Today's Astrology Forecast | Wednesday, September 16, 2020 - a tense crossroads courtesy of overwhelm, decision time, practical plans and small do-able steps, readying ourselves for tomorrow's New Moon

The Moon is in Virgo now. 

We are nurtured through organization, having our ducks in a row, taking care of our health/our pets, doing our work. She trined a retrograde Uranus at 7:23AM EDT (solving old problems in unusual ways), goes on to trine a retrograde Jupiter at 6:54PM EDT (fixes/remedies bring back old opportunities) and finally opposes a retrograde Neptune at 10:03PM EDT (the work/reality of the day-to-day vs the dream/our escape tendencies/addictions, the bullshit). 

The couple days each month we have the Moon in Virgo bring oodles of positive aspects. The only trouble spot is that Neptune opposition and I say "only", but it's no small thing. Our Virgo planets (and especially keep this in mind if you are a Virgo Sun or rising) have a smooth path, but also a tendency toward that "escape". Neptune can be self-sabotagey if we don't give him something creative or healing to do. And if we lean too heavily in that direction we can get lost in the sauce, too. Balance matters.

This is the day the Sun's square to the Nodes perfects. Tension/frustration. This is a CROSSROADS. 

A situation must be solved before we can get any further. 

This will be in play at tomorrow's New Moon, so the decisions we make NOW will matter for months. 

Remember the South Node is in Sagittarius - our expansion, our beliefs, our hope. It is our hope, without action (and I am talking about small actions here), our big, bodacious moves that are too pie-in-the-sky/too big to line up with reality and our own programmed beliefs and the beliefs we fight to justify that SELF-SABOTAGE us now. 


Make a plan. Stick to the facts. Talk it out in a loving way. Think about/work through the details. It's not sexy, but it's how life works now and for the next year. Big things are not going to work out as well as smaller/bite-sized things. Think local. Think logical. Stay flexible.

We have to break stuff down into do-able steps or we will be overwhelmed. 

Where is this stress/tension coming from? 

We will likely find something that just feels overwhelming. 

Break it down. Look for information. Make the call. Check for facts. Balance your checkbook. Clean your house/your car/your bedroom/your closet/your junk drawer. You need an organized space to work/think now. Get rid of what you no longer need - and don't overwhelm yourself with this - you can start with your desk. 

Symbolic actions are very powerful with the Sun at this crossroads. We are choosing the future because the future is ALWAYS choosing us. We can come unstuck RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW and then tomorrow we will put our feet on the ground, our broom to the floor, our pen to the paper and do it all over again. Be practical. Keep it real. 

A situation from the past has reached a crisis point - some HOPE for the future that is overwhelming us, probably into an escape, addiction or inactivity. Here is the day you take a small step in a new direction based on grounded reality. Virgo is mutable earth. It is solid, but not stuck. We can come unstuck right here in this ground - wherever our feet are planted. 

Make a decision/a plan. Make a call. Take some new action/fixes on old problems/situations. We will talk more about this in the New Moon post tonight. 

The Moon is dark and we will need some extra sleep/rest, but make the plan/decision/gather your facts, now. too. 

xo all

another photo by the amazing Julie-de-Waroquier

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