Today's Astrology Forecast | Wednesday, September 2, 2020 - change, feeling the past, results delivered, sober commitments, staying flexible, keeping our eyes open

OK, so where are we? The Moon is still in Pisces - we know she opposed the Sun last night (1:14AM EDT - Full Moon), then went on to sextile Uranus (change that enables growth) at 2:04AM EDT.

Today she moves into a sextile with a retrograde Jupiter at 3:47PM EDT (expanding on the dream, creativity, collaboration, emboldened to act), then meets up with ruler Neptune at 8:09PM EDT (connections, feeling the past, spirituality, imagination, addiction).

If we are running on empty already, Pisces Moons can be exhausting.

This is the day Venus (relationships, money, values, self-esteem, beauty) will get to her exact opposition with a retrograde Saturn (25 degrees).

We talked about this in greater depth in the Weekly and the Full Moon post.

Oppositions can bring things to a conclusion (results good or not so good can come in now) or, in this case with the opposition involving karmic and sober Saturn, to a firm commitment. They can also pull in outside energies (that are really inside energies) that will oppose us. Venus in Cancer wants to be comfortable/safe, wants to be cared for, so this can feel harsh/cold. Stuff upper lip, pulling ourselves up with our own boot straps, going cold turkey - all come to mind. This would NOT be a great day to have to deal with authority. We don't want to be projecting that! And if we are stepping into our own, we want to use that Pisces Moon to show compassion no matter what kind of news we are delivering.

This IS good energy to figure out where we are now/what we have and how this works with our goals/responsibilities, what we will need later to play the long game.

We could be required to work harder at a time when we are tired/sick (for some people this opposition is about mothering vs work responsibilities) and we are going to have to figure out some way to balance the needs of our physical body with these energies.

Keep in mind those Full Moon energies. Opportunities/ideas connected to our 'life purpose' - the direct connection to infinite intelligence now. AND the need for new/direct action, yes, even when we are tired! Although, with the Moon in Pisces we will feel a need for more sleep, so can't skip that. Also keep in mind our North Node (way forward) in Gemini now - small quick steps, communications, conversations, sticking to the facts, staying flexible. 

What changes need to be made in our day-to-day life to allow our dream to flourish? WAKE UP!

That square to Mars is building ... and the Moon will move into Aries tomorrow. What do we need to release right now?!

xo all 

photo by the amazing iNeedChemicalX

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