Today's Astrology Forecast | Monday, September 21, 2020 - challenging news and conversations - be brave, go deep, merge/purge, clean things up



The Moon is in deep/rich Scorpio now - we are nurtured by merging, purging, going deep, diving into puzzles/mysteries.  


She sextiled a retrograde Pluto at 3:06AM EDT then a retrograde Saturn at 7:50AMEDT and finally she sextiles our Virgo Sun at 2:12PM EDT - these sextiles are today's route through the Mercury/Pluto stuff we talked about in the weekly HERE - the challenging information/conversations.

There is always a way through.

The sextiles are Scorpio/Cappy and Scorpio/Virgo - today's way through.

The parts of us that need to be right. The parts of us that need to be good. The parts of us that need to be in control. Where is Capricorn in your natal chart? Where is Virgo? Where is Scorpio? We all carry these energies to a greater or lesser extent.

And, of course, we can only be right when we label someone else as wrong and we can only be good when we label someone else as bad. Without scapegoats we would actually have to own our own crap. 


The more I look at astrology charts and the more I talk to people about them, the clearer it becomes that our road maps (natal charts) and the subsequent transits over the course of our lives to those road maps are more relevant and more nuanced than we could ever imagine. 


Our beliefs, the way we see the world (our natal chart) become our reality, our way of connecting with the world, and then the world reacts/responds to us.

Maybe the biggest question we all face right now is how to live our own truth, even when that truth is not supported by other people and even when that truth does not support other people. Ouch. What is it we want that we don't want to look at/own up to?

And just as important - how can we hold a space for other people to live their truth even when we do not agree with them? Even when it hurts us. More ouch. 

At the same time we need to be mindful of the bigger picture as the "service to self" vs "service to others" war plays out, do we really want to be on the side of "service to self" - this Chiron in Aries, every man for himself thing is wearing me the f*ck out.

In 2016, I wrote, "we are living in the days between the Age of Pisces (religion, patriarchy) and the Age of Aquarius (science, equality). We can see far enough ahead now to understand that we could get this science/equality thing very wrong, very fast, if we are not careful. If we lose our heart (Leo). If we lose our connection to our passion (Scorpio).  If we lose our connection to each other (Neptune). It is Pisces that rules our eternal connection, spirituality, love. Aquarius rules disconnection and chaos. What do we really need to carry with us because there is only so much room on the ark."

Flash ahead four years later and here we are on the ark and I, for one, am still so loaded down with baggage I feel in perpetual danger of sinking.

The Cappy sextiles with the lunar energies today tell us we need to be standing in our own shoes. The truth of who we are. We need to be prepared to live with the consequences of whatever we are dishing out and whatever is being served (because on some level we ordered it, even if we think we didn't). Scorpio is only sated when things get intimate/deep. Go deep. Take this stuff seriously. Stand in your power. Less is more with Scorpio - less words can be more impactful, less clutter more beautiful. 


That Mercury square we talked about in the weekly tells us cooperation/collaboration will unravel if the tension/intensity isn't dealt with.

So life tosses us some Scorpio so we can deal with it!


The Waxing Sextile - Scorpio/Virgo - is this month's smooth flow from last week's New Moon in Virgo. Scorpio brings the smooth. This will pull in the theme of your Scorpio house, but also universal Scorpio energies to your disposal. Going deeper than Virgo's need for perfection/quality. Because this "quality" will not be enough. Where's the passion? Where's the mystery? Scorpio teaches us by showing us what we don't need. Go back to what you started last week and go deeper with it/connect with it on another level. Virgo is the surface cleaning/light watering and Scorpio is the deep cleaning/drenching/don't be afraid to start over if you need to/facing the deep truth. 


Maybe last week's New Moon energy needs a deep cleaning/come to Jesus moment of truth. 


Then it will be ready to rise rooted. 


So will we.

High level Scorpio is the phoenix rising from the ashes. Make it simpler. Be honest. Clean up any mess. And keep in mind the other part of the waxing (growing) sextile (opportunity) is Virgo - don't allow yourself to be overwhelmed - take it one step at a time. Stay practical. Time is on our side here.


xo all

photo by the amazing metindemiralay

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