Today's astrology Forecast | Wednesday, September 9th, 2020 - Sun trine Jupiter, Mars stations retrograde - getting lucky by noticing what we missed, using our gifts, having faith, learning/teaching, backing up



The Moon is in Gemini now - we are nurtured through communication/information, our local community, siblings, education - her only aspect today a trine (brakes off) to ruler Mercury at 4:38AM EDT.

The BIG news - one of those "luckiest" days of the year aspects you hear some astrologers rave about - the Sun (in practical Virgo) is trining Jupiter (retrograde in Capricorn). Having this aspect in play as Mars stations retrograde tonight is, I think, also good news. 

Sun/Jupiter in earth signs - expansion grounded in reality. Something we can hold or touch. Confidence. Jupiter rules higher education and Gemini elementary, so this is a good time to learn/teach. Note what comes to your attention now and draws your interest. Jupiter gets lucky because he isn't afraid to take chances AND because he has FAITH. Keep in mind, he is retrograde here, so maybe an old opportunity comes back around. A lucky penny turns up. A light shines on an open door somewhere that has maybe been there for a very long time and why are we only now noticing it anyway. This is about USING OUR GIFTS. Shining. Keep in mind also that Venus (love, money, our resources and self-esteem) is in Leo answering to the Sun while the Sun is trining Jupiter. How often do we see this?! Not very often believe me!


Our "lucky breaks" come through the small details now, so pay attention. Also tend to those small details as if they were more important than they are, because they are actually - more important than they are.

At 6:23PM EDT, Mars will station retrograde at the uber critical degree of 28 Aries. So he (as us) gets all the way to the very, very end of Aries (that sign that needs simply to push through and be brave - not that this is easy for all of us or even for many of us) and must stop and turnaround. As the sign that is much better at starting than finishing this is not such good news. Having been brought to a crisis point through this standing still thing he (as us) has had to do - hold up there fellow, this exercise of "will" hasn't been as successful or conclusive as it could be. We need you to take this class over again (we are connected in some ways now back to 1988 - so what did you have going on back then?). 


And he (as us) can either buckle up/back up and work the retrograde process - in Aries this can be about re-starting something - or fight against this which in itself is a lesson in the use of our "will", but which we know from the upcoming Cappy squares may not be as productive as we might like. Still, for some, it will be the only way through this. We will be back here in January 2021, but the road will look ALOT different by then.

As always contained within the seed of the way something starts is the way it grows and the way it ends, so we can look at today's chart for some clues about what this Mars retrograde will be about. In your own life look to what slows down now or what re-starts. Look to what has triggered your anger/passions over the last few days as Mars slowed down. Just look to what is happening right now/what you are doing.


We talked about Mars journey this summer/fall in this 2020 post HERE. Look for an update to this, this week.

Today's chart shows the Sun trining Jupiter - an auspicious aspect for Mars dicey retrograde, so good news. A way through this - confidence, some risk-taking, education, faith.


Mars is opposing Juno. Jupiter's wife, but much more than that - Juno rules our relationships/contracts - she holds us to task to uphold hierarchical structures within familial relationships. She can also be said to stay too long at the party - look the other way when things are not going so well, avoid unpleasant confrontations to keep the peace/relationship/her power position in tact. With Mars sitting between Lilith and Eris, this is not going to be a good plan right now. Cooperative arrangements/partnerships are going to reach a crisis point/culmination point (sometimes an ending) during this retrograde. And, we already know in Aries he (as us) will be squaring all the Cappy "authority/power" planets as we move through the fall. 


2020 continues to be, just as it started, a long chapter in a very old book about how we handle "power".  Buckle up ...

We'll look at the retro chart in another post and again you can take another look at that 2020 series post.


During Mars retrograde, unless you have a natal Mars retrograde, there will be a tendency to push when we should pull or pull when we should stand still. This is all part of the learning process and also the decision making process that gets us to November when Mars will station direct at 15 degrees Aries. If you have planets/points around 15-28 degrees of the cardinal signs, you will feel this retrograde strongest, but we will ALL be feeling it. Keep in mind this retrograde's auspicious start with the Sun/Jupiter - the delays, the re-dos and missteps - will all be worth it in the end.


In the meantime, ENJOY THIS DAY with the Sun/Jupiter - pay attention, look up, push your luck a little bit!!


xo all


photo by the amazing Julie-de-Waroquier

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