Today's Astrology Forecast | September 23, 2020 - hard to say the right thing, "no" is a complete sentence, hard news, reality checks


The Moon in high-flying Sagittarius squared a retrograde Neptune at 12:20AM EDT and moves on to sextile Mercury (expansive/hopeful conversations/ideas) at 11:30AM EDT and then goes Void off a productive trine to a retrograde Mars (what needs to be re-done?) at 1:31PM EDT. 


If something must get done today, get it done early and then give yourself a well-earned break during the Void.


The Moon will be Void until 7:16PM EDT when she moves into "all-business" Capricorn and at 9:54PM EDT squares the Libra Sun giving us this month's First Quarter Square - a time of action in the lunar cycle.


The Libra Sun/Cappy Moon square is happening on the same day we have Mercury (in Libra) precisely squaring Saturn (in Capricorn) - exact at 6:38AM EDT - so we get kind of a double whammy with this energy today!


(this is also the day Mercury starts walking the degrees he/she will walk two more times during October's retrograde, so pay attention to what is happening because we won't have seen the last of it

Squares are not comfortable and two squares are even more uncomfortable. 


Libra/Cappy speaks of tension/frustration between being agreeable/pacifying/not wanting to appear impolite AND saying "no", setting limits/boundaries/ending something/being the boss. 


Mercury/Saturn -makes me think of things like how good fences make good neighbors. And how sometimes limits create opportunities because the boundaries/limited options give us something real to work with. 


Squares to Saturn can bring reality checks.


There might be things we can't say/can't agree to now. Maybe we hear a "no" or some challenging news. And if we do, because this is a square and not an opposition and because Mercury will go retrograde and we get to do this all again - this might be an actual stop sign but in some ways is most likely a jumping off point. 


People might not want to hear what we have to say and it might be a time to just zip it. On the other hand if the temptation to zip it comes (with the Sun in Libra now) so we might most easily smooth things out/fill the uncomfortable silences with flowery pleasantries and not say the real stuff that needs to be given a voice/say yes when we want to say no, then this zipping it thing is not such a good tactic. Bending over backward, pushing elephants under carpets and denying we have any accountability for what is happening (or ignoring someone else's accountability in order to keep the peace) will backfire later.

Libra/Cappy can also be relationships vs work/career/goals. 

If we don't want to do something, now would be a good time to say so. Firmly. 


And we don't need to make a bunch of bullshit excuses while we do it. "No", is a complete sentence. We learned that from Oprah back in the 90's. We may have tossed our Doc Martens and Sony Discman, but the "no" thing is a keeper. 


Tomorrow and Friday we have a Yod aspect that will help us get clear on what we really need/need to do - so if something (ideas, projects, etc) isn't jelling right now, it might be a good idea to give ourselves a little time to get clear. The Venus/Neptune will reach precision today, so we could feel the confusion of that - also the compassion/creativity/imagination.


Still we can't just sit around - that square tells us some action needs to be taken - we ignore lunar aspects at our later peril. Just try to get it done early.

xo all

Keep in mind Mars is retrograde until mid-November and Mercury will be joining him. We're going to have two of our three inner planets retrograde and things will really be slowing down. We will be stopped in our tracks and re-evaluating everything. We need to tend to our projects, etc, even if we are not seeing progress in the way we expected. 

We are in between ages, living in the time between chapters, the crack in the book. Reality has to get pretty screwed up for us to realize reality isn't real. The Age of Pisces was really an age of delusion. So we feel half-dead because we are split between worlds and we are holding this energy. And, it's not easy to do this, because while everyone is waking up and we are reaching a collective tipping point, the bills still need to be paid and the dogs fed.


Hang in there. This is all going to make sense at some point. 

photo by the amazing metindemiralay

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