Today's Astrology Forecast | Tuesday, September 15, 2020 - love and money surprises, sharing/talking about what really matters

The Moon, roaring through Leo, goes void off a trine to a retrograde Mars at 11:09AM EDT - if you have some kind of move to make this would be the time to make it. Just think - action, initiative (even if this does involve ending something - the Moon is dark) - this energy could also enable an angry bailout, we might regret later. Keep this in mind.

At the same time, Venus (in Leo, too, and keep in mind Mercury is answering to her and heading toward tomorrow's square to larger-than-life Jupiter) is squaring Uranus (in Taurus so answering to Venus). 

Sudden/maybe risky attractions that could end just as suddenly. Sudden break-ups. Partners that behave unpredictably. Finding ourselves attracted to unusual people/things and situations. 

Financial changes. 

Maybe we get a bill in the mail we had forgotten about. A paycheck ends suddenly. An impulsive purchase/investment might look very attractive. But take some time to think it through. Balance things out. This energy can break us out of a rut - which can be a good thing. But also fracture our stability. Keep this in mind. Harsh aspects to Uranus (like this one), are probably more likely to produce losses/regrets than gains.

The inclination toward disruption will be strong today. And Venus in Leo NEEDS attention/appreciation. If we have been caged in/held back/unappreciated for too long .... something is likely to blow. 

From the weekly HERE:

"Changes with love, money, our values, our resources. Squares are tense/challenging. Hold onto your wallet. This would not be the time to make a big purchase/impulsive investment (although we might be made to part with some moula/resource now). This would not be the time to get a new haircut/tattoo, etc (Venus rules beauty) - the results could be way more radical than we intended. This aspect could also stimulate unexpected attractions or something surprising/unexpected connected to either a Venusian theme - our money, values, resources, love, partners, self-esteem or a Leo theme - our creative projects, children, romance, risk. This can also be about the theme of your natal Leo house rubbing up against the theme of your natal Taurus house.

With Uranus seeking liberation at any cost, we might want to toss off anything that feels even slightly like a collar today and could toss the baby out with the bathwater if we don't TAKE A BREATH. The Moon (in Leo, too) will be trining (brakes off) a retrograde Mars in Aries, making it even easier to slip off that collar, burn that bridge or toss that baby (note - babies only like this tossing thing when we actually catch them). "

The way through this? We look for a trine, a sextile - an open window/door if we need one. 

Mercury (in Libra) is sextiling Vesta (also in Leo) at 15 degrees. Sextiles create OPPORTUNITIES.

Mercury in Libra wants to cooperate and share thought/ideas. Libra is a Venusian sign and likes things balanced, peaceful, beautiful. Vesta is focused on the really important stuff in Leo - our children, creative projects, what makes us proud/gets us to the center stage of our own life/our heart.

Libra/Leo. Mercury/Vesta. Talking about and sharing what we care about creates opportunities/connections. A way through this. Mercury in Libra allows us to keep conversations light. Our words kind and attractive to others. Vesta allows us to remember what really matters. 

Most likely scenario here (realizing I can't see your chart, so am speaking collectively). Money/relationship tension. Our values change suddenly. 

What really matters is brought clearly into focus. 

xo all

The Moon is void from 11:09AM to 2:37PM EDT - stuff that crops us during this time might be much ado about nothing, but a dark, void Moon is unpredictable. There is alot we can't see now. Keep this in mind, too. 

photo by the amazing sollenafotografie

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