Weekly Astrology Forecast for Creatives | September 28th - October 4th, 2020 - love gets picky and practical, something hurts, course corrections, some delays end, karmic results


MONDAY - Venus trine Mars and inconjunct Saturn

TUESDAY - Sun inconjunct Chiron, Mars square Saturn, Saturn stations direct

THURSDAY - Full Moon in Aries conjunct Chiron

FRIDAY - Venus into Virgo, Sun inconjunct Uranus

SATURDAY - Pluto inconjunct North Node

SUNDAY - Pluto stations direct, Mercury inconjunct Chiron

Wow - I hadn't really laid this week all out until just now, it's a BIGGIE.


Mercury is in Scorpio now and Ceres has retrograded back into Aquarius. This week we have a BIG Full Moon in Aries, two monster planets changing direction (daddy's home and he's brought the big boss for dinner), an important inner planet changing signs, Mars second square to Saturn (challenges, issues with goals, authority, responsibilities) and multiple challenging inconjuncts (the need to adjust).


Cue the flying monkeys - we are going to need them.


Saturn direct kicks off the final leg of our Saturn through Cappy journey. His square to Mars at station (Tuesday) speaks of BLOCKS/frustration that takes us back to August 24th. BUT with Saturn direct there will be PROGRESS, too. Big structural change. Time to commit or quit. Maybe we will discover, if we don’t already know, how well and how fully we are solving our Cappy problem. Our world and "the world" can shift rapidly. Decisions will be made; some outside our control. Some we have already made but don’t even realize it yet. I wouldn’t count anyone in or out. Stay open and flexible, willing to honor the highest good in everyone and everything and re-frame, reshape your vision as you move through this. We close the week with Pluto direct - on that hot and powerful 22 degree Capricorn - as Mercury (in Scorpio, so answering to both Pluto and a retrograde Mars) inconjuncts Chiron. Painful truth as that power, sex, finance, tax, inheritance, intimacy, reproduction, goal, authority, career situation shifts gears. 

Three aspects to Chiron this week, so we will be confronting our wounds/vulnerabilities as we shift into this final leg of our 2020 Capricorn story about how we deal with power, how we deal with CONTROL.

Don't pack too much into this week if you don't have to. 

MONDAY - Venus trines Mars - this is what we want smoothly flowing with what we have to do to get it. Keep in mind Mars is retrograde, so this could be an old situation/something from the past. Delays/revisions can and have required work, but this speaks of our ultimate success with something. This is Leo/Aries - courage might be required. We probably want to do something with his because Venus is in her last days in generous/happy Leo and taking any last vestiges of summer with her. 


Now, keep in mind at the same time Venus (our relationships, money, creative projects, self-esteem, children, romance, our values, our place on the center stage) is inconjunct (that rock and a hard place) a sober Saturn in his own sign. There are going to be rules/limits that need to be followed. This whole thing could take time/patience. I said last week and I'll say it again - it's important to keep tending to the things we are passionate about even if we are not seeing the progress in the way we expected.

TUESDAY - the Sun inconjuncts Chiron - shining a light on our old wounding. Mars' second square to Saturn reaches perfection - this is the one with Mars retrograde and Saturn direct - note, Saturn stations direct in the early A.M. hours and the square prefects at 5:49PM EDT. We had this first square back on August 24th, so this could connect back to that time. 


Saturn has the upper hand. We keep our cool and live to fight another day or we lose. This is unyielding - a denial of aggression/assertion. There is a "no" here. Responsibilities/burdens are strongly felt. We want to do this and we have to do that. Roadblocks/limits/traditions serve a purpose - sometimes we need to go around, crash over or plow through them and sometimes they keep us from falling off the cliff. On the other hand, Saturn (as us or as authority) can win the battle and lose the war if he overplays his hand. We might have to work harder or just accept that we cannot get exactly what we want right now


The big news - DADDY'S HOME.


After many months retrograde - Saturn is back where he was on May 17th and in some way so are we - Saturn's retrograde "review" wraps up. Commitments are firmed up. Endings become the real deal. Second chances are over. We need to be taking responsibility for our actions and holding other people responsible for theirs.

It could have felt, during his retrograde, that we were getting further away from our goal. Maybe obligations weighed heavily. Walls and limitations had to be faced. Corners we had previously cut were noted to be missing. The bills came due. Maybe we were re-evaluating, re-assessing, re-affirming our responsibilities and commitments. Maybe we learned to say, "no". Maybe we learned to say "yes" to something we had been avoiding.


What happens now is going to depend on what we did with this retrograde and sometimes, especially if we are looking at an ending, something ends no matter what we did, hopefully we have had some time to prepare for it.  

With Saturn direct - daddy's home! - greater external structure is brought into our lives. This can feel supportive/rewarding or like a wall/limit/roadblock.

Have we been goofing off? Staying out late? Running up the electric bill? Worn out pop's favorite chair or left his tools out in the rain to rust?

Karmic books get balanced. Rewards for hard work come in -and these rewards can look like endings if we have hitched our ladder to the wrong wall. This is simply cause and effect - we are just being served what we ordered. If we don't like what we are being served - we can choose to do things differently for next time. We can start today. Right now. 

THURSDAY - Full Moon in Aries conjunct Chiron (standing up, confronting what hurts)- expect a BIG post. Mars, Aries ruler, is holding all the cards now, so we know this will be an important Full Moon. Those with planets/points near 7- 9 degrees of the cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn) will probably feel this energy most.

FRIDAY - the Sun (in Libra) inconjuncts Uranus, this is relationships/balance vs our freak flags/independence - nobody wins, everybody loses a little. Adjustments to both sides are required. 


At the same time Venus moves into precise and practical Virgo. We will be analyzing what we want and what we have. We will be analyzing our relationships/our resources/our values. The problems will stand out. We won't be able to miss them. And since what we focus on grows, sometimes things get worse before they get better during this transit. But this is excellent energy to fix what needs fixing and accept (or eliminate) what just isn't fixable. 

Virgo Suns and Ascendants get more attractive - both easier on the eye and able to attract what they want. Our natal Virgo houses get more attractive, too!

Venus in Virgo is about loving the details of something, enjoying the work, appreciating the craftsmanship and complexity of something or someone or some situation - yes, also, noticing the imperfections, Virgo can't miss those, and choosing not to dwell on them.


SUNDAY - Pluto stations direct right on the degree of January's Saturn/Pluto palaver. Here is the death that was postponed - maybe we had time to clean up our mess; to get our ducks in a row - maybe to prevent a big-bang style ending, but more likely to prepare ourselves for it (we are back where we were on April 25th). Pluto forges ahead again - bent on deconstructing the old order.

Pluto direct speaks of a loss (this could have already happened with Saturn's station a few days ago in the same sign), a total transformation or change of course of some part of our life and/or real EMPOWERMENT. 


If you have planets or points near 22 degrees of the cardinal signs, you are no doubt feeling this (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn).

Pluto's direct station (as Mercury begins his long journey through Scorpio) is a time for truths to come out. A time for us to consider things we didn't want to have to deal with/think about - the stuff we shoved into closets and pushed under carpets -situations that require authentic Plutonian power (a kind of fearlessness; a sense of being past-death) - from intimate and honest financial or sexual conversations to indomitable power moves in business.

At the same time, Mercury (in Scorpio now so answering to Pluto and a retrograde Mars) is making his own inconjunct to Chiron. Words that hurt/wound. Information we don't want to hear/deal with. Maybe a need to stand up for ourselves. The week seems to go out with a bang. Or a good long cry.


Back with the dailies where we add in the Moons plus a Full Moon post and a big picture October because it's going to be a very important month.


xo all


photo by the talented IrinaJoanne 

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