Weekly Astrology Forecast | September 7th - September 13th, 2020 - changing directions, luck, loss, painful words that lead to healing, more options



This is a BIG week with two planets standing strong and still and then changing directions. This mean we will be changing directions, too!


We start the week with Mars strong and still in his home sign of Aries. Right between Eris and Lilith. What a line-up! Have you been able to control your temper the last couple days?! Whoa - it's been challenging, right? Are we supposed to let it happen or fight against it? And who has the strength? Maybe we will be too worn out to fight. Maybe this is life's bottom-line plan for us. Maybe not.


Either way I think I need better vitamins!


MONDAY - Saturn squares Juno - what are we committing to? Who is in charge? What are the rules? Are the old rules (within close relationships and familial systems) still working? This is a closing square, so what is unwinding/wrapping up? Note this won't really be wrapped up until they meet in Aquarius in April 2022. So, I guess we will spend some time with this!

WEDNESDAY - Mars stations retrograde until November, Sun trines Jupiter (luck!)

THURSDAY - Mercury opposes Chiron (painful words)

FRIDAY - Sun opposes Neptune (karmic ending, maybe a disappointment/loss)

SATURDAY - Jupiter stations direct (expansion)

SUNDAY - Venus trine Chiron (a healing balm)


Midweek Mars stations retrograde until the middle of November. Remember Mars is just coming off that square to Saturn (blocked by rules, limits, authority, reality checks) and he will face Saturn again at the end of this month. If that last square - August 24th - was challenging for us, we want to be doing whatever we can to prepare for the next one - September 29th. We don't always get second chances and now we do (actually a third chance in January, but let's keep our feet here in September for now!). 


We are backing up. Probably re-doing some previous actions. Regaining our strength/our courage over time. We will know more/do better. We can act more responsibly. Apply focus. Patience. This is not the time to give up, but know we are going to have to circle back with a few things. Something slows down. 


Our yang goes yin. 


Life becomes even more of an inside job - our strength to accomplish comes from within. And we will find we have more resilience/power than we thought we did. This is almost surely not a mental figuring out, because our minds in Libra could have us saying yes to a whole lot of things that leave our body nodding off! This will be part of the process of figuring out what we are passionate about now.


Also midweek - the Sun (in Virgo) will trine a retrograde Jupiter in Capricorn. Sun trine Jupiter is auspicious. Expansive. Confidence enhancing. Maybe our work/or whatever has been the focus of our day-to-day life is getting ATTENTION. Trines remove roadblocks. There is an ease. Our faith can be restored. The Sun is our life-force - we move toward MORE. This is considered by some astrologers to be one of the luckiest days of the year. Buy a lottery ticket. Someone is going to get rich - maybe it will be you!

The fly-in-the-ointment is the Sun's dissolving opposition to Neptune a couple days later, so some of the MORE may not quite materialize the way we are expecting. Some hopes will be dashed. We could be tired. Confused about what is real. We could feel invisible. Remember this is a very karmic time where we are in between worlds - dashed hopes are designed to show us what we really want. Losses here are a karmic re-balancing (ours, past life, ancestral) - let it go.


Finally Jupiter, having done his job (as us) with his LONG retrograde through the end of Cappy (near where "time ran out" back in January) - stations DIRECT. We are back to March 2020, older and wiser now, we hope, and retracing our steps for the THIRD time.


After months of internal expansion - we could feel like we have outgrown our skin! - life will start to expand externally again. Here is a gift for the kids who did their homework. Keep in mind Jupiter is still in Capricorn until December, so answering to a strong and restrictive Saturn in his home sign. Saturn is still retrograde until the end of the month though, so, Jupiter gets a little breathing room. WE'VE GOT OPTIONS!


With Jupiter is Capricorn for most of 2020, there was never going to be a million open doors this year, our expansion was always going to be limited - we get what's truly ours and not a morsel more. There is something opening up this month. And next month looks very dicey and November, too, actually, so we want to be laying any solid groundwork we can NOW.


In September - these Virgo trines and even Grand Earth trines! - are designed to rise something practical from the crumbs of 2020's Capricorn demolition. It can be slow going, but it will still be GOING, growing over the next few months as we move toward the Winter Solstice when Jupiter meets Saturn (in air for the first time in hundreds of years) and kicks off a brand new WORLD. 


And the world we are living in then will depend, to the extent we have freewill here, on what we do with the next 15 weeks!

Mercury, in Libra now, will oppose Chiron later in the week. Painful words/conversation/information comes in. At the very end of the week though, as Venus (love, money, self-esteem, our resources), in fiery Leo trines Chiron (brakes off) we should see progress from the pain. A healing balm. Beauty. Happiness. Love!

Keep in mind - it's Virgo season - time to be practical, dot the i's, cross the t's. The outer planets are ALL retrograde. Still we know we can't just wait, can't just sit this one out. There is a reason we are being slowed down though. There is a reason Saturn is in his home sign now - bringing all our chickens home to roost. There is a reason Mars is in his home sign showing us what we are most passionate/pissed off about (OUR TRIGGERS!) AND allowing us to see the ways we have numbed out. There is a reason we have lost our passion for many things. Life is going to look/feel very different later and the retrogrades are helping us get clear on what we want/what we need to finish/clear up. There is a reason Venus is in Leo, so we are attracting through what makes us most special. There is a reason Mercury is in Libra desiring balance, wanting us to finesse it, speak cordially, collaborate/cooperate, talk about contracts/relationships. There is no faking this stuff. We can't pretend to care about things we don't care about anymore. We can't attract through anything other than SHINING.


We are going through the eye of the needle and there may not be a hell of alot going with us.

As the Sun continues to make his productive trines from Virgo to the Cappy planets over the next week or so, 


and then especially when we get to the New Moon in Virgo trining (brakes off) sober Saturn mid-month (instead of the restrictive Moons we've had this summer opposing and squaring Saturn) - we are starting to open up the next chapter; a stronger, better chapter. Not much will come fast and easy, but that's because it will be strong and long-lasting. 


Our only real security going forward coming through our ability to say YES to being alive.

xo all


"Fill your bowl to the brim and it will spill.

Keep sharpening your knife and it will blunt.

Chase after money and security and your heart will never unclench.

Care about people’s approval and you will be their prisoner.

Do your work, then step back."

.... Lao Tzu


 photo by the amazing Julie-de-Waroquier


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