Today's Astrology Forecast | Monday, September, 7th, 2020 - Grand Trine in Earth - a solid opportunity



The Moon, exalted in Taurus today (and most of tomorrow) met up with Uranus last night (2:00 AM EDT) then trines the Sun at 12:09PM EDT (this month's Waning Trine Virgo/Taurus), trines a retrograde Jupiter at 4:07PM EDT - Grand Earth Trine - and finally sextiles a retrograde Neptune at 8:35PM EDT. She makes a couple nice aspects tomorrow morning and then spends most of tomorrow void, but, exalted in Taurus, continuing to perform. 


So even though this Grand Trine is a lunar event, so usually fast moving we have this for SEVERAL HOURS TODAY as the trine to the Sun is followed by the trine to Jupiter. This is the smooth progression of our New Moon in Leo beginning, coming through the stuff from the past we have been re-doing. Old opportunities can come back around. The gold we missed the first time through. HERE IT IS. And we have to be smart enough and practical enough to RECOGNIZE IT this time.


Taurus/Virgo. Grounded practicality. The details working together to make something real. Soemthing that can be counted on. Stability. Nothing has to be pushed/forced here. Remember our Lao Tzu (ancient Chinese philosopher and father of Taoism) quote from yesterday - we are doing the work/our thing and letting it speak for itself.

When the Moon trines Jupiter at 4:07PM EDT (Jupiter is strong and still and nearing the end of his long summer retrograde) - this is success/expansion/optimism/confidence. Grounded in real world things we can touch. Again, this is smooth (brakes off). We won't have to push for this. Whatever we returned to/or slowed down near when Jupiter went retrograde back on May 14th - well, here, is where, if we've used the retrograde to our advantage re-visioning/re-working  - here is where something can fall right into place.  


Don't judge the size of it - small is the new big. From tiny acorns mighty oak trees grow - you know the drill.


Finally, the Moon sextiles (opportunity) Neptune - "the dream" is pulled into this positive energy. Magic working through us. Mystical forces. Our ancestors. Our past. Pray. Meditate. 

Taurus is all about our resources/products, our money, our values and self esteem. With Jupiter in Cappy - this is about business, responsibilities, our authority and outside authority. Virgo is about our work, our service, our health, our daily activities/schedule, our co-workers/employees, our pets. All of this stuff, plus those Neptunian dreams - are working together today. 

Everyone has access to this. If you have planets/points in the earth signs near 15-17 degrees that is even better! This will also be about your personal house themes - Virgo, Taurus and Capricorn. Today is a holiday in the United States, but some of this good lunar flow will continue tomorrow plus tomorrow is the day the Sun trines Jupiter - so a light on an old opportunity! Our confidence returning.


xo all 


Keep in mind the way things grow in the Earth - over time (and requiring Sun - attention, and water - an emotional investment) also that Mars is going to station retrograde tomorrow, so there will be some necessary back and forth with all of this over the next few weeks (until mid-November, when full steam ahead).

photo by the talented Mike F Shaw


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