) and square the Galactic Center

MONDAY - A four star day. The Sun at 22 degrees Virgo trines (brakes off) transformational Pluto at 22 degrees Capricorn. 

Practical ambitions. Personal power through helping others/through finding solutions. Excellent for finishing up business projects and commitments. Cutting through the red tape. Potential becomes achievement. The cream rises. If we have been overwhelmed we can get control of ourselves - through our work, daily routine, being proactive with our health. Maybe our ego is stroked by the big cheese or maybe we are the big cheese shining via what has been produced/accomplished.

Good for interacting with authority and stepping into our own. 

We have multiple squares (tension, frustration) this week, but we also have these Solar trines - a smooth flow - to the Cappy planets, moving things forward (we just have to do our "Virgo" for access to this - the next right thing, focus on the details, small is big, yada, yada). 

TUESDAY - Venus at 10 degrees Leo squares Uranus (retrograde) at 10 degrees Taurus. 

Changes with love, money, our values, our resources. Squares are tense/challenging. Hold onto your wallet. This would not be the time to make a big purchase/impulsive investment (although we might be made to part with some moula/resource now). This would not be the time to get a new haircut/tattoo, etc (Venus rules beauty) - the results could be way more radical than we intended. This aspect could also stimulate unexpected attractions or something surprising/unexpected connected to either a Venusian theme - our money, values, resources, love, partners, self-esteem or a Leo theme - our creative projects, children, romance, risk. This can also be about the theme of your natal Leo house rubbing up against the theme of your natal Taurus house.

With Uranus seeking liberation at any cost, we might want to toss off anything that feels even slightly like a collar today and could toss the baby out with the bathwater if we don't TAKE A BREATH. The Moon (in Leo, too) will be trining (brakes off) a retrograde Mars in Aries, making it even easier to slip off that collar, burn that bridge or toss that baby (note - babies only like this tossing thing when we actually catch them).

WEDNESDAY - The Sun at 24 degrees Virgo squares the Nodes - North at 24 degrees Gemini and South at 24 degrees Sagittarius. We will talk about this in detail in the New Moon post tomorrow, but this is us at a CROSSROADS. We are pushed to choose/make a commitment between the past (and the past includes not only our past, our past lives, our familial past, but also the things in this lifetime we are most comfortable with and perhaps the tendencies we fall back on) and the future which is something like a combination of the unknown/the irresistible and the stuff we would really like to avoid at any cost (ha!) - and this choice may not be so obvious or even conscious, but happening at the New Moon will have important ramifications for the next six months. Careful choices, what we value being woven into our daily life - think of this as a sharp bend in the road - we need to take it slow, think it through, because it matters.  


FRIDAY - Mercury at 19 degrees Libra inconjuncts Neptune at 19 degrees Pisces. Right off yesterday's square to Jupiter (this could all be one thing), where we are maybe dealing with exaggerated (or possibly just BIG) relationship promises/conversations/ideas - now we are moving right into this rock and a hard place with Neptune - the dream, the past, our sensitivities. Maybe we are reading too much into what someone else is saying. It can be hard to say the right thing. To reach a compromise. We are kind of feeling what the other person is thinking, but we could be MISUNDERSTANDING them at the same time. We'll iron this out a bit in the New Moon post.  

SATURDAY - the Sun at 27 degrees Virgo now - let's get this Virgo stuff done folks, things will be much more challenging in Libra, believe me - inconjuncts Mars (retrograde now) and squares the Galactic Center.

Remember inconjuncts require us to stay flexible/adjust to both sides - there is no win/win here, but it doesn't have to be a total loss. The Sun in Virgo is about practical work/service and Mars in Aries wants to do what he wants to do/assert his will. Probably more can be achieved now if we kind of moderate our demands. If we focus on just delivering reliable, solid results. It's not sexy, but neither is the current state of the world. We won't feel totally satisfied no matter how we handle whatever this is we are dealing with, but, Sun/Mars is fast moving. Blink and its gone. 

At the same time the Sun is squaring the Galactic Center (our homing signal at the center of our Milky Way Galaxy) forcing/pushing us, with our back against the wall, toward CHANGE. We are co-creating, with God/source/the Universe NEW REALITIES.

With Mars newly retrograde, Jupiter newly direct and this New Moon in Virgo - we will be trying (because this is a PROCESS and one thing leads to the next and can't be skipped) to get things under control, started/re-done/improved which will probably not be totally effective because we are still more aligned with the disruption from the past than with the new possibilities of the future. 


By the time Mars stations direct in mid-November - and what happens over the next two months, with a dicey retrograde Mars, to get us to this point is keeping me up at night (!) - and especially by the Winter Solstice, we will be very clear on our karmic story-line and how much of a decaying past we are still clinging to and ready to begin the process of building a better/more caring world.

Since this is all happening during the North Node in Gemini  cycle - "love thy neighbor", the importance of a more sustainable/local/smaller framework, the lost art of conversation and what persuasive technology has done/is doing to our minds and mental health - is going to get very, very real.

xo all - back with the New Moon post

photo by the amazing Julie-de-Waroquier

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