Today's Astrology Forecast | Thursday, September 24, 2020 - Mercury opposes Mars, Mercury opposes Black Moon Lilith - repressed anger comes out, angry words, releasing burdens, focusing on what we love

Mercury (in Libra) opposes Mars (in Aries) at 6:53AM EDT. If you have planets/points near 26 degrees of the cardinal signs - Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn - you will feel this energy strongest. Oppositions can seem to bring situations/people/energies from the outside to oppose us. And like Full Moons, they bring things to a peak or a culmination, sometimes an ending. 

Then Mercury - because he/she is FLYING - moves on to oppose Black Moon Lilith (the angry and repressed part of us and the collective, BLM will surely be back in the news and with BML sitting with Mars - this anger has to go somewhere).

Disagreements are possible. Competition. Challenging information. Internalized anger - what are we really so pissed off about?! - comes up and out through fiery words. 

Since Mercury rules transportation - take care driving. 


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The good news - a way through this - the Moon in stable Capricorn will trine unpredictable Uranus at 1:20PM EDT - different people/situations move things forward. Here is a way through. A release valve. 

If we need to blow off a job/relationship/commitment  - here's the energy to do just that - just be certain that is what you really want/need to do. 

Break with tradition. Embrace something different. RELEASE A BURDEN. Try something else

Our values can shift - when life is cray-cray we can focus like a laser beam on what really matters - so what really matters? 

And we have the Yod (Finger of God) that has been perfecting - although never quite will. There is creativity, compassion, love. The STRESS focuses us. HERE'S what really matters! Venus in Leo - what our heart wants, our center stage, our children - for us to be acknowledged/seen, to be loved. 

Someone quotable once said something like - "we have a dozen balls in the air, but keep in mind some are plastic and some are glass. Your ability to know/feel the difference will make all the difference. You don't want to drop the glass balls. But you have to drop the plastic balls or you will drop the glass balls."

Keep in mind Mars is the main guy for the rest of 2020, bringing us this retrograde in Aries (ourselves) so we can work through our internalized anger and motivation issues. Alot of this is going to happen through our relationships. If we can't own our anger (what we are repressing/what we are afraid to confront) other people are going to get angry with us!

Be gentle with yourself today. Solo work is best. Use that Moon/Uranus to BLOW OFF STEAM. Embrace something else. Try something NEW. 

If something repressive really needs to end, well something could be said now that ends it. 

xo all


 photo by the amazing vampire-zombie

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