Today's Astrology Forecast | Monday, September 28, 2020 - second chances, the things we do for love, ka-ching, what won't be ignored, speaking to ghosts, hanging in there

We wake (EDT) to a Void Moon (a good Monday to sleep in if we can - because we won't miss much that amounts to anything) - the Moon in intellectual Aquarius having opposed Venus at 1:04AM EDT and gone void off a sextile to our retrograde Mars at 3:17AM EDT. She is void until 11:34 AM EDT when she moves into emotional Pisces trining (brakes off) Mercury (in Scorpio) at 2:42PM EDT then drifting through the rest of the day unaspected. We are mesmerized by secrets, renewed and transformed by spirit/our imagination/grief/ghosts. We are connecting to other people on deep levels. 

Venus (at 25 Leo) trines our retrograde Mars in Aries while she inconjuncts our retrograde Saturn in Capricorn. The Venus/Mars trine is our actions getting us what we want (love, money, making something more beautiful). Our masculine and feminine sides playing nicely together. We attract what we want through action/courage. By doing something for LOVE. Keep in mind Mars is retrograde, so we might be returning to something/someone from the past. 

The fly in the Venus/Mars party - besides the fact that Mars is retrograde - is an inconjunct to a powerful Saturn. There will be limits/rules/responsibilities/maybe an older person or tradition that must be attended to. Patience can be required/maturity. Saturn provides structure/limits - with Venus in Leo, we could want too much/get greedy. Saturn will put a cap on this. This doesn't lose us access to the helpful trine - which is between your Mars/Leo houses - but, your Cappy house (yes, the one that has been on fire all year) will be heard from, too. 

Everyone gets a seat at the table or the table gets flipped. 

I find almost always Saturn makes things better/longer lasting. 

In the meantime, as Mars and Saturn are interacting with beneficial Venus they are squaring each other. We have had this tense and frustrating square for weeks. It is exact tomorrow. Then they will begin to separate. Saturn will start to move forward, Mars will continue backward. 

That tight corner we have painted ourselves into will begin to widen. Shifts can also occur with anything that might have seemed totally rock/solid permanent as Saturn stations. 

Keep in mind always our North Node in mutable Gemini - change is good. Something better, remember Jupiter has yet to walk these late Cappy degrees, is coming. 

xo all

photo by the talented metindemiralay

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